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Chapter 51 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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“Is that student Kyle half-demon?”

“What are you talking about? He’s pure demon.”

“I see.”

Well, if Kyle had been half-demon, he wouldn’t have been harassing Luna.

I hadn’t asked just out of curiosity.

‘That guy is one of the supporting characters.’

Because a half-demon named Kyle worked as a spy for the human world in Sytan.

Half-demons and pure demons had different auras, so it wasn’t difficult to tell them apart.

If Luna was certain enough to say that he was pure demon, then he wasn’t half-demon.


But I couldn't shake off the feeling of dissonance.

There was definitely something about that Kyle guy.

As I was lost in thought, Luna muttered in a weak voice.

“He’s a little scary……”

"Who are you talking about?" I asked in surprise.

Was my killing intent leaking out again?

Luna soon smiled bitterly and shook her head.

“Kyle looks down on the half-blood students as if he despises them.”

“Isn’t that the same with the other Demon students?”

From the very beginning, it was hard to find a student who didn’t look down on half-bloods.

Even Fron, for example, didn’t she try to enslave me, a half-blood?

“No, it’s a little different……”

Luna shook her head again.

“How is it different?”

“If the other students look at us as if we were traitors, then that kid……”

“You mean he looks at us as if we were bugs?”


Luna nodded.

It seemed like she was finally getting the gist of it.

It was true that the Demon students looked down on half-bloods.

However, they didn’t look at them as if they were prey to be trampled to death.

That meant.

The gaze we sent to the humans in Orgon.

Kyle was looking at the half-bloods with that kind of gaze.

With this, it was certain.

‘A strong suspect.’

The probability that he was a spy from the human world was high.

However, there was a problem.

The fact that Kyle was perfectly acting as a ‘Demon’.

How could he, a half-blood, act as a Demon?

My worries didn’t last long.

Of course.

‘……Because Kyle was trained in the human world to disguise himself as a Demon.’

If my guesses were true, it wouldn’t be easy to find out that Kyle was a half-blood with ordinary methods.

But that didn’t mean there was no way.

There were actually two ways.

The first method was…….

‘To borrow the power of the information paper.’

I had relied on it a lot since I fell into this world.

However, I stopped using it after I realized the limitations of its abilities.

The information paper didn’t give me the perfect answer.

It only provided information, and I had to solve it myself.

It also required a high price, and the answers were limited, so I hadn’t used it lately.


I glanced at Luna and wrote down the information I wanted on the paper.

Anyway, Luna couldn’t see the paper, so it didn’t matter if she found out.

『 Identity of Kyle from Class A of Sytan. 』

『 This information requires a price. 』

『 One hundred gold coins……… 』

As expected, the paper demanded an outrageous amount of money.

I would have to spend all my remaining money to get that information.

What if Kyle wasn’t a spy?

It would be a waste of money.

I had to be careful.

But I had no intention of paying the price.

'It's a bit of an uncertain method, but….'

Based on the information I've gathered so far, it was clear that Kyle was suspicious.

Demons didn't look at half-demons like prey.

But if he wasn't a demon, but a half-demon.

And if he wasn't on the side of the demons, but on the side of the humans.

Then it would make sense for him to have that kind of gaze.

'Let's test him.'

The reason I didn't have to use the information paper.

It was because I had more than enough information on 'Kyle the Spy'.

I soon got up with my plate.

Luna tilted her head as I suddenly got up.

Without answering her, I moved towards where Kyle's group was.


The delinquent student asked, looking at me with displeasure, but I didn't answer and muttered just one sentence.

"There's a girl in the first year of the Imperial Academy."

Kyle didn't react to this.

I wondered if he hadn't heard me.


When I saw him glancing at me and then trying to focus on his meal again, it seemed like he had heard me but wasn't very interested.

I added another sentence.

"That half-demon girl, her only family is her older brother, right?"

Only then did Kyle start to react properly.

His eyebrows began to twitch like a snake.

As Kyle and I faced off.

"This bastard, ignoring me…!"

The delinquent student frowned and got up from his seat.


I hit the student hard on the head with my plate.

Blood and food splattered down.

I smiled and looked at Kyle.

"Her name was... Ray, wasn't it?"

That moment.


Kyle's gaze distorted ferociously.

It seemed my guess was correct.

I smiled, with my eyes narrowed like a crescent moon.

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