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Chapter 35 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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The hellish last class had finally ended.

I swallowed the saliva that was welling up in my mouth and regulated my ragged breathing.

The other students also looked exhausted.

On the other hand.

Unlike those who looked like they were about to die, I was the only one who could maintain my composure thanks to Adel’s smiling face.

I basked in a subtle sense of superiority.

As time passed, the students who had been lying down raised their bodies one by one.

One of them caught my eye.

Fron was barely able to get up with the help of the other students, and she approached me while staggering and talking.

“You don’t get tired, do you? As expected of the slave I acknowledged!”

“……I hope you fall down again.”

I poked her on the forehead.

Fron, who was pushed away by me, rubbed her forehead with a small groan.

“Why doesn’t it work on you…….”

Fron muttered to herself as if she was wronged.

It was a story that didn’t seem worth listening to.

“Everyone’s up.”

Ares spoke as all the students got up.

The students looked up at Ares with their shoulders drooping.

“I’m disappointed in you.”

Ares’s words and actions were heartbreaking.

However, none of the students showed any signs of dissatisfaction towards Ares like before.

The students had come to realize it.

Just as Ares had said, if they couldn’t use mana or their unique abilities, they would have to rely solely on their own bodies.

However, the students were so weak that they couldn’t even complete the basic ‘long-distance running’ that Ares had given them.

It meant that they were in no position to talk back.

“Before you learn swordsmanship, you need to build up your bodies. At the very least, you shouldn’t collapse from exhaustion while swinging a sword.”

The students who could only use magic seemed particularly offended.

There may have been those like me who had first encountered magic in the Demon Realm, but there would also be those who had grown up in a family of mages who valued magic.

In such cases, most of the students had weak bodies.

“Since this is the first class, there will be no extra lessons. But don’t slack off on your training outside of class.”

The students nodded their heads.

Everyone had understood the true meaning of Ares’s words through today’s lesson.


Of course, there were still some who were filled with shame.

Samuel hung his head low and clenched his fists tightly.

I had no intention of comforting him.

It was his own fault.

It was Samuel’s fault for not training his body.

‘It’s obvious that he can’t do well from the start.’

I realized it now.

Even if they are the Seven Deadly Sins, they are not perfect in every field.

They are just exceptionally talented.

In Sytan, those guys will awaken their talents and grow.

Am I the only one looking forward to that moment for some reason?

……No, by then, the war will have truly begun.

It might be better to pray that it doesn’t come.

“This concludes the lesson. Everyone, return to your classes.”

* * *

After finishing all my classes, I left the classroom after the closing ceremony.

Students formed groups of three or five.

But I was the only one who didn’t belong to a group.

If I had to guess, I thought that being half-Demon had a big influence on it.


‘……It doesn’t seem like that.’

I glanced at the other half-Demons.

It was true that the half-Demons were not included in the groups of the regular Demon students, but they had formed their own groups.

What the heck?

As expected, it’s difficult to understand the psychology of children in puberty.

I shook my head and moved my feet, shaking off the distracting thoughts.

Like that, I left the building of Sytan and stared at the students who had started to go home.

‘Should I go there now?’


It was the place where I would live from now on in Sytan, but since Sytan was so big and wide, it wasn’t easy to find my way.

As I was looking around Sytan here and there, trying to find my way, I hardened my face at the appearance of an unexpected woman.

……She doesn’t seem to see me yet, so I should hide.

How many minutes passed like that?

Fortunately, she passed me by without any problems, and only then was I able to let out a sigh of relief.


I wiped away the sweat running down my forehead because of the tension.

From the entrance exam until now, my heart, which would pound violently whenever I saw her, did not seem to want to stop.

The woman who passed me by was the Demon King’s daughter, Diana.

‘I’m going crazy.’

With a complicated feeling, I roughly swept my hand across my face.

It was not easy for me to treat Diana comfortably.

Rather, it would have been easier if I had become close with Samuel.

It couldn't be helped.

After I fell into this absurd world, the most important thing to me was to hide the Arsene mark engraved on the nape of my neck.

The reason for this was that the Arsene family had made a great contribution to the defeat of the Demon World, and one of their greatest achievements was...

'Killing the Demon King.'

To be precise, they had killed all of the Demon King's wives as well.

That's why I don't stand before Diana.

I didn't feel guilty because it wasn't something I or Adel had done directly, but I was keenly aware that I was in no position to be proud.

That's why I've been working hard to hide the fact that I'm an Arsene bloodline since I came to the Demon World.

Of course, it's a creepy thing to do.

But that doesn't mean I regret coming to the Demon World from the human world.

At least my face isn't known in the Demon World, so it's enough to just hide my tattoo, but in the human world, there was nowhere for Adel to hide.

...Just thinking about it made me tired, so I let out a sigh.

'I've had too much to do today....'

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