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Chapter 25 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Beggar Siblings – The Money Lena Earned

The war between the two families was over.

The two families, equally matched in strength, had inflicted significant damage on each other without reaching a decisive conclusion.

They reached a truce.

The Verza family agreed to completely withdraw from the slave trade, and the Corolla family agreed not to engage in the arms business.

It was a display of acknowledging and recognizing each other's power.

Meanwhile, Leo had risen to the respected rank of assault captain within the Corolla family.

Leo's swordsmanship was a rare sight in the world of thugs. There were few gangsters who could face him one-on-one; in fact, those with such skills usually didn't resort to gangsterism. They could earn more money as mercenaries, eliminating the need to cling to the underworld.

It didn't matter to Leo.

He was content enough for now.

His pockets jingled with dozens of silver coins. It was the money he had saved up.

Leo quickened his pace, wondering what to buy for his sister.

His salary had increased and his working hours had changed since he became an assault captain. He no longer needed to sleep in the gangster's dormitory.


‘Now I can ask the family to protect my sister.’

He was thinking of bringing Lena into the family. The family never betrayed their own, so he wouldn't have to hide Lena in the shoe store anymore.

Now that the fierce fight was over, he could finally start looking for a suitable husband for Lena. He would also need to find a route that could potentially connect her to the prince for the later scenarios.

He had gained access to high-level information while attending the captains' meetings. The Rauno family also acted as information brokers. That was why they always maintained a neutral stance.

‘I should have joined the Rauno family from the start.’

If he had, he would have gained much more information than he did now.

But he wasn't too disappointed. Thanks to not being overly ambitious from the start, this scenario had progressed stably.

Leo headed towards the leather district with a cheerful heart.

“Lena! Your brother’s here~.”

He also greeted Cassia cheerfully. There had been a strange atmosphere between them before, but even that felt good now. His achievements must have increased her affection for him.

‘She's got her quirks, but she's a good woman.’

Once Lena was married, the ending would trigger. At this rate, wouldn’t this Leo end up with Cassia after the ending? ─ The thought crossed his mind.

“Brother! Come in.”

As he entered the room, Lena was hiding something behind her back.

It was good to see Lena after almost a month. His sister had become even prettier. Somehow, a subtle charm flowed from her, and her voice was laced with affection.

Lena looked at her brother with anticipation in her eyes.

‘Brother will be so happy.’

Lena had been waiting for him, eager to surprise him.

“Brother, look at this.”

Leo accepted the small box that his sister held out.

It was heavier than it looked.

Lena smiled brightly as she watched her brother open the box in surprise. The box was filled with gold coins.

Leo stared at the gold coins blankly.

His brain seemed to have stopped working.

“Where did you get all this…?”

“It’s the money I earned. We can buy a really nice house with this!”

Leo looked at Lena in bewilderment.

The box slipped from his grasp. With a crash, the gold coins scattered across the floor, and at the same time, an achievement popped up.

[ Achievement : Pimp - Income generated by prostitutes increases. ]

“You… You…!! Don’t tell me…!”


“What have you done!”

As Leo roared, Lena stammered, flustered.

“I, I just earned some money…”

“What did you do! Cassia!!”

- Bang!

Leo stormed out, nearly breaking the door off its hinges.

“Brother! Why, why are you doing this?”


Seeing Cassia turn her body languidly from the table, Leo gritted his teeth.

“You! What did you make Lena do?! Answer me right now!”

“Brother! What’s wrong!”

Lena, witnessing Leo's anger for the first time, leaned against the doorframe with a heartbroken expression, unsure of what to do.

“Make her do what? I just told her how to make money.”

“What is it?”

Lena was bewildered by her brother's fury. Was what she did really that wrong to make him tremble with anger?

“What else could it be? What's wrong with selling her body?”

“Don’t you dare say that! Sob, making my sister do such a filthy…!”

Shame washed over Lena.

Cassia had encouraged and taught her a lot.

This is not wrong.

It’s just a simple ‘job’ to satisfy men. It’s just about helping people in need and getting paid for it…

Nevertheless, every time she worked, a voice inside Lena screamed. This is wrong.

Lena tried to ignore that voice and believe Cassia's words. This is the only thing I can do and…

It’s absolutely, definitely not wrong.

But was it really wrong?

As Lena's hands turned white and trembled, Leo grabbed Cassia by the collar and lifted her from the table.

A dagger was in his hand now.

“Brother!! What are you doing! Cassia didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Get out of my way!”

Lena rushed forward to stop him, but she was pushed back by Leo's swinging arm and fell to the floor.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

The scattered gold coins had rolled all the way over here, and one of them lay beneath her brother’s foot.

This is how I earned that money!

Something surged up from her chest.

“This dirty bitch! Making Lena do that kind of thing? I asked you to hide her, not sell her to a brothel?!”

Leo shook Cassia violently by the collar. Her slender body flapped back and forth.

“Gah… Ugh…”

Cassia tried to break free from his grip, but his rough hand wouldn't budge, only scratching her skin and drawing a few drops of blood.

“She didn’t sell me!”

Lena shrieked, her voice shrill like a scream.

“I went there myself! I went there on my own! I did it!”

Her brother's eyes, bloodshot red, turned to look at her as he held Cassia aloft. His face was distorted like a demon, yet Lena could see it in his eyes.

He was on the verge of tears.

“Why are you crying! Why are you crying?!”

Seeing that twisted something inside Lena, and she cried out in anger.

“What’s wrong with it! What’s so dirty about it! What do you know! Really… Fuck! This is so fucked up!!”

Lena spat out the words that she had heard countless times from the other girls at the brothel.

Her brother looked even more shocked.

As if he couldn't believe it. As if something terrible had happened to me.

“Why are you looking at me like that! I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m not a dirty bitch…! I’m not…”

The emotions welling up inside her transformed into defiance.

“I hate you!”

Lena stormed out of the shop.

Leo, after a moment of stunned silence, threw Cassia aside and ran out after Lena.

“Lena! Lena!”

His sister was already running far away.

Her beautiful face exposed. Crying.

“Lena! Don’t go! I was wrong! Come back!”

Leo desperately chased after Lena, but a massive figure blocked his path.

“What’s all this commotion? You think this is your private residence? Why are you yelling your head off? Huh? Put the knife away. You’re gonna die.”

Ober's bulky frame obscured Lena's receding figure.

“Move! Before I kill you!”

“What? Is this kid crazy?”

“Move right now!”

Leo swung his dagger.

But Ober easily dodged it and growled.

“This punk really…”

As Ober blew a small whistle, thugs from the Rauno family swarmed out from somewhere.

“Drop the knife before you get yourself killed. If it wasn’t for Cassia, I wouldn’t even bother warning you.”

Surrounded by four thugs, Leo, blinded by rage, ignored Ober's warning and attacked.

If he had his greatsword, he would have killed them all, but all Leo had was a short dagger, useless against so many opponents.

“Ugh… Fine.”

Finally, Leo dropped his dagger to the ground.

He couldn’t find Lena if he died here.

Ober grabbed him from behind and dragged him back towards the shoe shop.

“Cassia. What’s going on?”

Cassia rubbed her bruised neck, careful to hide it from Ober’s sight, and said,

“I told his sister about a job opportunity, and he seems to have taken offense.”

“...Is that so? Was that his sister who ran off earlier? You were hiding her here?”

“I’m sorry, mister. Their situation seemed pitiful. It’s our problem, so please step aside and let us handle it.”

“...Hmph. Hey! If you cause this kind of trouble again, I’ll really kill you. And I won’t care about the Corolla family then.”

As if he understood the situation, Ober released Leo and left with his thugs.

Cassia stared at the fuming Leo.

“Why are you so angry?”

“Ugh… Like I have any reason not to be? Where did Lena go?”

He had likely lost his chance to chase after Lena and bring her back, so he had to at least find out where she went.

“She probably went back to work.”

Her nonchalant tone infuriated him even more.

“Why did you introduce her to that kind of work?”

“She said she wanted to help you.”

“Ugh! And you made her do that kind of thing?”

“What’s so wrong with selling her body?”

Cassia’s usually unfocused eyes sharpened, her voice laced with anger and resentment.

“I started doing it to save my sick father. I was just Lena’s age. It was all I could do back then. If I didn’t, my father would have died.”

Cassia’s sudden outburst surprised Leo into silence. He had never seen her like this before.

“I did my best. In the end… my father couldn’t overcome his illness and killed himself. Ha! I should have never given him the medicine. His suffering would have been shorter.”

“...I don’t care about your circumstances. What about Lena? Was she that desperate for money?”

Cassia scoffed.

“You’re one to talk, lying to Lena about what she’d be doing. She thought you were going to die after you got stabbed.”

Leo’s patience snapped.

“Damn it! Shut up! Just tell me where Lena went!”

“Sixth alley across the south main street. You’re probably too late though.”

“What do you mean too late?”

“She’s probably signing the contract by now.”

“What contract?”

“What else? A contract to entertain nobles for a few years. Lena’s beautiful, you know.”

“You damn bitch!”

Leo lunged for his dagger in a fit of rage, but it was gone.

He tackled Cassia onto the bed, pinning her down, and started to strangle her.

Cassia thrashed her thin limbs, struggling to break free.

Just then, everything began to fade away.

[ Lena’s final class has been decided. ]

[ Thank you for playing Raise Lena. ]

Lena de Yeriel

Final Class: High-Class Courtesan

Spouse: Unmarried

- Born in Lutina Royal Palace, Lena lived an unfortunate childhood. Whisked away by people’s hands, she was hidden in a vast field with Leo, and when she opened her eyes, the field was… (omitted) …With Cassia’s help, Lena started working at a brothel. After a huge fight with Leo, Lena signed a contract with the brothel and met countless nobles, but she never became anyone’s concubine. Instead, she took advantage of the war to become a mastermind who manipulated nobles. However, Lena, who had stepped too far into the political arena, attracted the attention of Count Hermann Forte, who had returned after ending the war. Lena was assassinated by the knights sent by Count Forte. -

Leo de Yeriel

Final Class: Brothel Manager, Thug

Spouse: Unmarried

The Beggar Siblings Ending: Red Light District

- Born in Lutina Royal Palace, Leo lived an unfortunate childhood. Whisked away by people’s hands, he… (omitted) …Leo, who had risen to the rank of assault captain of the Corolla family, quickly quit his job. He joined the brothel where his sister worked, protecting Lena and guarding the establishment, but he died fighting the knights who came to kill Lena. -

An image of Lena lying seductively on a bed flashed before his eyes.

Her exposed legs formed elegant curves, and she reached out with captivating eyes, her allure seemingly reaching beyond the picture.

Leo was too shocked to think straight.

My little sister has changed so much.

It was as if dozens of snakes were coiled around her. Yet, she also seemed innocent, drawing a man to her bed.

It's my fault.

I turned my sister into a monster.

The talent in Lena's blood had blossomed so tragically. A twisted flower, a flower that devoured everything that came near.

Leo's consciousness, screaming in despair, faded away, and Minseo rose to the forefront.

Minseo, too, felt a pang in his heart at the sight of Lena.

Fortunately, Lena's image had almost disappeared upward.

He tried to push the image away.

There was too much information he needed to process. The last time Lena died from the illness, he was too consumed by grief to read the text properly.

He had to read it now.

Minseo collected himself and read the fading text.

First, Lena and Leo's surname, Yeriel.

It was the surname of the Conrad royal family. Judging by the "de" in their names, they were direct descendants with a claim to the throne.

And it said they were both born in Lutina Royal Palace. Lutina was the capital of the Conrad Kingdom.

‘Were they exiled due to a succession dispute?’

It seemed highly likely. Someone had helped the prince and princess escape, and young Lena and Leo had been living as beggars ever since.

The text continued to rise and disappear. Minseo hurriedly read through Lena and Leo's story.

Count Hermann Forte killed Lena. That Swordmaster must have repelled the Astin Kingdom's invasion… This made the engagement scenario even more difficult.

A losing war, an even greater chance of death.

But he would make sure to avenge Lena.

Minseo stubbornly read the ascending text until the very last word vanished.

Having absorbed all he could, the suppressed emotions he had kept at bay to read the text came crashing down on him.

‘Cassia! That goddamn bitch!’

She ruined everything.

Lena's chance at a comfortable life, his plan to slowly gather information about the prince!

Before Minseo could fully unleash his fury, letters appeared in the air.

[ You have failed to clear Raise Lena. ]

[ Leo, Lena’s achievements surpass yours. For a time, Lena held sway over the political landscape of the Bellita Kingdom. Due to this achievement, a portion of Lena’s {Arts of the Bedchamber} skill will be passed on to you. ]

[ Restarting. ]

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