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Chapter 44 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Despite being my own words, they were spoken with a chilling indifference.

‘It’s not like that’s my true intention, though.’

It was merely something I came up with after pondering the answer Idea would want.

If I had said that I would have to look after even the weak students there,

I would never have seen the corners of Idea’s lips twitching.

“You really are quite willful. I’ll be sure to remember what you said.”

With those words, Idea turned her steps towards the other students.

It meant that she would tolerate me helping Luna.

I let out a sigh and looked back.

Luna, who hadn’t grasped the context of the conversation between Idea and me, wore a look of confusion.

“The instructor said she’d let it slide this time. I don’t know if she’ll be so lenient next time, though.”


Luna’s eyes widened.

She must have been imagining that she would be mistreated at school or even lose her scholarship.

Or that the instructor in charge could expel Luna at their discretion.

The fact that Luna, a character who didn’t appear in the original work, was almost punished with expulsion…

‘Fortunately, I seem to have prevented it…….’

A crisis narrowly averted.

If the instructor in charge had been Ares instead of Idea, there was a high probability that he wouldn’t have tolerated it as Idea did.

He would have frowned at my statement and tried to teach me a lesson.

After all, my statement was something that shouldn’t come out of the mouth of someone who recognizes students as comrades.

‘If they’re students without value or talent, I’ll gladly abandon them.’

The implication of those words was simple.

In a war situation, I would move according to calculations, and if things didn’t go my way, I would boldly abandon the injured or endangered students.

It wasn’t something that should come out of the mouth of someone in the position of class president.

Rather, the fact that Idea retreated, satisfied with my answer, meant…

‘She knows, too.’

It meant that Sytan's students couldn't easily defeat the Imperial Academy's students.

We would suffer great losses while carrying out Sytan’s plan.

There would also be students who would be injured and rendered unable to fight during the mission.

……It was a story of weighing the value and accepting the loss.

‘A kind of discrimination, is it?’

If an injured ally had a value comparable to the Seven Deadly Sins, they would have to be saved, even if it meant sacrificing other students.

However, the story changes if it’s an ordinary student with no talent.

We have to abandon them.

Because we could suffer greater losses because of that student.

As a rule, if one person becomes unable to fight without dying, it’s a loss of three people.

Because at least two people have to take care of the injured comrade.


But I knew this wasn’t ethically right.

Of course, it’s the best judgment from a practical perspective.

But can I really not feel guilty about it?

‘Let’s try for now.’

I don’t know what the right answer is.

But I have to make the best and greatest choice.

I finished my thoughts and looked back at Luna.

Luna was barely holding on, her exhaustion evident.

“Are you okay?”

“……I’m just a little sleepy, that’s all.”

Luna spoke as if it was nothing, but I could tell that her mental strength was at its limit.

“You should get some rest. It seems Instructor Idea has gone to see the Demon students.”

“Is that so…….”

Luna nodded once, then finally fell asleep.

It seemed she didn’t even have the strength to lift her head.


I wrapped my arms around Luna and moved her.

“Ms. Luna, if you fall asleep here, you might catch a cold.”


Luna didn’t answer.

She was already fast asleep.

It didn't matter since I hadn't asked her to answer anyway.

“Sleep well.”

I laid Luna down with her back against the wall.

Swish, swish.

I tidied Luna's tangled pink hair and thought.

‘It’s still a long way until the end of the exercise.’

I looked around.

Orgon, which had become a slaughterhouse.

But compared to the chaos, the number of dead humans wasn’t that high.

The students still hadn’t killed even half of the prisoners.

It wasn’t because they couldn’t kill them.

‘They’re completely trampling on them.’

The students weren’t focused on killing the prisoners, but on toying with them.

Students taunted the prisoners with insulting words.

They showed a nasty disposition, enjoying the sight of the prisoners’ despairing faces.

‘As I expected.’

It was different for me, who was like a third party.

The deep emotional rift between the Demons and humans.

Because of this, I was sure that this exercise would be long, even though it was simple.

‘I have to take advantage of this gap.’

That was why I killed the prisoner first.

I needed to create some free time.

Although I did spend some time helping Luna, it was still within the time frame I had set.

So let’s move now.

‘I know the inside of Orgon like the back of my hand.’

I quietly turned my steps towards the students’ blind spot.

Orgon was a place that was also used as an important episode in the original story.

There was a secret treasure hidden here.

‘Orgon’s basement.’

I have to go down.

This is the first floor of Orgon.

Basically, the higher the floor, the more heinous or extreme the crimes committed by the humans held captive there.

Since they had to be used for negotiations or hostage situations with the human world, it was no different from treating them as VIPs.

Most of the prisoners on the first floor here are just ordinary soldiers.

Then what’s in the basement?

‘Something unimaginable…….’

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