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Chapter 57 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I extended the oath with a brazen smile.

“Now, take your time and examine it closely.”


At my recommendation, Kyle began to examine the content of the oath.

『 Adel will not pose any threat to Kyle and his younger sister, Ray.

In addition, Ray's chronic illness will never recur.

Kyle must prioritize and obey only Adel's orders.

In this regard, Adel will not give Kyle any tasks that would endanger his life. (Signature) 』

“What do you think?”

“……It's acceptable.”

Unaware of the flaw in the clause, Kyle signed his name on the signature line.

The moment I had finally acquired a lifelong slave had arrived.


Just like when I had drawn up the oath with Robolt, purple particles emerged and seeped into Kyle's chest.

A mark that would inflict a fearsome curse upon him if he broke the contract.

However, I had no intention of breaking the contract, so it wasn't particularly frightening.

Rather, I had to be careful that Kyle didn't break the contract.

With his younger sister at stake, he wouldn't dare violate the contract.

“With this, the contract is complete.”


Kyle nodded and rose to his feet.

Then he approached a contraption and retrieved the paper I had given him earlier.

It was the paper with the false information about the midterm exam.

“Your first order was to send this paper to the human world, wasn't it?”

I checked once more to make sure it was the paper I had given him and watched as Kyle operated the contraption.

A spherical device.

As Kyle pressed the red button in the center of the sphere, a tiny slit opened.

He rolled up the paper tightly and pushed it into the slit.


I felt a slight sense of wonder.

Opening a gate large enough for a person to pass through was an incredibly difficult task.

After all, it required astronomical amounts of capital and mana.

However, a small slit, no thicker than a pencil, could create a small gate without expending much effort.

Of course, even that had its limits.

Knock, knock-.

Kyle tapped the transmission device once and spoke.

“This device charges automatically and can send a paper to the human world once a month.”

“It won’t be of any use now, though.”

“That’s right. Since we sent false information, they must have realized that I was tricked.”

“The word ‘tricked’ sounds strange. It was done under a mutual agreement.”

“……Let’s just say that.”

Kyle sighed as if he was tired of even responding.

Well, despite what he said, I had no intention of disposing of the transmission device.

‘It seems like it could be useful.’

Since it could no longer be used to send things from the demon world to the human world, I could use it in the opposite way, sending things from the human world to the demon world.

Fortunately, it seemed like the location for sending memos could be adjusted.

It could be used to support demon spies in the human world.

I organized my thoughts and gestured to Kyle with my chin.

“Now there’s only one order left.”

“You want me to withdraw from Sytan, right?”

"Yes, starting from today, Kyle, you need to resign from Sytan."

"That's not hard, I just have to submit a withdrawal form. Explain why I have to drop out first."

"There's a task you need to do."

"A task I need to do?"

To Kyle, who was looking puzzled, I added an explanation.

"You need to go outside of Sytan and find out all kinds of information about the demon world."

"For example?"

“Find information about hidden secret realms, stories of high-ranking demon families, hidden history or relics of the demon world, things like that.”

There was a reason why I ordered him to gather information about the demon world.

Lack of information.

I had been feeling it keenly lately.

I needed information that would make me stronger.

And it had to be information about the demon world.

“First, prioritize finding the location of a secret realm near Sytan and information about the Seven Deadly Sins families.”


When I laid out the priorities, Kyle seemed to grasp the main points.

Perhaps it was because of his experience as a spy in the human world.

He was certainly excellent at understanding and accepting instructions.

Choosing to make Kyle my slave through a contract instead of killing him was definitely the right decision.

I chuckled to myself.

“Give me the expenses.”

Kyle held out his hand awkwardly.

“Expenses? You mean money?”

“Isn’t that obvious? How am I supposed to gather information without money?”

He was right.

Yes, he was right.

To act as a spy, a minimum amount of funding was necessary.

……But what was I supposed to do when I didn't have any money either?

I grabbed onto Kyle’s words and hung on.

“Didn’t they provide you with activity funds in the human world?”

“They did, but won’t that stop now?”


An unexpected, realistic problem.

I closed my eyes as I pondered a solution to this.

The gold I currently possessed was something I had to use later, so I couldn’t give it to Kyle.

That meant I had to find a new source of funds for Kyle to use, but time was running out if I wanted to figure this out before the midterm exams started.



I let out an exclamation as I thought of something.

I had found a way to get funds.

“Go to the Bares family and give them my name. They should be able to provide you with activity funds.”

Crete had forced me to take on the position of Rene’s escort knight.

So he would at least help me with something like this.

In return, I would have to write a letter to Crete.

Scribble, scribble.

I quickly wrote something on a piece of paper, making sure Kyle couldn’t see, and then folded it neatly and handed it to him.

The contents were a secret.

“If you give them this, they will help you. Just make sure you don’t open it.”

“I understand.”

Kyle muttered my words back to me as if to confirm them.

After a while, Kyle seemed to have finished thinking and opened his mouth.

“I'll leave today. I'll leave Sytan as soon as I submit my withdrawal form.”

“You’re quick to act.”

“……It makes me want to puke, being stuck in between those disgusting things.”

Kyle looked nauseous.

It seemed that being stuck with the demons had stressed him out quite a bit.

After all, it didn’t seem like Kyle particularly liked humans, but he certainly didn’t like demons either.

It wasn’t like he would listen if I told him to apologize for harassing Luna.

I had no choice but to just talk about the main topic.

“Let’s agree to send letters to each other every two weeks. Then, I’ll see you next time.”

With that, our conversation ended.

We weren’t close enough to share pleasantries.

We were just in a contractual relationship where our interests were intertwined.


Kyle left my side with a somewhat relieved gait.

Thus ended our short but long encounter…….

The next day.

Kyle dropped out of Sytan.

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  1. Sytan always makes me think of Syaithan, the devil in Arabic