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Chapter 6 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Time to Take the Stage

The Empire had three Ducal families known as its pillars.

Roben, the wings of the Empire.

Phyler, the shield of the Empire.

And Lishite, the sword of the Empire.

Among these three families, the Lishite family, with the greatest influence, was widely known as the closest confidants of the Imperial family.

Righteous assassins who punish evil.

Swords that restore order.

Loyal knights of the Emperor and iron-blooded eagles protecting the Empire.

The Lishite family had countless epithets, but the most famous one was:

-The Executors of Blue Talent-

The descendants of the Lishite family were born with exceptional 'talent' for generations.

This didn't simply mean being born with special abilities in a certain field.

It meant that they were bestowed with a natural 'excellence' capable of leading a generation.

Some were given the talent for swords, some for spears, and some for magic.

However, there were occasional exceptions.

There were cases where they were born without the 'blue talent' that symbolized the Lishite family, or where their power was too weak.

Like Raiden, who showed no potential in martial arts.


Inside the Duke's office in the Lishite family mansion.

Steiner Lishite, the head of the family and leader of the Executors, sighed and put down the pen he was holding.

His scarred hand rubbed his furrowed brow.

The documents scattered haphazardly on his desk were complex enough to make anyone faint at a glance.

Even for the head of the Lishite family, this kind of work was too unfamiliar to him.

After all, his talent was related to magic, not using his head.

However, that wasn't the only thing causing him a headache.

His son.

Raiden Lishite.

His blood relative, who had suddenly disappeared one day, reappeared after almost six months.

It seemed one of the maids had found him wandering in front of the house.


When Steiner first heard that Raiden had returned, he inwardly sighed with relief.

He had been worried that something might have happened to him due to his disappearance, which had lasted for half a year.

He was covered in wounds and looked a mess, but...

The most important thing was that he was alive.


But now that he was back, there were many things to worry about.

Setting aside the minor issues,

Just thinking about how to deal with the academy, which he had been absent from without permission for six months, made him feel overwhelmed.

Would Raiden even want to go back to the academy?

He had heard that life there didn't suit him.

"......How did things end up like this?"

Steiner muttered weakly.

Scenes from the nostalgic past flashed through his mind.

-You are my pride, Raiden.

It was a phrase Steiner used to say to him before Raiden transformed into a delinquent.

The world saw Raiden as a fool who, despite being the eldest son of the Lishite family, wasn't born with 'talent'.

But those were just whispers from people who didn't know him well.

Because Raiden had something that transcended such trivial talent.

-Hehe, I'll work even harder! Father!

A friendly smile and thoughtful actions.

An altruistic and warm heart.

Raiden in the past was a child who made it impossible for those around him not to love him.

His witty words always made others smile.

His considerate actions touched people's hearts.

His warm heart, which melted away gloomy atmospheres, even became a driving force for some to live.

The power to make people smile.

The power to draw people in.

And the power to embrace people in his heart.

It was a realm that couldn't be achieved with mere swords or magic.

That's why Steiner was truly proud of Raiden.

Because his son was born with the true qualities of a human being that he had always envisioned.

Steiner believed that his proud son would always grow up upright.



Another sigh echoed through the Duke's office.

A single bud of compassion bloomed in the cold Duke's heart.

That pitiful flower was, of course, for his son.

Steiner vividly remembered.

The pain of the day his wife, Philippa Lishite, was buried.

The sorrow of losing a loved one.

It was an unbearable pain even for the Empire's greatest pyromancer, once known as the 'Flame Emperor'.

His young son had experienced that pain.

He had even witnessed the horrific sight of his mother being brutally murdered right before his eyes.

...Yes, if only that had been all.

The problem was that it didn't end there.

"I shouldn't have done that back then..."

Overwhelmed with guilt, Steiner rubbed his face.

Raindrops of self-reproach and self-loathing fell on the fading petals of compassion.

-...I'm sorry, Philippa.

Steiner had to conceal his wife's death from the public.

It had been less than ten years since the Empire had forcibly ended the civil war.

If word got out that the Duchess of the Lishite family, the sword of the Empire and its greatest force, had been assassinated,

it would undoubtedly create unrest both within and outside the Empire.

Not only would the Lishite family's standing be damaged,

but the authority of the Imperial family they protected would also be threatened.

Steiner had no choice.

-I'm so... so sorry...

The incompetent husband apologized to his wife countless times, muttering those words.

However, contrary to his torn heart, the cover-up proceeded smoothly.

Fortunately, or unfortunately,

only his son, the head butler, and a few trusted retainers had witnessed the scene that day.

Steiner thoroughly silenced them and only informed those who needed to know.

The Emperor and the Crown Prince.

The other Dukes.

His family members, including his son and daughter.

The head butler and a few trusted retainers.

Only about ten people in the Empire knew the truth about Philippa Lishite's death.

-Oh, Duke! I heard your wife has been unwell lately. Is she alright?

-Thank you for your concern, Marquis. Philippa's health has been quite poor... She hasn't been able to attend any social gatherings.

-Oh my... We'll send someone from our family to visit her when she's feeling better.

-Ah, there's no need for that. Her physician advised her to avoid contact with outsiders as much as possible."

-I see, I hope she recovers soon... I'll let the others know in advance.

-Yes, please do. Everyone will be wondering why she's absent from social gatherings.

Steiner fabricated false rumors to delay the announcement of his wife's death.

Thus, the story of the Duchess of the Lishite family being assassinated was concealed,

and only rumors of her being critically ill circulated within the Empire.

-Are you... sure you have to go this far...?

-You know, Your Majesty. If we announce Philippa's death without any preparation, we won't be able to avoid the suspicions of those damn Seekers.

-......I understand. With the Imperial authority still unstable, it would be much safer to announce it after shaping public opinion to some extent. It would also be better if the cause of death was illness rather than assassination.


-Sigh... But this isn't right, is it? I hear your son is out of his mind these days.

-I apologize.

-It's alright... Just take care of your son. That kind child wouldn't be acting like a delinquent if it weren't for something serious.

However, despite the Emperor's advice, Steiner couldn't focus on Raiden.

While the father was busy eliminating Seeker branches and covering up his wife's death,

his son transformed into a delinquent with even more sinister rumors surrounding him.

Time passed.

On the day Philippa Lishite's fabricated death was announced to the world,

Steiner finally saw it.


His son's eyes, staring blankly at his mother's grave,

as if he had lost something precious.

Only then did Steiner realize.

He should have put aside everything, the Empire and all,

and embraced his wounded child.

He had believed that his son, who had always done well, would overcome this too.


-Don't worry about me, Father.

But regret couldn't change anything.

The boy was already broken.

His cheerful smile had turned into a mocking one.

His words, which used to bring joy to everyone, now brought tears and anger.

His once warm heart was now submerged beneath the surface, cold and distant.

Steiner tried to reach out to his son countless times, but

Raiden pushed him away each time.

As if he was deliberately isolating himself.

So Steiner decided to wait.

For his wounded child to return whenever he was ready.

He knew he had done something unforgivable, but

he was still willing to be there for his son, if the boy still considered him his father.


One month.

Three months.

Six months.

One year.

Even after a year, Raiden showed no signs of returning to his former self.

Steiner realized.

That Raiden was broken beyond repair.

The father, learning of his son's condition, tried to restrain him by any means necessary.

He didn't want his child to be hated by others anymore.

But despite his efforts, Raiden didn't change.

No, he became even more malicious.

The distance between father and son grew wider.

-What...? Raiden's gone?

And then, a year and a half after Raiden became a delinquent,

he suddenly disappeared.

At first, Steiner wasn't worried.

Similar things had happened before.

He thought his son had simply gone somewhere to clear his head.

A week passed.

Two weeks passed.

A month passed.

Raiden still hadn't appeared.

Only then did Steiner realize that something was wrong and began searching for him.

He searched the restaurants and shops Raiden frequented.

The places he loved as a child.

The places he might have gone to at the academy.

But he couldn't find him.

Another month passed.

Two months passed.

Three months passed.

Even after four months since Raiden's disappearance, no one had seen him.

As anxiety gnawed at him,

almost six months after his disappearance, Raiden reappeared.

Covered in wounds and looking a mess.

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