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Chapter 32 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

A swirling violet storm raged.

Only Idea, at the center of the typhoon, seemed unaffected.

But the human soldiers...


They had all vanished.

Unable to withstand Samuel’s magic, they had returned to nothingness.

‘…I guess I should take back what I said earlier.’

Hadn’t I said that being first in my class seemed easy?

I felt like crawling into a mouse hole out of shame.

The power that could sweep away an entire front.

I obediently admired the sight of genuine magic, worthy of its name.

If I had to nitpick, my ability could also be classified as magic.

However, what Samuel had just displayed was real magic, the kind you would only see in games.

It was on a completely different level from what I had seen from the audience seats during the entrance exam.

Furthermore, it seemed that he had mixed his own unique ability into this magic.


Samuel’s unique talent.

The very embodiment of appetite, Gluttony was a fearsome ability that could devour anything.


Idea gritted her teeth and feigned an expression of anger.

From the very first class, two students had overwhelmingly surpassed her class.

So, from Idea’s point of view, it was impossible not to be angry.

Even if she respected talented students, as an instructor, her pride was being wounded.

If I had been one of the Seven Deadly Sins, she might have been able to understand.

However, I wasn’t one of the Seven Deadly Sins, so that would have made her even angrier.

Idea, who had been on the verge of tears, let out a sigh.

“Why is this batch of students like this…?”

Idea seemed to have given up and gestured to Samuel.

Without a word, Samuel returned to his seat.

It was then.



As he passed by me, Samuel shot me a piercing glare.

Then, he quickly looked away and continued on his way.

‘What the?’

I couldn’t understand his behavior, but I let it slide.

I was too engrossed in my thoughts.

‘The descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins really do stand out, even among the best students.’

In other words.

There wasn’t a single student who was as talented as the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins.

And I hadn’t even seen the full extent of the descendants’ abilities yet.

Wasn’t there still one more descendant of the Seven Deadly Sins who hadn’t appeared yet?

Laurel Fron.

Her turn hadn’t come yet.

- Only three students might pass the first assignment.

- I'm envious. When will I ever become that strong?

It seemed that the students already recognized the three of us as beings stronger than themselves.

They seemed to see us as objects of envy, jealousy, and resentment…

I don't know how long those feelings will last.

The gap will only continue to widen.

- But that half-demon in that class seems weaker than Samuel. If the instructor hadn't let her guard down, he would have been easily subdued.

- Subdued? He would have fainted after just one hit.

I can hear every word.

I gritted my teeth and memorized the two bastards who had just spoken.

Just you wait.

As I was grinding my teeth,

The storm that had been raging around Idea gradually subsided.

Idea, boasting her perfectly unruffled clothes, opened her mouth.

"It was an amazing ability that took me by surprise for a moment."


Samuel didn't react to Idea's compliment.

He just stood there quietly, as if he was annoyed by the situation.

It was an attitude that came from the confidence that he would pass.

But Idea's one word turned the situation upside down.

"But unfortunately, you failed."


Only then did Samuel react.

Samuel's deeply sunken eyes twitched slightly.

Idea pointed to her body as if to explain.

"It was good that you subdued the human soldiers. But you failed to kill me, the commander of the humans."

Idea was right.

It was true that Samuel had wiped out all the human soldiers, but he had not been able to deal a direct blow to Idea.

Looking at Idea, whose hair was not a single strand out of place and whose clothes were not a single wrinkle out of place, I couldn't even tell if Samuel had used magic.


Samuel gritted his teeth.

He wouldn't be able to accept it.

I was acknowledged even though I couldn't subdue the human soldiers, let alone damage Idea.

Samuel had shown his strength, which was greater than mine, but he couldn't accept Idea's harsh evaluation.

Idea continued to explain to Samuel, who was biting his lower lip.

"No matter how many human soldiers you kill, there are more than enough soldiers to take their place. That's what I mean."

A strand of black mana rose from the tip of Idea's finger.

It formed a thin oval shape again, and soon began to spew out countless human soldiers.

More than before, a number reaching a hundred.

Samuel’s eyes wavered at this.


Idea, who had confirmed Samuel’s reaction, flicked her finger and made the human soldiers disappear.

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