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Chapter 27 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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"Ugh, cough... hack."

I coughed violently, spitting up blood.

My body was in a terrible state.

I felt dizzy and weak, as if I would lose consciousness at any moment.

I forced myself to stay focused and took a deep breath.


It would be really nice to just lie down right now.

Unfortunately, the situation wasn't over yet.

Of course, I had protected Lucy, the target of the attack.

And I had neutralized all the assassins, but you never know.

This whole chaotic mess would only truly end when:

The Academy professors deactivated the banquet hall's barrier and entered.

Until then, I couldn't let my guard down.


I lowered my head slightly and looked down.

A charred lump twitched in my vision.

It met my gaze and let out a soundless scream.


Did his neck finally give out?

No more sounds came from the guy's throat.

His arms and legs lay scattered on the floor, ripped apart haphazardly.

All that was left of Robe were his torso and face.

I had only one step left in this sacred execution ceremony.

"......I hope this brings you some peace, Raiden."

I muttered softly and poured the remaining alcohol.

The viscous liquid soaked his head, and the guy twitched once more.


I took out the last match with trembling hands.

-Strike, strike

Perhaps it was because all the strength had drained from my hands,

but even striking a match wasn't easy anymore.

"Damn it... just light up already...!"


After several more frantic strikes, the match finally flared to life.

I let out a small sigh and held it up.


The guy saw me and gaped, tears streaming down his face.

Judging by the way he was mumbling, he was probably begging for his life...

Well, I could just ignore him.

I lightly flicked the match between my fingers.

With a snap, a scarlet afterimage shot towards Genome's face.


Despair clouded the eyes of the guy who had been gasping for air so vigorously.

A red sunset slowly descended upon the alcohol-soaked life.

It might sound a bit psychopathic,

but for a moment, I found the scene beautiful.

And so,

the sun set.


The small flame that touched Genome's body instantly grew, engulfing him.

His body convulsed every time the scarlet flames flickered.

I looked down at it with contempt in my eyes.

"When you meet Raiden's mom in the afterlife... make sure to apologize properly."

There was no answer.

Only the crackling of flames remained in my ears.

I etched the sight into my mind for a while.

As I watched a life turn to ash,

a familiar voice came from behind me.

"S-Stop it, Young Master Lishite...!"

Sharp yet gentle.

A beautiful voice.

The voice of our protagonist, Allen.

Allen's arrival meant that the situation with the Saintess and the Second Princess had also been resolved without any problems.

'Well... it's only natural. Those guys wouldn't dare harm the Saintess.'

Since I was at my limit holding onto consciousness, Allen's arrival was a welcome relief.

He would take care of everything even if I collapsed.

With that thought, I let out a sigh of relief and turned my head.

As expected, Allen was standing there.

Dazzlingly brilliant blond hair, sun-like golden eyes, handsome features sculpted by the gods themselves.

It was the usual Allen.

However, there was something strange...

"Drop your weapon!!"

He was pointing his sword at me.


Allen's face was a mixture of bewilderment, shock, and fear as he looked at me.

The tip of his trembling sword was pointed directly at me.

I frowned, unable to understand the situation.

"Suddenly, why...?"


As I was about to voice my question,

a massive explosion roared through the banquet hall, drowning out my words.

Simultaneously, the barrier surrounding the building shattered, and the doors of the banquet hall burst open.

"The professors are here...!"

"We're saved...!"

The professors of Reynolds Academy had broken through the barrier and entered.

As I watched the professors rush into the hall, my vision blurred.

Ah, it's over.

I can finally relax...

Damn it, my mind is fading as the tension releases...


My barely-held consciousness snapped, and my eyelids fluttered shut.

My trembling body lost its strength and collapsed.

In my fading consciousness, the last thing I saw was a woman with flowing red hair striding towards me.

It was Korn Ronezia, the principal of Reynolds Academy.

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