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Chapter 58 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Rene's forehead twitched at this, but Diana didn't seem to notice.

How come Diana can treat Rene like this and still be safe...

They seem to be closer than I thought.

'Repaying grudges with favors.'

She indeed has the qualities of a Demon King.

However, I was very curious about how she became close with Rene.

How long did it take me to gain Rene’s trust?

But Diana became close with her as soon as she entered Sytan.

It was when I was feeling depressed from a sense of defeat that I couldn’t explain.



Rene spoke as she pushed Diana, who kept clinging to her, to the side.

“I don’t need it, that kind of thing.”

Rene even pushed away my gift.

I thought she might forgive me without accepting the gift, but seeing Rene's cold expression, it seemed not.

Instead, Rene demanded an explanation.

"Tell me the reason why you avoided me."


I didn't expect her to refuse the gift.

I clumsily shoved the unwanted mana potion back into my bosom and carefully chose my words.

What kind of excuse should I make for Rene to understand and let it go?

In a split second, after finishing my thoughts, I came up with an excuse.

“Actually, I witnessed some half-demon students being bullied by some students.”

I tried to look as depressed as possible.

I continued speaking while shaking my shoulders slightly.

“Those students tried to bully me too, and I kept my distance in case I caused you any concern, Miss Rene.”


Rene listened to my story without saying anything.

The story of Kyle, who was bullying me as a half-demon in Sytan and then suddenly dropped out of Sytan, was already spreading within Sytan.

Rene must have known this fact as well, so my lie seemed credible.

“If this caused you any harm, I will bow my head and apologize.”

I bowed my head more than I thought was necessary.

“I’m sorry.”

When I glanced up, I saw Rene’s expressionless face, as if she was lost in thought.

Rene’s lips moved slightly, as if she was feeling better.

And Rene opened her mouth.

“I didn’t receive it.”


What didn’t you receive?

What do you mean you didn't receive anything?

Ah, is that what you're talking about?

I recalled the existence of the mana potion I had put in my bosom.

Just as I was about to put my hand on my bosom, thinking that she wanted me to hand it over in exchange for her forgiveness,

"I wasn't hurt."

Rene said with a hardened expression.

"……I see."

I replied in a trembling voice.

Anyway, it seemed that her anger had subsided, so I expressed my gratitude.

"Thank you for forgiving me."

"Just this once. Tell me if something like that happens again."

"But wouldn't that be too much of a bother?...."

"It doesn't matter."

Rene’s affirmation left me momentarily taken aback, but then a good idea came to mind.

From now on, if there’s something that’s too much for me to handle, I can just call Rene.

Since she volunteered to be my helper, there was no reason to refuse.

Diana, who had been watching us, patted Rene on the shoulder.

“Rene, I’m glad it worked out well.”

“……Don’t talk to me.”

“Rene’s so uptight. It would be nice if she could just fix that.”


Rene, who didn’t seem to think it was worth responding, turned her head towards me and asked.

“Let’s train. It’s been a while.”


I nodded.

Since the purpose of meeting Rene after so long was to train, there was no reason to refuse.


Rene drew her sword from its sheath, and I also took out my dagger.

As the duel was about to begin, Diana, who had been standing a few steps away, approached Rene and whispered something in his ear.

The problem was that I could hear the whisper.

My extremely developed senses allowed me to hear whispers if they were close enough.

‘Rene, show the escort knight your new technique.’

‘Don’t talk to me.’

New technique?

It seemed that Rene had learned a rather unique technique while we were apart.

I stared at Rene, curious to see what it was.

“Watch closely.”

Rene closed her eyes, holding the sword in both hands.

I couldn’t tell what kind of trick she was trying to show me.

Had she learned how to fight with his eyes closed?

……And after a short while, I realized how ridiculous my guesses had been.

It wasn’t because Rene’s new technique was useless.


It was because it was so amazing.


Black electricity burst out from Rene’s sword, spewing flames in all directions.

The intense energy forced me to take a few steps back.

And then, at one moment.


The mana that had been gushing out of Rene’s sword haphazardly began to shrink.

It wasn’t because she had reduced the amount of mana being released.

The amount of mana gushing out of the sword remained the same.

But the mana was condensing.

“This is….”

My pupils dilated.

Sword Lacquer.

That was the name of the new technique that Rene had awakened.

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