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Chapter 6 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

The next morning, Lena was gone when he woke up.

He dressed, gathering his scattered clothes, and went downstairs to find her already in full armor, eating breakfast.

Dehorman, who was eating breakfast beside her, let out a booming laugh when he saw Leo. The forced cheer, an attempt to mask his sadness, couldn't hide the worry and love in his voice.

"These two lovebirds, not even married yet, are openly causing a scene. Do you both want your legs broken? Hahaha!"

"Oh, come on. What kind of talk is that about breaking the legs of someone going off to war? That's just mean."

Lena rolled her eyes, and Leo, embarrassed, sat down next to her and ate his breakfast in silence. She stayed by his side even after she finished eating.

After breakfast, the whole family saw them off. In the village square, warriors and soldiers milled about, forming ranks.

Lena embraced her family.

“Take care, my daughter.”

“Go get ‘em, kiddo. Haha… sigh

Finally, Leo and Lena shared one last, tight embrace.

Even after holding each other all night, he didn't want to let go. He missed her even though she was right there in front of him. He wanted to hold her like this forever, but Lena shifted slightly, signaling him to let go.

The embrace broke.

“Come back safe. Don’t get hurt.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll be back a knight.”

She departed with a confident stride.

Drums pounded from Avril Castle, sending the departing soldiers off with a powerful rhythm, while the Einar tribe blew long, mournful notes on their horns.

The sounds of the drums and horns, promising a safe return, followed the soldiers until they disappeared over the horizon.

Leo stood rooted to the spot by the castle gates for a long time.

After that, he trained with his sword relentlessly. He was determined to improve his swordsmanship enough to earn his father's approval and follow Lena to war.

Leo didn't rest until spring turned to summer.

One scorching summer day, as Leo was sweating through his usual training regimen, stark letters materialized before his eyes.

[ Lena has died. ]

The words coldly announced her death.

His sword clattered to the ground, but he didn't hear it. His surroundings faded, swallowed by a growing darkness.

[ Thank you for playing Raise Lena. ]

Lena Einar

Final Job: Warrior of the Einar Tribe

Marriage Partner: Engaged to Leo

- Born in Avril Castle, Lena Einar enjoyed a happy childhood. The daughter of the great warrior of the Einar tribe... (omitted)... Lena, who participated in the war between... (omitted) ...achieved remarkable feats but fell at the hands of Katrina, a knight of the Bellita Kingdom's 2nd Order. -

Leo Dexter

Final Job: Knight

Marriage Partner: Unmarried

Engagement Ending: An Honorable Death

- Born in the capital city of Barnaul, Leo Dexter had a happy childhood but lost his mother at a young age. Following in the footsteps of his father, a knight of the Astin Kingdom's 1st Order... (omitted) ... he ultimately never married and died young as a knight protecting Avril Castle. -

Just like before, words surfaced from the darkness.

Scenes of Lena fighting valiantly on the battlefield also emerged, like faded illustrations.

She had promised to return as a knight, but she never came back.

She had been a little young to go to war.

But it was shameful for a warrior to make excuses based on age, and Lena, who had been a warrior at heart, wouldn't have regretted it, even in death.

The only thing that shamed Leo, making it unbearable, was that he hadn't been by her side.

I should have at least been with her. Did the Leo who remained in that world after the scenario ended also die young, unable to bear the shame?

Leo found it hard to endure the sight of her ending, slowly fading away. He was consumed by shame and self-reproach, his body contorting in agony, until he vanished along with Lena's image.

Minseo's consciousness resurfaced.

His girlfriend, Chaeha, and his parents also came to mind, twisting his gut with guilt. But perhaps because he had experienced it once before, it wasn't as excruciating as before.

Hope flickered within him.

‘At least I learned some swordsmanship. I’ll do better next time.’

That thought comforted Minseo.

Just as the hunting skills he had acquired in the first scenario hadn't disappeared, the swordsmanship remained imprinted in his mind. Hope bloomed within him – hope that even if this was an endless loop, he would eventually break free.

‘If things go south, I can just go on a rampage and slaughter everything in my path until I reach the ending.’

It was the massacre route, beloved by men in games.

Instead of following the intended path, you power up your character to an absurd degree and obliterate everything in sight.

There was a reason why the saying, “If you kill everyone, it's assassination,” existed. He embraced the massacre route, waiting.

[ You have failed to clear Raise Lena. ]

[ Leo, you became a knight and protected Avril Castle throughout your life. Your {Swordsmanship} skill will be partially inherited due to your achievements. ]

[ Restarting. ]

The exact message Minseo had been hoping for appeared. And as expected, the intro cinematic, signaling a new beginning, unfolded before his eyes...

‘Oh… come on. It’s different again.’

This time, the intro cinematic soared over a vast plain, rapidly approaching a bustling city. Passing through a massive gate, a magnificent castle came into view.

Just as the camera was about to reach the castle, it abruptly changed direction, sweeping over a bustling marketplace and coming to a stop in a dark, grimy alleyway.

There, two ragged children, a brother and sister, sat huddled together.

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