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Chapter 32 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Idea let out a sigh and explained.

“Like this, no matter how many human soldiers you kill, you won’t be able to deal any significant damage. That’s why you have to kill the commander.”

“At the very least, high-ranking personnel like the commander are difficult to replace.”


Even after Idea had explained everything, Samuel glanced at me with an unpleasant expression.

I gave a small smile.

What can I do?

Samuel seemed as if he wanted to say something, but he quickly turned his head away.

‘Samuel must have noticed it too.’

What my strengths are.

What I excel at compared to him.

I have lived more lives than the other students, so my ability to see the essential nature of a problem is more developed.

That’s why my objective reasoning ability is superior to that of students who are only 17 years old.

Therefore, I focused on attacking only Idea.

If I used my traits, subduing the human soldiers would be a piece of cake.

However, I knew that killing the human soldiers was not the essence of this lesson.

What Idea was trying to teach us in this first lesson.

‘The condition of victory.’

Demons and humans are fundamentally different.

Undying and undefeated.

Idea was trying to explain to us the things she had learned about humans through her experience in war.

But Samuel probably thought that he just had to kill all the enemies.

That was his downfall.


Overconfidence in his own abilities.

For these two reasons, Samuel failed even though he could have easily passed.


In the end, Samuel accepted the result.

He didn’t seem to be completely satisfied, but…

He didn’t raise any complaints, so the final turn began right away.

The last turn of the first lesson.

The protagonist of this turn was Fron.

"Hehe, it's finally my turn."

Fron stepped forward, her blue hair swaying.

The students were interested in Fron’s confident appearance.

- It's another child of the Seven Deadly Sins.

- Samuel could have easily passed, but he failed because he was careless. As long as Fron isn't careless, she'll pass, right?


Fron, who had been listening to the students’ reactions in silence, snorted.

At first glance, it seemed like a display of confidence, but it was slightly different.

Fron was trembling.

- Why isn't she moving?

- What is she doing?

The students wondered as they watched Fron, who didn’t show any movement.

I watched Fron quietly because I roughly knew the reason.

Fron was still trembling.

‘It can’t be helped.

Fron’s ability wasn’t specialized in combat.

Since she was in charge of lust among the Seven Deadly Sins, Fron didn’t fight directly.

She only commanded her subordinates like a queen bee in a beehive.

To put it simply, it meant that she had an ability specialized in buffs.

Even during the entrance exam, Fron had passed by granting overwhelming power to her teammates.

The problem was that she couldn’t cast buffs on herself.

……But that can’t be it.

She can’t cast buffs on herself?

It didn’t make sense.

There seemed to be another reason, but I couldn’t think of anything.

‘Well, it’s unfortunate.’

In individual classes, Fron’s ability didn’t shine.

That was why Fron hadn’t been able to use her ability at all.

A horrible sight unfolded that I couldn’t bear to explain.

She had collapsed after being beaten up by the human soldiers.


I watched that sight and quietly closed my eyes.

It was a truly unfortunate sight.

That was when it happened.

There was a female student who made my pupils tremble strangely.


The wounds of the students who had been rolling on the floor, torn and bleeding, began to heal.

Healing magic.

I couldn’t hide my surprise.

‘A healing-type talent?’

This was a huge discovery.

Healing magic was one of the talents that only humans could use.

It was a type of divine power that the gods of the human world gave to their apostles.

‘It doesn’t seem like something a human did.’

There was no way a human would be here, and even if there was, there was no reason for them to stand out like this.

So it was definitely a half-Dark Elf student.

It would be possible if it was a half-Dark Elf with half-human and half-Dark Elf blood.


I turned my head, following the lingering mana from the healing magic.

My extremely developed senses could sense the traces of mana unless the other person intentionally tried to hide it.

That was how I saw a student.

The pink-haired girl was a half-Dark Elf, as expected.

She had pink hair and was as charming as expected, but she was half-Demon, just as I had guessed.

Her appearance was no different from a human’s, but there was a star tattoo on her wrist.

“What was her name again?”

She wasn’t a particularly noticeable student.

She hadn’t stood out during the entrance exam, so she must have been one of the students who had fainted.

Should I try to find out more about her?

“I’ll need to find a way to connect with her.”

For now, I decided to memorize her appearance.

Since she was the owner of a rare healing ability, she was worth my time.

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