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Chapter 26 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Genome lay there, no different from a living corpse.

With all his tendons severed, he couldn’t even resist, only able to scream and moan.

“Fortunately, you’re still alive.”

I wiped my face, smeared with blood and tears, and muttered indifferently.

Then, I picked up a liquor bottle that had fallen to the floor nearby.

The bottle was scratched and scuffed, but its contents were intact.

I held it up in front of Genome.

“Do you know what this is?”

“Kuh… Ugh…!!”

Still caught in the throes of pain, he could only whimper in response.

I smiled gently at his state and kindly explained to him the purpose of this liquor.

“This… is a liquor with an alcohol content of 89 degrees.”

Liquor with an alcohol content of 89 degrees.

Naturally, it wasn’t meant for drinking.

It was a decorative piece, displayed on only a few tables.

“Regular liquor doesn’t catch fire easily. But with a high alcohol content, it’s a different story.”

The alcohol content at which liquor starts to catch fire is around 40 degrees.

The liquor that bartenders usually use for their fire shows is around 75 degrees.

Once the alcohol content exceeds 80 degrees, it burns very easily and doesn’t go out easily either.

In other words, 89-degree liquor…

“This is a liquor that catches fire very well.”

It was no different from excellent gasoline.

Maybe it was because I emphasized the word ‘fire’, but he seemed to understand my intention right away.

“Y-y-you crazy bastard…!”

“What are you thinking? I only said it’s a liquor that catches fire well…”

“Haha, don’t…!! K-kill, kill me, please!”

“What are you thinking, telling me not to do something?”

I gave him the same nasty smirk he had given me earlier.

All I could think about was this bastard dying in the most agonizing way possible, consumed by fear.

“I’ll show you something far beyond what you’re imagining.”

With that, I smashed the top of the liquor bottle.

Then, I slowly tilted the bottle over the terrified robe.


A viscous liquid flowed out with a soft gurgling sound.

It gently flowed down, soaking Genome’s right arm.

As soon as the liquor touched his arm, he let out a piercing scream.


I stepped on Genome, who was trying to move, pinning him firmly to the ground.

Then, I reached into my suit pocket and pulled out a few matches.

A small flame flickered to life on the matchstick.

“They say the most painful thing in the world is burning pain, right?”


That small flicker was both beautiful and cruel.

“Try your best to endure it.”

The match in my hand fell.

And as the red snowflake gracefully drew a line, meeting Genome’s liquor-soaked right arm…


With the sound of a roaring fire, a deafening scream pierced my eardrums.


The bastard’s right arm was burning.

Burning brightly.

The smell of flesh roasting wafted through the air.

Crackling sounds, like branches thrown into a bonfire, escaped from his burning arm.

-Crackle! Crack, crackle!

As if in excruciating pain, he convulsed, his eyes rolled back.

He struggled, trying to break free…

But really.

What could a cripple with all his tendons severed do?

He was destined to be scorched, to endure the agony of his arm being roasted.

“Aaagh! Aaaaagh!! Stoooop!!!”

I leisurely savored the monstrous screams that echoed in my ears.

It was my duty.

My rightful privilege.

“Ugh, ugh, uhhh…”

Then, when his arm was sufficiently charred,

and the flames began to spread to his torso…


I cut off his burning arm.

And kicked it away so that it wouldn’t stick to him.

With the burning pain replaced by the agony of a severed limb, he continued to scream.

I looked down at him and asked,

“Why do you think I only set fire to one arm?”

“Gah… Ugh, uh…”

“Because it would be such a waste if you just died all at once.”

This was my first chance for revenge in years.

With that, I poured more liquor on his body.

This time, it was his left arm.

“Both arms, both legs, torso, and lastly, your face.”

“Uh, guh, ugh, ugh…”

“Your right arm is already done… So there are only five more to go. Just hold on a little longer.”

Set fire to a body part.

Burn it sufficiently, then cut it off.

I planned to repeat this process, torturing him endlessly without letting him die.

I was a bit worried he might die of shock midway through…

But surely, a mid-ranking executive of the Seekers wouldn’t die just from having his limbs cut off.

“I have faith in you, so I hope you’ll meet my expectations.”

“N-no…! No!! P-please stop!!!”

Genome cried out desperately as if he had grasped my intentions.

He spoke haltingly, his voice hoarse.

“I-I’ll, tell you…! Everything you want to know…!!”

He begged me to stop, his face a mess of tears and snot.

I smiled gently at him.

Yes, that’s the right attitude for a conversation.

You should say what your partner wants to hear, shouldn’t you?

Since he was showing such a commendable response, I couldn’t help but reciprocate.

“Shall I stop?”


He nodded vigorously, a desperate affirmation.

A flicker of hope momentarily crossed his pain-filled eyes.

I knew.

Despair was all the more agonizing when there was hope.

“Well, I’ve done enough. I guess I’ll let you go…”

“Ah, ah…”

“…won’t I?”

With a nasty grin, I dropped the match in my hand.


His body was engulfed in flames once more,

and his grotesque screams echoed through the banquet hall.

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