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Chapter 6 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Step, step...

I glanced out the window as I walked down the hallway leading to the Duke's office.

The hot summer sun beat down on the well-maintained garden.

The shimmering sunlight and blue sky created a cheerful atmosphere, serving as a gentle backdrop.

Summer... It's actually quite beautiful when you look at it like this.

It was my least favorite season in my previous life, though.

As I was lost in thought, reminiscing about old memories, I heard footsteps following me from behind.

"W-Wait a minute, Young Master...!!"

A girl with brown pigtails was chasing after me.

"You have to go together...!"

"Father called for me, right? There's no need for you to come along."

Rachel frowned at my words.

"I told you! I'm your personal maid now! I'll follow you wherever you go!"

"Personal maid... I don't really need one."

As I muttered those words, Rachel puffed out her cheeks as if she was sulking.

"I don't care! Even if I'm not your personal maid, I'll still follow you!"

I stared at her puffed-out cheeks for a moment, then reached out and pinched them.


The soft, squishy feeling gave me a strange sensation.

I chuckled at her dumbfounded expression.


Rachel's eyes widened at my smile.

As if she had witnessed something unbelievable.

Ah, maybe smiling like this is a bit awkward.

The delinquent Raiden wouldn't have smiled like this.

"Young Master... You just smiled..."

"Don't say anything unnecessary and let's go."

I turned my head to avoid further conversation and continued walking.

After tilting her head in confusion for a moment, the girl followed suit.

Rachel remained silent with a complicated expression, then finally spoke again.

"Young Master."


"Is it really you?"

"What else would I be?"

Rachel's expression became even more perplexed.

As if she couldn't understand.

"What's wrong?"

"......You don't seem like yourself, Young Master."

"Maybe it's because it's been a while since you've seen me?"

Rachel shook her head silently.

Then, with a look of sadness in her eyes, she muttered,

"You haven't smiled like that... since that day..."


My footsteps stopped.

That day.

Those words were a landmine for Raiden.

The worst kind of landmine that brought back all the loss, self-loathing, and obsession.

I felt my body trembling slightly.

Rachel also seemed to realize what she had said, bowing deeply and apologizing.

"I-I'm sorry! Young Master...! Those words just slipped out unconsciously..."

"It's okay, Ray."

I forced my trembling voice to steady.

Damn it, it's not even my trauma, why am I shaking...?

It seemed Raiden's emotions were still deeply embedded in this body.

"Young Master? Aren't you going in?"


Lost in thought,

I had arrived at the door of the Duke's office without realizing it.

I took a few deep breaths to compose myself and carefully knocked on the door.

-Knock, knock

"Father, it's me."

-Come in.

I swallowed nervously and grabbed the doorknob.

-Click, creak...

As the hinges screamed, Rachel and I entered the room.

The first thing that caught my eye was the desk cluttered with all sorts of documents.

And sitting in front of that desk was a man with black hair and black eyes.

Steiner Lishite.

The war hero who ended the Empire's civil war ten years ago.

The first Executor of Blue Talent, considered the greatest pyromancer of the current era.

And the person young Raiden admired and aspired to be the most.

He looked rather gentle now with his tired face and simple shirt, but

I could feel it from the aura that filled the room.

How formidable a person he was.

As I bit my lip slightly, feeling a cold sweat break out from the intimidating atmosphere,

Steiner, who had put down the document he was reading, looked at me.

"You're back."

His black eyes were calm and deep.

As our gazes met, the tension that had been building up to its peak vanished like a lie.

A mixture of melancholy and relief washed over me, tickling my heart.

Hmm... It was a strange feeling.

For Raiden, Steiner was a figure of both admiration and sorrow,

while for me, the existence of a father was one of hatred and fear.

Conflicting emotions clashed, leaving a lukewarm sensation that dampened my chest.

"Yes, Father. I'm back."

To his simple question, I gave an equally simple answer.

I had to keep my lips tightly sealed, lest Raiden's face break into a beaming smile at the slightest lapse in concentration.

'......He really loved his father, huh.'

As I tried my best to keep my expression neutral to control my emotions,

Steiner, who had been staring at me blankly, finally composed himself and spoke again.

"Were you off causing trouble in some strange place again?"


This guy fell off a cliff and died, and I'm just borrowing his body for a while due to certain circumstances.

...Of course, I couldn't say that, so I just nodded vaguely.

Steiner's eyes widened slightly, as if surprised by my docile response.

The original 'delinquent' Raiden would have acted arrogantly and talked back to Steiner.

He seemed quite taken aback by my unexpected behavior.


Steiner cleared his throat and regained his composure.

"So, where have you been and what have you been doing for the past six months?"

"Just... living."

No, really.

This body was dead for six months, so what could he have possibly done?


Steiner stared at me intently with a complicated expression.

Both Rachel and Steiner made this kind of expression whenever they looked at me.

Well... Raiden was a troubled kid, after all.

"......So, what about the academy?"

"The academy?"

"You are a student, are you not? I managed to cover up your absence for the past six months with excuses like illness and other things, but if you miss any more, it will be difficult to avoid expulsion."

Well, that makes sense.

What school would keep a student who has been absent for six months?

It's a wonder he hasn't been expelled already.

"So, make a choice. Whether you want to go back to the academy or not. If you do, you won't be able to live like a delinquent anymore. If you miss even a single day, you'll be expelled..."

"I'll attend."

"Yes... I thought so. Then, you'll quit the academy and start working for the family... Wait, what?"

"I said I'll attend the academy."

The delinquent Raiden would have dropped out of the academy and holed himself up in his room, drinking all day.

But I'm different.

To begin with, 'Sorrow-erasing heroes’ was an academy story.


[Main Quest Occurred!]

Title: Time to Take the Stage

Content: Head to Reynolds Academy.

[Reward: None]

[Penalty: None]

And now that a main quest has popped up, I have to go.

I have to find happiness.

I have to keep moving forward to discover the things I didn't know in my previous life.

'I want to know.'

If even someone like me,

someone who ended their life due to obsession and mental illness,

can truly find happiness.

I wonder if I even have the right to wish for happiness, but

I want to hope, just this one last time.

"Don't worry, Father. I'll really work hard this time."

So, let's go.

To Reynolds Academy.

To the place where the answer to my long-held dream might be hidden.

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