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Chapter 59 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Sword Lacquer

I couldn't help but be surprised.

Sword Lacquer is a technique that only knights who have reached the level of 'Expert' can use, in human terms.

In a word.

'A realm similar to sword energy…….'

Sword Lacquer is the act of coloring a sword with mana.

Usually, the Demon race materializes mana into flames on their swords or uses it to strengthen their bodies.

Unlike humans, this means that they don't have the concept of sword energy.

However, there was a concept similar to sword energy that existed among the Demon race.

That is Sword Lacquer.

The technique that Rene normally used was to inflate her sword with a massive amount of mana, making it gigantic.

She compressed it with a high level of concentration, making it thinner than a sheet of paper.

In this way, it could possess destructive power and sharpness that was greater than when simply materializing mana.

I observed Rene's Sword Lacquer once more and let out a gasp of admiration.

It was so thin that it looked like she had simply colored her sword.

It was definitely different from sword energy.

If the thickness of sword energy was its greatest strength, then the thinness of Sword Lacquer meant that its concentration was superior.

'As expected of one of the Seven Deadly Sins.'

It had only been a few months since she had entered Sytan, but…….

I didn't know that she would already be able to use Sword Lacquer.


However, Rene was unable to maintain his Sword Lacquer for long, and soon the color faded away.

"It's not perfect yet."

"Yeah, I have to push my concentration to the limit."

In other words, the moment she lost her concentration, the color on her sword would return to its original color.

Rene seemed to be on the verge of reaching the lower levels of Expert.

It would still be impossible for her to compete with an Expert-class knight.

'……But it won't be long.'

Assuming that Rene survives this midterm exam, she will become a full-fledged Expert by the second semester.

I need to change my thinking.

I thought I could catch up to Rene quickly, but that was just a miscalculation.

I need to get stronger, too.

"Then, shall we clash once?"


I kicked off the ground as soon as Rene nodded.

I thought about using Position Exchange, but I decided to just clash with pure strength since I was curious about the power of Sword Lacquer.

Clang, clang-.

In the air, Rene's and my daggers clashed repeatedly.

With my excellent dynamic vision, I was able to read Rene's swordsmanship.

I had anticipated a protracted battle.


Before long, my dagger shattered into countless pieces.

In that split second, Rene had manifested her Sword Lacquer and destroyed my dagger.

I couldn't help but gasp at its formidable power.

"Impressive. Sword Lacquer of this caliber..."

"Of course."

Rene said it as if it were nothing, but I knew that this feat was far from easy.

If I had used the Fang of Darkness instead of an ordinary dagger, I would have been able to withstand Rene's attack...

But against Rene's Sword Lacquer, an ordinary weapon would be destroyed.

"A noble lady stronger than her escort, that's not something you see every day."

Diana chuckled, looking at Rene and me with amusement.

...Is she making fun of me now?

I raised my fist, then lowered it again, remembering who I was facing.

"As expected, Rene is amazing."


"Hehehe, are you embarrassed?"

Diana burst into laughter, teasing Rene mercilessly.

I clicked my tongue at the sight.

'To think that Diana, one of the strongest who can stand up to the protagonists of the Imperial Academy, has this side to her.'

Not only did she pass the entrance exam with the highest score, but she also managed to survive the longest against the protagonists.

Because Diana was destined to become the strongest in the Demon Realm.

In fact, she could be considered the second strongest villain after the original body's owner.

More importantly.

"How do you do it?"

I asked Rene about the method of using Sword Lacquer.

Rene simply shook her head at my question.

I thought she was reluctant to tell me, but when she explained, her reasoning was sound.

"You have to get a feel for it."

"A feel for it?"

"It's like filling the sword from the inside out."


That's why they call them geniuses.

In other words, to master Sword Lacquer, it seemed that I needed to develop a sense of it.

A sense, like when I manifested Absolute Stealth.

Only by perceiving it would I be able to use Sword Lacquer.

With a sense of regret, I threw the dagger, now just a hilt, to the ground and said,

"I suppose we should end our spar here."

"Very well."

"My lady, have you prepared well for the midterm exam?"


Rene's eyes held no doubt that she would achieve excellent results.

Yes, why would I worry about her?

The timing of the first midterm exam did not overlap with the time when the protagonists would obtain the Eye of Arrogance.

That means Rene will survive this midterm exam.

The ones who are highly likely to die are the students in Class A.

I should take good care of my body…….

“Then I wish you good luck.”

“You be careful too.”

“Please don’t worry about me.”

After we exchanged a few words of encouragement, I was about to take a step when.


I felt a gaze on me for some reason, so I looked around.

But all I could see were Rene and Diana turning their backs and walking away…….


‘I guess I know who it is.’

I narrowed my eyes sharply.

I realized who the gaze belonged to.

The owner of this gaze is…….


It’s the activation of one of her abilities, ‘Observation.’

The ability to examine every tiny hair on the other person’s body.

Diana was using Observation to examine my body.

Should I react to this situation?

‘Diana might become an enemy.’

After much deliberation, I made a judgment.

Diana might become my greatest enemy, so I should keep my distance from her for now.

That’s why I released a tiny bit of mana and emanated killing intent.


Diana turned her head and looked at me at my faint aura.

Her slightly wide eyes soon curved softly like a crescent moon.

I couldn’t figure out the meaning of her bewitching smile.

‘It’s a little scary.’

If she had gotten angry instead, it would have been within my expectations.

I had seen countless people who were afraid or wary when they received killing intent, but this was the first time I had seen a woman smile.

...Is this the composure unique to the strong?

When I turned my head again, as I felt uneasy.

See you next time.


Diana’s lips were uttering a terrible sentence.

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

I felt like I had made a mistake somehow.

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