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Chapter 27 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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First Princess Assassination Incident (6)


A scream echoed through the vast banquet hall.

The chaotic atmosphere of the hall, stirred by the terror attack, had cooled down considerably.

The only sounds that could be heard in the silent hall were:

the crackling of flames, followed by horrific groans.

All eyes in the banquet hall were fixed on the center.

Since most of the students had taken refuge in the corners,

the scene unfolding in the center of the empty hall was further highlighted.

It was as if a stage had been set for someone.


The students were frozen, their eyes taking in the horrific sight.

Pieces of flesh scattered about.

Pure white carpets stained crimson with blood.

Mutilated corpses lying haphazardly, and a foul stench stinging their nostrils.



Some students gagged, clutching their stomachs.

It wasn't strange.

It was too gruesome a scene for teenagers who hadn't even had their coming-of-age ceremony yet.


However, most students, except for a few, showed no reaction.

No. To be precise, they couldn't.

They were being crushed.

By the madness and rage emanating from a single boy.

The sticky emotions, fed and grown by hatred, were enough to petrify the students.

"Haha...! Ahahahaha!!"

The boy laughed innocently as if he was enjoying something immensely.

He had been like that from the beginning.

Even when he was being stabbed all over his body.

Even when he was slashing down the attackers who stormed the banquet hall one by one.

And even now, when he was burning someone alive.

The boy hadn't lost his bright smile.

It was calmness.

......though it was far too extreme to be called that.

The students were terrified.

An indescribable, eerie feeling was constricting their throats.

If they did anything that might provoke 'that',

they felt like their necks would snap with a crack.

"Gasp...! Gasp...!"

But even in such a situation,

there was one boy who desperately ran towards the center of the banquet hall.

It was Allen Reinhardt.

His golden eyes scanned the empty hall, searching for someone.

"Your Highness! Are you alright, Your Highness!!"

There had been an assassination attempt at the location where the Saintess and the Second Princess were as well.

Allen, who had successfully thwarted that attack, was now moving to save Lucy.

Was he too late?

Such thoughts crossed his mind,

but Allen forcibly pushed them away.

Neria's tearful voice, begging him to save her sister, still lingered in his ears.

"I definitely heard a scream from here...!!"

Fortunately, Allen quickly found Lucy.

She was huddled against one of the walls of the hall with her followers.

"Your Highness!!"

Allen was relieved to see that Lucy was unharmed and headed towards her.

However, something was strange.

Despite his loud call, she didn't react at all.

She simply stared blankly ahead, her face pale as snow.

Allen, feeling puzzled, followed Lucy's gaze.

"What's wrong, Your Highness? What are you looking at......"

He couldn't finish his sentence.

An unbelievable sight unfolded before his eyes.

Allen finally saw what the other students had been staring at.

"Young Master Lishite...?"

A field of blood and corpses.

And a boy burning something alive in the center of it all.

"What is this......"

Fear, shock, and an indescribable eerieness.

The emotions Allen felt upon seeing the boy weren't much different from the others.

However, the intensity was on a whole different level.

Others might not have noticed,

but Allen, with the Hero's eyes, could see it clearly.

"What... what is that?"

A blue aura swirling around the boy.

Cold, eerie.

A massive energy that gave off a suffocating pressure.

Allen felt cold sweat trickling down his back.

It was something he had only seen in ancient theological texts.

A violent energy reminiscent of the 'demons' of the mythical era.

Allen instinctively drew his sword and shouted,

"S-Stop it, Young Master Lishite...!"


Raiden, who had been gleefully burning the attacker, turned his head towards him.

Allen flinched as his eyes met the boy's black orbs.

Because he was smiling so brightly.

Covered in blood.

Standing on corpses.

Setting a living person on fire.

He was looking at him.

And smiling.

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