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Chapter 3 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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After looking around for a while, I was able to find a decent carriage to ride.

I was a little flustered when the coachman bowed deeply with wide eyes after I handed him a few gold coins from my pocket as a token of appreciation...

Anyway, I was able to head towards the mansion more comfortably.


The carriage sped along the road.

In the space where only the rattling sound existed, I was gradually learning about the status window.


[The user can directly summon the status window using the keyword 'status window'.]

[In the summoned window, the user can access information about their status, quest progress, etc.]

"Status window."


[User: Raiden Lishite]

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human

[Stat Information]

Strength: E

Stamina: E+

Agility: D-

Total Mana: 31

[Skill Information]

1. Imperial Common Language (Automatically Activated)

2. Iron Will (Automatically Activated)

3. Short-Range Teleportation (Blink)

4. Empty Slot

5. Empty Slot





1. Eldest Son of the Lishite Family

2. Troublemaker

3. Lonely Boy

"The format is similar to what I saw in novels."

I checked the information by fiddling with the blue screen.

A sigh naturally escaped my lips.

"......The stats are truly abysmal."

Raiden's average physical stat was E+.

Considering that the average stat of academy students is C rank, you could see how terrible his abilities were.

Strength at E rank?

"No wonder his body is like this..."

I glanced at my emaciated body, where even the bones were visible, and sighed.

Well, it wasn't a big problem.

Stats can be raised.

If I train like I did in my previous life, wouldn't I be able to reach an average of C- rank in about two months?

"The biggest problem is..."

The total mana being 31.

How can a person's mana be 31?

"What the hell is 31... an ice cream parlor?"

To show how ridiculous this number is, the average total mana of people with magic-based bodies is 300.

Raiden's total amount was only about 10% of that.

Even the lowest-ranked monster, a goblin, has about 15 mana.

In theory, Raiden's body was like combining two goblins, making it a fragile body.

"And he dared to challenge the protagonist with this?"

He must have had guts.

Or was he just stupid?

I scrolled down the status window with trivial thoughts.

Then, a number caught my eye.

"What the...?"

[Current Date: 8/3]

"The date is August...?"

I couldn't help but be flustered.

If it's August, then the second semester of the academy is already underway.

Considering that Raiden disappeared after being defeated in a duel with the protagonist right after the entrance ceremony.

It meant that half a year had already passed since Raiden was written out of the story.

"This is quite surprising."

Usually, in possession stories, another standard is to be sent back in time before these events occur.

That way, the possessor can at least try hard to avoid being eliminated from the story.

To be possessed by a villain who has already gone through all the defeat events and retired.

I've never even heard of it.

"Should I say it's unorthodox... or unique..."


[Actually, doesn't it matter much?]

"That's true."

The protagonist is the most important, after all.

It wouldn't matter much to the world what happens to my possession, which is just a villain extra.

As I gradually learned about this world through light conversations with the status window.

A week had passed.

......Well, it feels like I skipped over a lot.

But what can I do?

There were no special events because I was just in the carriage the whole time.


[Arrived at the destination.]

[Main quest 'Towards a New Story' has ended.]

As the status window's notification rang, the carriage came to a stop.

The coachman, who had been calming the horses for a moment, approached the back and opened the door.

"We have arrived, My Lord."

"Ah, thank you."

"P-Please speak casually... You seem to be from a noble family."

The coachman looked bewildered by my formal speech.

I tilted my head for a moment and then realized.

Oh right, this is a society with a class system.

My way of speaking might seem strange to others.

But... I couldn't bring myself to speak informally to an elderly gentleman.

So I just gave an awkward smile.

"Then, I'll be on my way, My Lord. Thank you for your generosity."


"Actually, my granddaughter is starving at home... Thanks to your kindness, I don't think we'll have to worry about going hungry ever again. We'll have enough for her academy tuition..."

The coachman's eyes welled up with tears, as if overcome with emotion.

I couldn't help but be flustered by that sight.

Generosity? What generosity?

I don't remember making any donations.

Is he talking about the gold coins I gave him as a token of appreciation earlier?

Did I give him that much?

"I will never forget this kindness!"


A voice filled with deep gratitude.

I watched the departing carriage with a complicated gaze.

But I soon shook it off and turned around to take in the mansion in front of me.

The Duke Lishite family mansion.

It was a building so grand that it felt more than just huge.

It was about the size of a university campus.

I swallowed, feeling overwhelmed by the pressure, and slowly approached the mansion.

As I stood in front of the mansion's gate.

"Young Master...?"

Someone's voice came from behind me.

I glanced back and saw a young girl standing there.

She looked to be about Raiden's age.

She had beautiful brown hair and eyes.

She was dressed in a neat maid uniform.

Her smooth body lines were visible beneath her clothes, and she had cute pigtails.

She stared at me with blank eyes, calling me Young Master.

Then she burst into tears and ran towards me.

"Young Master!!!"

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