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Chapter 46 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter thanks to @Steve Tiam for subscription to 'Eye of Arrogance' tier on Ko-fi.


I coughed and sat up.

Inside the magic circle.

I had finally arrived at my destination.

I shook off the moisture from my clothes and looked around.

This was a narrow cavity.

A place designed to imprison only a single criminal.

Four enormous iron chains were placed in the cavity.

'That must be it.'

Something bound by the iron chains.

A skeleton was floating in the air with its limbs tied up.

It wasn't hard to figure out the identity of the skeleton.

A demon who had committed treason.

It must have been imprisoned here and eventually met its end.

The cavity had a rather eerie atmosphere, but I quickened my pace without hesitation.


My steps finally stopped in front of the skeleton.

Not a speck of flesh was visible, indicating how much time had passed.

Only a grayish, rotten heart remained inside the skeleton.

‘The secret treasure is inside that heart.’

I had deliberately left the heart behind to give the secret treasure to the protagonist's group.

I was reluctant to place a treasure chest in a place that was supposed to be a prison.

The way to obtain the secret treasure left in the skeleton's heart was simple.


I just had to grab it.

It was the moment I placed my hand on the skeleton's heart.


Something dormant in the skeleton's heart was absorbed into my body.

I immediately opened my status window.

【 Arsene Adel 】

: Race - [ Half Demon ]

: Tendency - [ Chaos ]

: Talent - [ Position Exchange ‘Ⅱ’ ]

: Trait - [ Interest ] [ Absorption ] [ Killing Intent ] [ Darkness ] [ Mana Manipulation ] [ Eye of Arrogance ] [ Telekinesis ]

: Mana - [ 1332 ]

A new trait had been added.


It must have been one of the traits the skeleton had used when it was alive.

Unlike when I had obtained the Eye of Arrogance in the Secret Realm of Bares, I didn't feel any pain.

Rather, it felt like something in my chest had been filled.

At the same time, a 'will' burned.

A will to crave, to destroy, to crave something endlessly…….

I realized that this emotion was a kind of wish that the skeleton had possessed.

The remnants of its ability must have remained in the skeleton's heart because its will had been so strong.

But that didn't matter.

All I needed was the ability the skeleton had left behind.

‘This is how you use it.’

I slowly recalled the new trait I had acquired.

It seemed that I could use telekinesis if I consumed mana.

Fortunately, I was able to figure out how to use it as soon as I acquired the telekinesis trait.

I decided to use telekinesis to lift the dagger.


The dagger immediately began to rise, but…


Not long after, it fell powerlessly to the ground.

It wasn’t because I lacked mana, or because the telekinesis trait itself was weak.

It was simply because my proficiency was terrible…

‘I need to train.’

It was still too much for me to lift the dagger.

I had enough telekinetic power, but I couldn’t control the ability.

For now, I should start by training with small objects.

With that, I turned off my telekinesis, leaving behind a sense of regret.


A heartbeat echoed in my ears.

The source of the sound wasn't me.


I slowly raised my head.

What entered my field of vision wasn’t a grayish, rotten heart.

It was a heart that had regained its vitality, turning red and spurting blood.

I blinked at the bizarre sight.

‘What the hell?’

This was an unexpected turn of events.

It was true that Orgon held great significance in the original story.

But this chamber was just a device for obtaining a fortuitous encounter.

That was why the protagonist’s party left the cavity after obtaining only the telekinesis ability.

Nothing happened.


‘…What’s going on?’

A scene unfolded that even I, the author, hadn’t anticipated.

The heart of the skeleton, which had clearly stopped, began to beat again.

Soon, a dark shadow appeared in the skeleton’s eye sockets.

Just a moment ago, the skeleton’s eyes had been empty.

An unexpected change was taking place.

And I could see it.

A symbol appeared behind the skeleton's back.

A large cross was engraved within a circular border, like a brand.

It was all too familiar.

This was,

The tattoo that proved one’s lineage as a descendant of Arsene.

I felt goosebumps rising on my back.

This skeleton was definitely connected to the Arsene family.

The Demon World’s traitor was connected to the Arsene family.

While I was gaping in surprise, unable to contain my astonishment,

【 Child of Arsene. 】

An eerie voice filled my ears.

The ghastly voice filled my ears from afar.

The skeleton spoke, its bony mouth rattling.

【Listen to the voice of the Left.】

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