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Chapter 44 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

During the process of raiding Orgon and rescuing the human prisoners, the protagonist and his party discovered a place leading to an underground passage.

I even remember the detailed description.

『 Hamel and his party fought a fierce battle with the Orgon guards.

And finally, while rescuing the prisoners, a strange iron cage caught Hamel’s eye.

It was clearly an iron cage made to hold a human, but no one was inside.

Considering that the other iron cages were packed with humans, it was a strange thing. 』


Unlike the protagonist and his party in the original story, I had to avoid the guards’ eyes and head to the underground passage.

But the guards were keeping a close eye on the area around the iron cage, so it was a bit of a headache.

I needed to subdue the guards to get to the secret passage.

‘But I can’t kill them.’

If I killed the guards, Sytan would directly intervene to find the culprit.

The only ones who visited here today would be Sytan’s students.

Even without that, I was bound to be identified as a strong suspect since I was under Ares’ surveillance.

I had to subdue the guards without revealing my identity.

It would be better if I could avoid their gaze as much as possible.

‘It’s not difficult to cover my face.’

It wasn’t just my face anymore;

I could now cover my whole body in darkness.

My mana had increased dramatically.

Thanks to that, the total amount of darkness I can cast has also increased.

Like right now.


I scattered mana into the air and painted it black.

Darkness attribute that could only be used to obscure vision.

Now, I could cover my entire body without difficulty.

‘Remarkable growth.’

Was it when I was facing the fake Sword Saint?

It felt like just yesterday when I was panting after using up all my mana on the darkness attribute.......

Now, I wasn’t struggling at all, even after consuming this much mana.

How much stronger could I get if I obtained the elixir here?

‘Of course, what I can get from Orgon isn’t an elixir.’

To me right now, it was something more useful than an elixir.

A formidable ability comparable to the Eye of Arrogance.

The one who discovers it receives that ability without any penalty.

I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

More than anything.

If the secret treasure in the underground prison fell into the hands of the protagonist's group as in the original story, the damage would become irreparably large.


Like that, I turned my steps to find an uninhabited iron cage, leaving the students behind.

‘It's probably located near the path leading to the upper floor.’

Among the guards, only a few knew about the existence of the underground prison.

That's why only a small number of people guarded the underground prison.

‘I think I’m almost there.’

It was when the students were far enough away to look like dots.

I saw a guard patrolling the area.

The aura emanating from his body was different from the guards near the students.

A dark and heavy atmosphere.

Unlike the guards who abused the prisoners, he didn’t spare them a glance.

He simply patrolled a set area from a set location.

And not long after.

Thud, thud-.


As if he had noticed my presence, the guard stopped walking and looked back.

Before his gaze could reach me, I hurriedly spread out an arrow.

The target was one of the humans locked in the iron cage.



The moment I initiated the position exchange, the prisoner’s clothes shot out of the iron cage.

I took the place of the prisoner’s clothes and became trapped in the iron cage.

“Wh, what the……!!”

The human who had suddenly become naked opened his eyes wide.

The guard’s sharp gaze fell on the human’s clothes.

“Be quiet.”

“Who, who the hell……?!”

The prisoner tried to tell me something in a hurry.

When I put my index finger to my lips, he nodded as if he understood.

In fact, it was probably because I had a dagger pointed at the back of his neck.

“Why did his clothes suddenly fall off?”

The guard blinked his eyes and turned his head to find the owner of the clothes.

I had to find a passage before the guard noticed me.

Fortunately, I was able to quickly find an empty cell.

‘Over there.’

The empty cage came into view in the most secluded corner

There was no human in the cell, but there were a few stone statues, so it seemed possible to use my ability.

And that was when I initiated the position exchange.

“Is he there?!”

The guard turned his gaze to the cell where I had been.

However, I had already escaped from the cell.

Soon, the guard opened the cell and began to beat the naked human.

“How dare you try to trick me!”

“Th, that’s not it!”

It was a truly unfortunate situation.

My conscience pricked me as I watched the innocent human being beaten.

Well, whatever.

‘It must be somewhere around here.’

Groping around.

I felt the floor as I searched for a device that would lead me underground.

And finally, I found it.


The moment I pressed the corner of the floor.


The floor rotated.

Realizing that it wasn't a strange phenomenon but the device being activated, I let myself go.

And so, I began to fall into the endless darkness.

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