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Chapter 27 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

『 Offer a god. 』

I couldn't understand.

They wanted me to offer a god, not gold or an artifact, in exchange for information...

The possibility of such a thing was questionable. Logically, it was impossible.

Offer a god?

'That's ridiculous.'

With my current abilities, I wouldn't even be able to reach the Demon Gods of the Demon Realm, let alone the toes of a minor god.

And yet, they wanted me to offer a god.

It was such an absurd request that my eyes narrowed in irritation, but on the other hand, I was intrigued.

'Just what is this necklace...?.'

The fact that they asked for a god meant that it was at least an artifact with a mythical story behind it.

I was already curious about what kind of abilities it had.

Just in case, I tried infusing the necklace with mana.

- …….

However, the necklace didn't react even after I infused it with mana.

Normally, artifacts would show some kind of reaction when mana was poured into them.

However, the necklace was as still as a windless lake.

My curiosity grew with each passing moment.

'I'll have to try something else.'

I'll exploit the loophole in the paper.

That way, I could at least find out some information about this necklace.

The god associated with the necklace that is in the basement and has no description written on it.

Surely they would answer that much.

I smiled in satisfaction and put down my pen, watching the paper's reaction.

However, the information paper did not spit out the answer I wanted.

『 Offer a god. 』

It just repeated the same thing as before, asking for a god.

I tried to come up with several other ways to ask the question, but the information paper still only repeated the same answer: offer a god.

It seemed I had no choice but to give up.

'Still, it's certain.'

The necklace within the glass case.

This was something that held even greater value than any artifact.

It was a major flaw that I didn't know how to use it, but I would figure it out eventually.

My contemplation was brief.

I decided to take this mysterious necklace with me.


I opened the lid of the glass case.

I carefully took out the necklace and hung it around my neck.

With this, I became the owner of a necklace that might be connected to the Demon God.

Let me check one more time.

Maybe it would appear in the status window like the Eye of Arrogance.

'Status window.'

However, contrary to my expectations, there was no description in the status window either.

[ ??? ]

Only three question marks floated there, without any text written on them.

I must have been a fool to expect anything in the first place.

I sighed in disappointment. I closed the status window and put on the necklace.

The necklace remained silent, showing no reaction whatsoever.

‘Let’s just go…….’

My strength drained away, and I dragged my feet.

* * *

“What is that necklace?”

Ares asked.

He seemed very curious about the identity of the necklace I was wearing.

The children’s gazes followed his and turned to the back of my neck.

Their gazes made me uncomfortable, so I answered indifferently.

“It’s a necklace that had no description written on it.”

“Are you saying that you brought an artifact without knowing its performance or identity?”


“It seems you know something about that necklace.”

“No…… I don’t know anything about it.”

That was the truth.

All I knew about this necklace was my hunch that it might be related to a God.

However, it seemed that Ares did not take my words at face value.

“Are you trying to tell me that you chose an unidentified artifact for no reason?”

“That would be correct.”

Ares continued to look at me with suspicion, so I answered curtly.

I had never liked that old man, not since the exam.

Only when I continued to remain tight-lipped, did Ares sigh.

“……I will believe you. As an instructor of Sytan, I must trust my students.”

Even so, the way he continued to glare at me showed his dissatisfaction.

Still, I had no intention of answering him.

I didn’t really know anything about it, and I didn’t see any need to tell the Sytan side that it was related to a god.


When I maintained my resolute attitude, Ares turned his gaze away and called the children together.

“The artifacts you have chosen are now your property, so treat them with care. They could save your life in an unfortunate situation.”

He wasn’t wrong.

Each of the artifacts the children had chosen was a top-quality item.

They would definitely be worth more than a spare life.

I should think of it as a kind of investment concept.

Everyone here except me was a descendant of the Seven Deadly Sins.

They were the ones who would lead the Demon Realm in the future, so it was a hint that they would not spare any support.

‘I wish I could receive that kind of support too…….’

I was in an ambiguous position.

I had more talent than the average student and showed remarkable performance, but that was it.

I couldn't show the potential or overwhelming force like the children of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Even Ares, who might become my future instructor, was wary of me, so my path forward was blocked.

Will I be able to do well...?

I let out a secret sigh and listened to Ares' explanation.

After a while, the explanation ended, and the entrance exam was over without erasing my vague anxiety.

As I was about to return to the inn where I had been staying with Rene for several days.


Someone reached out to me.

A male student with a smile full of joy on his lips.

His hair boasted a passionate orange hue like the sun, and he had a sturdy body as balanced as a sculpture.

In the Demon Realm, he was set up as the guy who was strongest in terms of force alone.

It was Baltan.

"Nice to meet you too, Baltan."

"Yeah, nice to meet you!"

We greeted each other and shook hands.

Baltan was smiling gently.

I was also smiling on the outside, but my insides were incredibly complicated.

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