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Chapter 45 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I couldn't kill it.

Soon after, the scattered slime fragments squirmed and began to recover.

I had to kill it before it could fully recover its original form.

There is a ‘core’ in the center of a slime’s body.

If you destroy that core, the slime won’t be able to recover its body.

“Black Blade.”

“Black Blade.”

“Black Blade.”

“Black Blade.”

This time, I created four of them.

The four black daggers floated above my hand, bobbing up and down.

I threw two of the daggers first.



Bang, bang-.

The slimes exploded simultaneously as I threw the black daggers to the sides.

A perfect hit.

‘That must be the core.’

A black sphere that had fallen to the ground.

Black mana was spiraling up like a whirlwind.

I sent the remaining two daggers toward the sphere.

Then, the sphere shattered with a sound like glass breaking.

Soon, the slime’s mucus, which had been wriggling, stopped moving.

“That was easy.”

I took care of it surprisingly easily.

If it were someone who didn’t know the dangers of Black Slimes, they might have rushed in without thinking and gotten hurt.

But for me, the creator who knows everything about the demons that appear in the original story, they were very easy opponents.

I took a light step.

‘Let’s keep going.’

I didn’t feel the need to rest since I wasn’t even tired.

This place was originally prepared for the protagonist to acquire a Secret treasure.

There are probably no enemies stronger than Black Slimes.

Therefore, the only thing I need to be careful of is the traps…….

It wasn’t easy to fall for the traps.

‘I’ll have to use Position Exchange ahead.’

‘A brick that’s a different color from the others. Anyone can tell it’s a trap.’

‘This is a trap that the protagonist’s party triggered.’

Traps kept popping up every time I took a step.

However, my intuition warned me that they were traps, and since only the traps described in the original work existed, I was able to move forward without difficulty.

‘This should be around it…….’

After walking for a while, I sensed that I had reached the end of the passage.

The water current was gradually stopping.

On the other hand, the water level was gradually rising, and soon it reached my knees.

This meant that I was approaching the point where the water was accumulating.

“That’s for sure.”

A puddle soon appeared.

A large puddle spread out before me, comparable to a small pond.

However, there was no land to step on from the front.

I took a quick step forward, but my foot didn’t land and sank right in.

The end of the underground passage.

I had to go into the pond.


I filled my lungs with air and threw myself into the pond.

* * *

The interior of the pond was vast.

The phosphorescent stones that were sparsely installed on the walls allowed me to see ahead even in the water.

I wanted to look around with curiosity, but I exercised self-control.

‘If I dawdle, I’ll run out of breath.’

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ability to breathe underwater.

That’s why I had to go down quickly.


I swam relentlessly, cutting through the water.

That’s when I was going down.

【 Don’t go any further. 】

【 The Great Evil is dead. 】

The warning message written on the wall.

I couldn't help but widen my eyes.

This message wasn't something I had written in the original story.

Unlike other places that weren't the main focus of the story, Orgon played a fairly large role.

Therefore, I put quite a bit of effort into describing it.

It would be strange if there was anything I didn't know about the Orgon episode in my memory.


‘I've never written such a message.’

I examined the message written on the wall in detail.

Don't go any further.

This message could be there to warn intruders.

But what about the Great Evil?

‘This is where a Demon who tried to rebel hundreds of years ago is sleeping.’

Even the Demon King at the time judged that this Demon couldn't be killed.

So, the setting was that he was imprisoned in an underground prison that no one except certain people knew about.

If that traitor was referred to as the Great Evil, it wouldn't be incomprehensible.

‘But it still feels a bit unsettling.“

Was it because I was confident that I had a perfect grasp of this place since it was the center of a fairly important episode?

Even though it was just one line of text that I didn't know about, it was hard to shake off the unsettling feeling.

Let’s just keep going down for now.

‘It’s not like I can go back up.’

At least if I had come this far, I had to take at least one secret treasure with me.

To prepare for the midterm exams, where I didn't know what would happen.

Considering the timing, the period when Sytan's first-year students invaded the Imperial Academy overlapped with the midterm exams.

This meant that the content of the midterm exams was definitely an invasion to the human world.

‘There's no need to hesitate.’

If I were to miss a Record that will clearly be a great asset because of just one line of writing, it would be a huge loss.

Moreover, if it’s according to the original story, it becomes something that increases the power of the protagonist’s party.

I tried hard to shake off the discomfort and started to go down.

‘Now I’m starting to suffocate.’

I gradually felt my chest becoming stuffy.

At the same time, along with the feeling of my head becoming dizzy, it became a situation where it was even difficult to support my body.

I gritted my teeth.

Just a little more.

Just a little bit more.

- …….

A large magic circle was visible nearby.

It was a kind of device that separated the space where the secret treasure from the pond.

It also meant that if I just destroyed that magic circle, I would be able to breathe.

I stretched out my hand towards the giant magic circle.


However, the magic circle just pushed my hand away and didn’t break.

In the original story, it was written that the protagonist’s party simply broke it with force.

‘I don’t need to do that though.’

When I brought my eyes close to the magic circle, I could see the objects that were situated beyond it.

I couldn’t see them exactly because of the water current, but I could at least confirm that they were inanimate objects.


As a result, I was able to spread out the arrow.


My body succeeded in passing through the magic circle.

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