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Chapter 57 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Two days passed.

Kyle disappeared from Sytan as per our agreement.

Luna, who had been harassed by Kyle all this time, looked at me with suspicion after Kyle disappeared.

“Adel, did you do something…?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”


Luna shook her head, but she couldn’t completely erase the suspicious look in her eyes as she calmly replied to me.

‘She’s quite perceptive in this kind of situation.’

However, I couldn’t possibly tell her about what happened between Kyle and me since it had to be kept a secret.

So, when Kyle submitted his withdrawal form and left Sytan, Kyle’s and my names became the subject of gossip among the students for a while.

I heard he got beaten up by the class president in the cafeteria.

I saw that too. The class president hit him with a tray! He must have been in so much pain.

Wasn’t it Luke who got hit?

That’s right.

It seemed that quite a few students had witnessed the commotion in the cafeteria at that time.

I was very worried that rumors would spread that I had made Kyle drop out.

But since Kyle’s reputation among the students wasn’t very good, my evaluation actually improved.

‘…The problem is the instructors.’

I rested my chin on my hand and fell into thought.

Robolt and Idea wouldn’t ask me why Kyle dropped out, but Ares would definitely have some doubts about it.

Especially since the day before he dropped out, he must have judged that something was wrong when his bird only shared darkness with him.


‘Ares can’t touch me.’

This incident was something that happened under my meticulous plan.

I had acquired a position that Ares couldn’t touch.

Due to the timing of the midterm exams and my role as class president, Ares couldn't get involved in my affairs.

As the class president, I had to manage and take responsibility for the students during the practical exam.

There were only three days left until the midterm exam.

It was obvious that replacing the class president in the midst of all this would cause great chaos.

However, since it seemed like a talented student like Kyle had dropped out because of me-.


It was only natural that Idea’s expression wasn’t very good when she entered the classroom for the morning assembly.

However, she didn’t seem to have anything special to say, so Idea turned her attention away from me and began to explain the midterm exam.

“As you all know, the midterm exams will begin in three days. There are four subjects in total that you must prepare for.”

Idea wrote the exam subjects on the blackboard with chalk.

[ Weaponry ]

[ Human Understanding ]

[ Magic ]

[ Practical ]

“Let me explain the schedule in order……”

Weaponry and Human Understanding will be tested on the first day of the midterm exams.

Human Understanding will be in the form of a theory test, while Weaponry will be a one-on-one duel with Ares.

“The Magic exam will be held on the second day. Since you are all still weak, it will not be a practical exam, but only a theory exam.”

“Didn’t you say that Weaponry would be a practical exam?”

A student raised his hand and asked.

Idea sighed deeply and gave a simple explanation.

“It’s Instructor Ares.”


It was a simple but easy-to-understand explanation, so the students let out voices mixed with admiration.

After all, if it were Ares, he would have insisted on a practical exam regardless of whether the students were strong or not.

‘That’s not the only bad reason.’

Ares genuinely cared for and wanted to protect the students of Sytan.

That’s why he would continue to teach them even during the exam so that they could survive this midterm exam.

Even in that situation, he had taught me fiercely without discriminating against me like the other students.

But he kept his guard up against me all the time.

If he’s going to teach me well, then he should just teach me well, and if he’s going to be wary of me, then he should just be wary of me. It’s a bit awkward to not know how to deal with Ares…….

For now, let’s just listen to Idea’s explanation.

“The exam with the most points is the Practical exam. It’s the exam that you will take on the last day of the midterm exams.”

The fact that the Practical exam had the most points meant that it was also the most difficult.

We’ve finally come this far.

The episode of the original work that truly begins.

The demons who invade the Imperial Academy and the humans who try to stop them.

And the time when the villains who take advantage of the chaos, reveal their existence and confront each other.

The starting point of that was Sytan’s invasion of the human world.

“In the Practical exam, you will invade the humans’ school, the Imperial Academy.”

The atmosphere in the classroom heated up at Idea’s declaration.

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