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Chapter 52 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

In the dead of night.

All the lights in Sytan had been turned off, and silence had descended.

But if one looked into a certain room, they would see a faint light flickering.

“I need to make thorough preparations to kill that bastard.”

Kyle was gathering all sorts of tools to kill Adel.

This place was an abandoned classroom.

For some reason, it was a space that was left unused and abandoned.

Kyle would come here at night to organize the information he had gathered during the day.

And the device that could send the information he wrote down on paper to the human world was also in this place.

It seems like my identity has been discovered by a student named ‘Adel’.

He was in the middle of writing about Adel on a piece of paper.



The door to the room opened, and a man entered.

Kyle put down the pen he had been playing with and looked back.

Behind him was a red-haired half-demon student approaching with a friendly smile.


He had come to find Kyle.

* * *

‘I almost missed him.’

I let out a gasp.

I rushed over as soon as dawn broke, just in case Kyle ran away.

It seemed like he had no intention of running away, but if I had fallen asleep, I would have been attacked.

Should I call this fortunate?

‘He looks flustered.’

Kyle seemed unprepared for my response.

He just looked up at me with flustered eyes.

I opened my mouth to speak to Kyle.

“Good evening.”

“Good evening. If only you weren’t here……”

“Haha, how spiteful.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?!”


Kyle threw the pen in his hand at me.

The tip was sharp, so I ducked my head to avoid it.

Kyle was casting magic in that gap.


Immediately after, a 2nd-circle magic energy bolt shot towards me.

It was quite fast, but not fast enough to avoid.

I stepped lightly to dodge the energy bolt and taunted Kyle.

“Do you not even plan to hide your identity?”


Kyle was silent.

This was basically an affirmation.

The energy bolt that Kyle used was circle-based magic.

Circles were a power that only humans could possess, meaning that he was not a complete demon.

In other words, he was a half-demon.

“The fact that you have a circle means that tattoo is also fake, right?”


Kyle obediently affirmed when I pointed to his forearm.

Not long after, the tattoo drawn on Kyle’s wrist disappeared.

It seemed like he had decided that he could no longer hide his identity from me.

Kyle opened his mouth with a coldly hardened expression.

“……Does the fact that you found the secret hideout mean that you already know everything?”

“Is that how it is?”

I put on a puzzled expression.

There was no need for me to reveal the information that I had.

Well, I do know all the information about Kyle.

When I didn’t give him the answer he wanted, Kyle asked in a fearful voice.

“How do you know about Ray?”

Kyle’s attention was completely focused on his younger sister, Ray.

That was inevitable.

Kyle had never worked for the sake of humans in the first place.

It was rare for a half-demon to be truly loyal to humans or demons.

‘Who would be loyal to those who despise them?’

If there was such a person, they must be a pervert who enjoys being abused.


Kyle’s position was very strange.

The human world asked Kyle to act as a spy.

They even offered a condition that he could never refuse.

‘They said they would cure his sister’s incurable disease.’

She didn’t exactly have an incurable disease, but she had a special constitution.

A constitution that caused her to accumulate a large amount of mana in her heart.

A vast amount that her human body could never accept, pouring in like a waterfall.

That was why she needed rare herbs that could disperse mana, and a high-ranking wizard had to be by her side at all times.

However, Kyle wasn't wealthy, nor was he a high-ranking mage.

So, the human world sent Kyle to the demon world in exchange for providing Ray with treatment costs and all necessary prescriptions.

That was the inside story of Kyle, but.

What Kyle didn’t know was…….

‘Kyle’s sister has already been completely cured.’

Ray appears as the heroine in the story.

The protagonist helped cure Ray’s special constitution.

The solution was to make a contract with a dragon.

Ray became the contractor of the dragon with the protagonist’s help, and thus obtained the dragon’s heart.

In the end,

Ray became even stronger by accumulating mana in her heart.

But Kyle doesn’t know this fact.

He must still think that his sister is writhing in pain.


Because Kyle can send the information he obtains there, but he cannot receive information from the human world.

Naturally, there was no way to come from the human world to this side or go from the demon world to that side.

Until the midterm exam began.

‘How far can I use this?’

Information that Kyle doesn’t know.

He must have asked how I know Ray.


I smiled a distorted smile.

“How would I know? Your sister…….”

I said, staring at Kyle.

“I’ve never met Ray.”

Ah, his tearful, pitiful smile was truly beautiful.

So much that I wanted to break it.

The moment I added those words with a smile, Kyle lunged at me.

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