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Chapter 27 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

'Why is he greeting me first?'

I recalled everything that had been written about Baltan in the work.

Baltan was this kind of character.

A personality that showed no interest in the weak.

It didn't mean he despised or looked down on them.

He simply treated them with indifference.

'But he's a guy who shows great interest in the strong.'

His desire to compete with the strong was beyond imagination.

It stemmed from the Envy family's greed for strength.

However, it didn't mean he didn't respect his opponents.

He was a character who was clearly lenient, limited to the strong.

'But he'll be merciless to the weak.'

If a weak guy drew his sword and swung it at Baltan, he would surely kill him without hesitation.

However, his treatment of the strong was clearly different.

In the case of strong people or talented people who aroused his competitive spirit.

He even waited until they developed their talents and gained enough strength.

'He's crazy.'

Baltan was the owner of such an elusive personality.

He drove the human protagonist to the brink of death, but after learning of the protagonist's talent, he spared his life.

Even though he was a villain when I was writing, he was a character I was attached to...

Currently, he was just a very difficult guy to deal with.

'I feel like throwing up.'

I took my eyes off Baltan.

When I looked around, there were two students in sight.

Rene, who was staring blankly at me, and Fron, who was glancing at me with indifference.

Including me and Baltan, there were only four people present.

'Is this a blessing in disguise?'

Diana, who was more difficult to deal with than Baltan, was not present.

Ares and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins' children were also gone.

Even so, there were two people stronger than me.

But why were they so interested in me...?

As I was thinking that.


A tremendous amount of pain struck me. Baltan had tightened his grip on my hand.

I narrowed my brows in pain, and Baltan tilted his head.

"What's wrong?"

"......It's nothing."

I was speechless at Baltan's brazen attitude. Was he trying to pick a fight with me?

To me, the writer who had given him that power...

As I thought about it, I felt annoyed and activated my ability.



I immediately pulled my hand away and moved behind Baltan.

The thing that changed my position was the laurel wreath on Baltan's head.

It wasn't because I was annoyed that he had taken the best artifact first, but because it seemed like the easiest thing to do.

"Huh? What the?"

Baltan blinked his eyes in confusion and looked around.


I watched him quietly and then tapped his shoulder.

Baltan's eyes widened as he turned around.

And then he blinked again.

As if he didn't even understand what was going on.

'Did I surprise him too much?'

I was just trying to pull my hand away, but it seemed like I had overdone it.

Depending on the situation, it could be seen as a threatening action.

To apologize, I picked up the fallen laurel wreath and gently placed it on Baltan's head.

Until then, Baltan had only blinked his eyes.

Ignoring him, I approached Rene, who was staring blankly at us.

"Miss, shall we go now?"


Rene did not nod and shifted her gaze behind her.


I turned my head and saw Baltan with his eyes sparkling.

"Let's fight!"

Baltan shouted.

I hardened my face as I became bewildered.


Not Rene, but me...?

An unknown creepiness washed over me.

“I refuse.”

I cut him off firmly.

However, Baltan didn’t seem to have any intention of listening to me.

He tilted his head and asked with an innocent face,


“I’m a little tired……”


“……I already told you. I’m tired.”



For a moment, my fist clenched.

Does he want to fight?

Ah, he really is looking for a fight.

“Just go away.”


I turned my back on him, feeling like I might really fight him if I kept talking to him.

Rene also lost interest and turned around.

However, I narrowed my brows at the sensation I felt on my shoulder.

“Where are you going?”

Baltan with eerie face asked with a smile.

I found Baltan’s excessive interest annoying and frightening, so I decided to get rid of him, even if I had to use some harsh methods.

I narrowed my eyes and activated my killing intent trait.

I imbued it with a tiny amount of mana.


Killing intent radiated from my body.

At the sudden burst of stinging aura, Baltan’s hand, which had been holding my shoulder, trembled slightly.

I didn’t miss that small opening.



I used the surrounding objects to teleport away, creating distance between us. I looked back and saw Baltan standing there, staring blankly at me.

Did he give up on fighting?

Well, my ability is practically cheating when it comes to escaping…… So it’s only natural.

Baltan seemed to have given up on chasing me, so I headed to the train station with Rene to get out of Sytan.

Until then, Baltan just sat there, silently staring at me.




Was it because I felt relieved?

Unfortunately, I didn’t see it.

The light in Baltan’s eyes, which had simply been born of curiosity, was now filled with a kind of ecstasy…….

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