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Chapter 51 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Inside the school cafeteria.

The delicious aroma filled the air, satisfying my senses of smell and sight.

"You can take as much food as you want on your plate, but only what you can finish."

"I understand."

"Don't leave any leftovers. Take only what you can eat. If you want more, you can get another plate."

"Got it."

It was a buffet, so to speak.

Compared to modern buffets, the variety and quality of the food were lacking…….

But just being able to eat meat to my heart's content was enough to satisfy me.

I was filling my plate with meat when—

"If you waste food, you might be punished by the Demon God of Gluttony!"


Luna scolded me, thinking I was taking too much meat.

Luna was suspiciously serious about dining.

Speaking of which, the Demon God of Gluttony…….

Wasn't that the Demon God in charge of Samuel's family?

After all, the Demon God of Gluttony was a god who devoured everything, so it wouldn't be surprising if he got angry.

"I'll make sure not to leave any leftovers."

"Good thinking!"

I wasn't planning on leaving any leftovers anyway.

Luna and I took a moderate amount of food on our plates and found a place to sit.

Perhaps because we were late to the dining hall due to the commotion, there weren't many students eating.


That's why we stood out even more.

As if they had come to eat, the group that had been harassing Luna met my gaze.

I didn't feel like fighting, so I waved my hand.

"……Let's go."

The student who seemed to be the leader turned his head away and left.

Then he started eating his food far away from us.

It was a distance where he wouldn't be able to hear what Luna and I were saying.

"Luna, what happened with those kids?"


Luna hesitated to answer.

It wasn't that she had been threatened or anything, but she seemed genuinely worried that I would get hurt because of her problems.

However, this was now a matter that involved me, so I needed to know.

'Because favors should be repaid.'

It was better to wrap things up cleanly than to leave any regrets.

I was also curious about the guy who had been watching me.

After some persuasion, Luna reluctantly began to speak.

"They're the ones who've been bullying me. I don't know why, but one day they just started……."

Luna had confided in me up to this point.

She said that ever since she entered the academy, she had been ignored by the students of Sytan because she was a half-breed.

It wasn’t anything strange.

Thinking about it, I had also been discriminated against before taking the entrance exam because I was a half-breed.

Now that I had proven my abilities, they wouldn’t dare touch me.

Even Samuel, the best in the world, didn’t mess with me.

However, Luna’s situation was different from mine.

“I’m weak, my physical abilities are average……”

Luna only had healing abilities.

On the other hand, I and the other half-breed students had combat abilities.

That’s why the wicked students seemed to have focused on bullying Luna.

Because Luna was easy to pick on.

‘The instructors must think differently.’

Perhaps the instructors would know the value of Luna’s healing abilities.

So they wouldn’t discriminate against her because she was a half-breed.

They would have treated her well.

However, most of the students didn’t know the value of healing abilities.

They must have thought of her as a useless student who didn’t have any combat abilities.

“Ah, but they didn’t physically assault me or anything like that! They would just occasionally pass by and curse at me, or steal my supplies for class, that kind of thing……”

“I see.”

Fortunately, it seemed that they weren’t very wicked students.

Maybe they were reluctant to hit her because she was a female student.

If I had been in Luna’s position…


I wouldn’t have looked very good.

“From now on, it would be better if you stayed by my side.”

“No, there’s no need for that.”

Luna shook her head and said.

“I have to prove it, that I’m different from those who betrayed the Demon Race.”

Was she looking to be recognized?

It wasn’t something I couldn’t understand.

No matter how much I protected her, if she couldn’t overcome the prejudice herself, nothing would change.


“If that’s the case, it would be better for you to stay by my side.”


“Because you’ll have a chance to prove yourself.”

That opportunity would come soon.

When the midterms started, there would be a lot of students who got injured.

The student who would shine brighter than anyone else there would be Luna, Sytan’s only healer.

However, Luna didn’t seem to understand the hidden meaning in my words.

I smirked at Luna, who was tilting her head with a puzzled expression.

And then I asked her something I had been curious about.

“Who is that student?”

Luna, who had been stuffing food into her mouth with bulging cheeks, failed to answer right away.

I gestured for her to finish eating before explaining.


After a while, Luna swallowed all the food and opened her mouth.

“Surely you haven’t failed to memorize even the names of your classmates?”


I nodded obediently.

Most of them didn’t seem worth remembering anyway.

And if they had even a single line in the original, I would at least know their names.

My not knowing their names meant that they hadn’t even appeared in a single line of the original.

Even if they had appeared, the demons wouldn’t have been described in much detail.


“So if you know anything about that student, I would be grateful if you could tell me.”

"Ugh, it's too much for the class president to not even know his name…"

“What’s wrong with that?”

I shrugged.

I wouldn’t have cared if they had special abilities like Luna or stood out in some way, but if they didn’t, they weren’t worth investing in.

I’ll stick to this approach in the future.

“His name is Kyle.”


It was a familiar name.

Definitely a name in my head.

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously and stared at the student named ‘Kyle’ who was eating.

……Is it just a coincidence?

He looked completely different from the character in the book.

Still, I decided to ask just in case.

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