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Chapter 28 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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A new day had begun.

I roughly tidied up my bedding and took Gu poison, who was still asleep, out of my arms and gave him a small drop of mana made from the darkness.

- …….

Gu poison then fell back asleep.

This had become the first thing I did every morning lately.

After confirming that Gu poison was sleeping peacefully, I stretched.

‘I feel refreshed today.’

Was it because of yesterday’s hard work?

I washed my face roughly with the water the innkeeper had brought me and looked in the mirror.

My appearance had also changed a little from before.

‘I’m growing steadily.’

My body, which had been no different from a child’s, was gradually taking shape.

Small, bumpy muscles were densely packed together.

I was so satisfied with the sight that I let out a chuckle.

‘I guess I’ll just wear the uniform for now.’

Yesterday, we had passed the entrance exam for Sytan.

In the morning, two uniforms and a paper envelope arrived at the inn.

The paper envelope had the word Sytan written on it in three letters.


I tore open the top of the attached paper envelope.

There was a single letter inside the envelope.

[Congratulations on your admission to Sytan.

For the next three years, the students will receive training and will eventually lead the Demon Realm… (Omitted)

Prior to your admission, we will provide you with the clothing you will need to wear at Sytan.

Students are prohibited from wearing plain clothes within Sytan except in unavoidable circumstances, and must only wear the designated clothing.




Once again, we sincerely congratulate you on your admission to Sytan.]

In short, they had given us the uniforms we were supposed to wear.

It was a long-winded way of saying something that wasn’t even that important.

‘Let’s take a look at the uniform.’

For now, I unpacked only my own and observed the appearance of the clothing.

It looked similar to a modern school uniform, but there were some slight differences.

‘It’s simple, but it looks easy to move around in.’

It seemed that they had put a lot of thought into the fabric itself, considering its practical aspects.

A thin blazer, a neat white shirt, and black pants.

It looked like it wouldn’t be much different from modern fashion.

‘In that respect, it’s not too awkward.’

Satisfied with my observation, I hurriedly put it on.

When I tried it on, I felt even more alive.

It was as if I had gone back to my student days.

I should hurry and tell Rene in the next room.


I left my room and stood in front of the door to the next room to wake Rene up.

“May I come in?”

As I asked cautiously, a reply quickly came from inside the room.


With permission granted, I opened the door right away and handed Rene the uniform of Sythan.

Rene tilted her head and opened the wrapping of the uniform.

“What is this?”

“It will be faster for you to understand if you read the letter than if I explain it.”


Rene began to read the letter.

And when she had finished reading the entire letter, her gaze turned to the uniform in my hand.

As if asking if she should wear it.

“Try it on.”

Rene, who had received the clothes, narrowed her eyes as she was about to take off her clothes.

It was a clear sign of rejection.

Oops, I thought to myself, feeling embarrassed for no reason, so I left the room for a while.

About 5 minutes passed like that?

It seemed like she would have changed her clothes by now…….

“May I come in?”


Rene's permission was granted.

I opened the door and went in to see Rene wearing the uniform.

My uniform was black, but Rene's uniform had a navy tone.

The black skirt and black stockings went well together.

“You look beautiful.”


As I expressed my feelings as they were, Rene's body trembled.

And she turned her head to the side.

It seemed like she was trying not to show her expression, but since her hair was short, her reddened ears were occasionally revealed.

‘Is she embarrassed?’

I opened my eyes wide at the unexpected sight.

At first, she was just an object of fear, but now she had become cute to me.

“……How long.”


“How long are you going to look?”


At Rene's remark, I coughed in vain and turned my gaze to the side.

Then I hurriedly bowed to Rene and greeted her.

“I'll be going now, so please rest comfortably today.”

A rare holiday.

Tomorrow I have to attend Sytan's entrance ceremony, so I wanted to have some personal time today.

What should I do to make the most of my day off?

For now, let's narrow it down to one thing I'd like to do…….

After all, sightseeing in the capital is what I like best.

‘Because I haven't really seen the scenery of the Demon Realm yet.’

I should take this opportunity to have a look around.

All I've seen in this world is the Bares family and the territory of the undead.

Even that, I couldn't see it properly because I was trembling in fear of Crete's surveillance.

In the novel, there is indeed a description of the Demon Realm, but it's only a description of the Demon Realm after it was destroyed by humans.

The Demon Realm before the war has yet to be described.

'Especially since it's the capital, I'm looking forward to it even more.'

Since I'll be staying here for three years anyway, the day will come when I can visit it.

But I don't know when that time will come... It should be fine if I don't practice mana control for a day or so.

"I'll be going out now."

After thinking it over, I left a short greeting and turned to go.

No, to be exact, I was about to do so when Rene's question stopped me in my tracks.

"Where to?"

"Since it's my day off, I was thinking of sightseeing in the capital."


Rene looked displeased with my answer.

She pursed her lips and uttered a single word.

"You have work."

"Pardon? What work are you referring to..."

"Escorting me."

I was struck with a sense of shock.

I couldn't speak for a while, then let out a groan that was close to a sigh.


I had forgotten for a moment.

About whose bloodline Rene belonged to.

The bloodline of Crete, the Lord of Bares who had used me for months without pay.

So it was inevitable that Rene would also behave like a member of a black company.

Was my precious holiday going to end up being spent running errands for Rene?

I felt a sense of emptiness and made a sullen expression.

Rene, who had been staring at me, opened her mouth.

"Let's go together."

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