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Chapter 35 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I want to rest now.

But I couldn't.

I had to learn about the attribute of chaos that I had learned about in magic class, and I had to get to know the students I would be sharing a dorm with.

What would they think of me if I went into the dorm and just went to bed?

It's absolutely necessary to get close to the students of Sytan.

Especially my roommate, who I'll be living with the closest.

First impressions are important.

'I have to make this work this time.'

Just because I got off on the wrong foot with Samuel from the beginning doesn't mean I can give up on my relationship with the other students.

I resolutely made up my mind and started walking towards the dorm, but then two paths appeared.

A fork in the road.

I looked around to assess the situation.

It seemed that the female students were going to the right, but the male students were going to the left.

That means the men's dorm is on the left.

I was about to take a step, but...


Someone put a hand on my shoulder.

I turned my head and saw a girl with a cold expression staring blankly at me.

...Why is Rene here?

I was a bit flustered, but I responded calmly.

"Were you going to the dorms?"


"I was just going to the dorms too. You must be tired from taking classes today, so please rest comfortably in the dorms."


Just as I said that and was about to turn around, what was this sudden feeling of anxiety that washed over me…?

I couldn’t easily tear my gaze away and had to silently endure Rene’s stare.

Not long after, Rene opened her mouth.



“Your training is insufficient.”


I was lost for words.

Come to think of it, unlike me who was completely exhausted, Rene didn’t look tired at all.

Rather, she just kept yawning as if the lessons she had attended today were boring.

Rene was inviting me to train with her.

I, was on the verge of collapsing because all my mental and physical strength had been depleted.

I wanted to refuse, but I couldn’t.

That was only natural since the chance for Rene to oversee one’s training was not an opportunity that came often to others.

‘Should I say that this is a good thing?’

Training personally guided by a child of the Seven Deadly Sins.

There were countless students who wished to receive Rene’s training.

It would be foolish to let this great opportunity pass me by because my body and mind were tired.

“I understand. I’ll do it.”


As I made my decision, Rene nodded her head in satisfaction and gestured for me to follow her.

As I followed Rene obediently, I couldn’t help but ask a question that came to mind.

“I know that there’s still quite some time before we have to return to the dorms, but is there a suitable place where we can train?”

“There is.”

“Where is it?”

“The students’ personal training ground.”

“Is that so?”

I quickly nodded my head in agreement.

After all, if this was an educational institution the size of Sytan, it would be stranger if there wasn’t a personal training ground for the students.

Fortunately, the personal training ground was not far from the dorms.

It seemed to have been built near the dorms so that the students could train and practice easily and freely.

Rene and I stopped in front of a large building next to the dorms.

“It’s quite large.”


The two of us shared a brief exclamation.

It wasn’t as large as Sytan’s main building, so it didn’t elicit much admiration, but the training ground wasn’t small either.

Perhaps it was about the size of a high school.

But what mattered was not the exterior but the interior, right?

We passed through the entrance of the training ground and stepped inside.

There were dozens of exercise machines installed inside the training ground, and in the center was a space where students could spar.

It looked like a pretty good facility at first glance.

‘It’ll definitely improve my physical strength.’

There were machines you’d expect to see in a gym, and dumbbells that weighed anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred pounds.

Just looking at them, I could tell that this was about as good as it gets when it comes to facilities for improving physical strength.

As I looked at them, memories of the past came flooding back to me.

The memory of how I fell for that sweet talk about getting a huge discount if I paid for a whole year of gym membership upfront, only to quit three days later…

But the past is the past.

The me back then and the me now are different.

So there’s no need to be timid.

I confidently walked towards the machines and pointed to one that the students weren’t using, then asked Rene,

“How about I try that one first?”


“I’ll go first.”


I ignored Rene’s glare and headed towards the machines.

I’ll show her.

My true strength.

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