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Chapter 52 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Inside Sytan's restroom


The student whose head was smashed into the plate by Adel was washing away the food mixed with blood.


The boy, Luke, gritted his teeth and revealed his hostility toward Adel.

"That damned half-breed…"

Luke was greatly humiliated by Adel.

A half-demon dared to do this to him.

He was a guy who wouldn't be satisfied even if he tore him to pieces.

However, Luke knew that he couldn't defeat Adel.

He desperately denied it in his head, but the fear was deeply imprinted in his body.

That fear stemmed from the overwhelming gap rather than the actual pain.

That was why Luke decided to rely on Kyle rather than getting revenge himself.


"Kyle, are you going to get revenge?"


Kyle didn't answer Luke's question.

He just maintained a cold attitude as if he was lost in thought.

Luke felt frustrated by Kyle's appearance and shouted in indignation.

"Answer me, Kyle! Are you going to just let that half-breed's humiliation slide?"

"That's right, we have to get revenge!"

Even the student next to him chimed in.

No matter how skilled that guy was, he was still just a half-breed.

They didn't doubt that they could defeat Adel if the three of them joined forces.

'He's just a half-demon, how strong can he be?'

'There's no such thing as too many people. What could he possibly do?'

They were already filled with the thought of attacking Adel together.

Fair and square?

They had given up on such things a long time ago.

They didn't intend to use violence from the beginning.

But they rationalized that they couldn't help it considering who they were dealing with.

Besides, wasn't he just a half-breed with no backing?

For some reason, Fron, one of the Seven Deadly Sins' children, was hanging around, but she would probably lose interest once she saw that the bastard was getting beaten up.

The children of the Seven Deadly Sins didn't show much interest in anyone other than their own family members.

"So, what are you going to do?"

Luke, who was rubbing his bloody forehead, approached Kyle and asked.


Even then, Kyle remained silent.

Luke felt frustrated by this.

Kyle, the leader of the group.

He was the one who had suggested that they bully Luna.

That was how it all started.

It makes me sick.

One day, it all began.

It was when Kyle uttered those words while looking at Luna.

Normally, they didn’t bother the half-demons, but together with Kyle, they had been tormenting Luna without end.

The vicious rumors directed at Luna.

Kyle was at the center of it all.

- I want to kill her.

- She’s lower than trash.

Kyle spewed out insults that even those who bullied Luna flinched at.

As if swept away by Kyle’s mood, they bullied Luna.

Kyle had the power to incite ill feelings in others.


“Kyle, why aren’t you answering?”


Kyle remained silent.

Worried that Kyle might not help them, they began to make excuses.

They hadn’t done anything wrong.

They said that Kyle was to blame for everything, from bullying Luna to being friendly with the monster Adel.

So Kyle shouldn’t stay silent.

“You’re the one who started all this!”

Luke strode towards Kyle.

Surely, he wasn’t going to leave them alone after bringing things this far.

‘Wait, come to think of it…….’

Even when Kyle was threatened by Adel, he just watched quietly.

He had simply observed Adel, but Luke judged that Kyle had abandoned him.

In the end.

Luke crossed the line.

“You cowardly bastard!”

He ended up yelling insults at Kyle.

Only then did Kyle glare at Luke with fierce eyes.

Luke thought that attitude was hostility towards Adel.


“Are you finally going to listen to us…….”


Before Luke could finish speaking, his face was slammed into the wall.

Kyle stared at Luke, whose whole body was convulsing with a distorted expression.

“You’re like a bug, always buzzing around and annoying me.”

Thud, thud-.

After slamming Luke’s face into the wall several times, Kyle turned his gaze.

His gaze was directed at the delinquent student who was hiccuping and trembling with fear.

“Get lost.”

“Y, yes.”

“Take this with you.”


When Kyle threw Luke, the student fell flat on his face.

He quickly got up and ran away with Luke.

Kyle, who had been watching their pathetic display, brushed back his black hair.


A long sigh escaped his lips.

Kyle’s mind was filled with questions about Adel.

That was why he hadn’t been paying attention to Luke’s words.

He hadn’t intended to focus on them in the first place.

“How did he notice?”

Kyle looked at the mirror above the sink.

Luke’s blood was splattered on his face.


As he wiped the blood off his cheek, his face rippled like a mirage.

“The magic is working normally……”

Perception Reduction Magic and Disguise Magic.

Since it was magic cast by a high-ranking wizard, the probability of his identity being revealed was low.

If a human had disguised himself as a demon, powerful individuals like the instructors or the dean would have found out right away.

But Kyle was a half-demon.

That magic only hid the aura unique to half-demons, so not even they could see through Kyle’s disguise.

‘……He doesn’t seem stronger than them, though.’

It was certain that the student named Adel was one of the most powerful.

But he was still only a student.

It was hard to believe that Adel was stronger than the instructors.

Soon, Kyle became lost in thought.

‘The probability that he’s a spy sent from the human world.’

It was possible that he was a spy from the human world.

But if that were the case, there was no reason for him to pick a fight with Kyle.

According to his investigation, the Bares family had vouched for his identity.

‘Adel, who are you?’

How did he know about his little sister?

And what was he trying to tell Kyle by using that fact?

Kyle couldn’t figure it out.

That was why the conclusion he came to was simple.

“I have to kill him.”

Before his identity was revealed.

He had to take care of him.

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