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Chapter 7 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Beggar Siblings - Beggar

As before, Minseo's consciousness receded, replaced by Leo's weary mind.

The pungent stench of filth assaulted his senses. The damp alleyway, littered with refuse, pressed against Leo's back.

“Brother... I'm hungry...”

“Huh? Le...na?”

As if oblivious to the squalor surrounding them, Lena sat slumped against the wall, her gaze fixed on him.

Her eyes, shimmering with a golden light, and her delicate features came into focus, but her current state made it impossible to appreciate their beauty.

Her face and hair were caked with grime, and dirt clung to her ears like scabs. Her nose ran freely, leaving a white trail on her face, unwiped. And her mouth... it was hard to tell what she had been scavenging.

Leo instinctively reached out to wipe her face, but his ragged clothes had no sleeves.

He examined himself. His clothes were even filthier than Lena's, covered in grime that itched incessantly.

Lena, too, wore a single, soiled dress, more akin to tattered rags draped over her frail body. The sight of her exposed skin through the holes was heartbreaking.

Helpless, he rubbed his grimy hands together, trying to remove some of the dirt before gently wiping a few smudges from Lena's face.

It wouldn't make much of a difference, but it was the thought that counted.

Leo couldn't fathom why his counterpart had let his sister wander around in such a state. Looking around, he noticed the dampness, a sign of recent rain. Perhaps a shower... no, even that seemed like an extravagant thought. Getting wet in the rain would likely lead to a cold, which could be fatal in their condition.

“Brother, I'm thirsty too...” Lena whimpered, her voice hoarse, her eyelids drooping.

Leo understood her plight all too well.

He, too, felt a gnawing hunger, a constant reminder that they were on the verge of starvation.

His own body was in no better shape. His limbs were skeletal, devoid of any flesh, his knuckles protruding through his parched skin. It was a wonder his twig-like fingers could even move.

Having experienced the robust physique of Leo Dexter, adjusting to this frail form was a challenge. This Leo was the smallest yet, compared to those he had encountered in Demos Village and Avril Castle. A clear sign of chronic malnourishment.

He pushed himself up, his legs trembling.

We'll die if we stay here.

He remembered the marketplace from the intro video. He recalled the direction and knew they had to find sustenance there.

He gently stroked his sister's hair, her lips pressed together in an attempt to stifle her hunger.

“Lena, can you wait here for a bit? I'll go get us something to eat.”

Leo instinctively knew that Lena was his biological sister.

She nodded silently.

He stumbled through the short alley, his body so weak that he had to lean against the wall for support. Now he understood why beggars always clung to walls.

His vision swam, obscured by hunger.

Driven by the primal need to find food, his eyes scanned the ground and the overflowing trash cans. He would have eaten dirt if he could.

Remembering the intro video, he navigated the turns of the alley, and the bustling marketplace unfolded before him.

The aroma of food filled the air.


The sight of food displayed on the stalls fueled his desperation. He found himself drawn towards a stall selling roasted chicken, his arm reaching out involuntarily.

But the surrounding merchants had noticed his arrival.

‘Of all places, he had to come here. Such a nuisance.’

The chicken vendor frowned.

Beggar children often pretended to be weak and frail, only to suddenly spring into action and steal whatever they could get their hands on.

The best course of action was to cut him off before he got any ideas.

The vendor abruptly stood up.

He grabbed the wooden mallet he used to tenderize the chicken and blocked the approaching beggar boy.

“Hey, scram before I make you.”

Leo looked up at the man, his face contorted in a menacing glare. The mallet tapped rhythmically against his thigh, a silent threat. One blow would be enough to put Leo down for good.

Fear gripped him, and he licked his parched lips, pleading for mercy.

“S-sorry, I wasn't trying to steal anything.”

“I don't care, just get lost.”

The cold dismissal sent shivers down his spine.

Leo glanced around.

The surrounding merchants watched the scene unfold, their expressions wary. If he backed down now, they would all chase him away.

Desperation fueled his resolve. He looked the vendor straight in the eye.

“Please, sir... couldn't you spare something? Anything at all? I promise I'll repay you.”

“Oh, come on, just go! Do you want to get hurt?”

The vendor raised the mallet slightly, emphasizing his threat, but the beggar boy stood his ground.

If I give up now, both Lena and I will starve!

His desperation grew. He stood tall, meeting the vendor's gaze head-on.

“How about... some chicken heads or feet? The parts you would normally discard? I beg you.”

In this era, chickens were typically butchered and sold whole, with minimal processing. The removal of the head and feet was uncommon.

Leo knew this fact well. Any vendor selling roasted chicken would undoubtedly have a pile of discarded heads and feet lying around.

The vendor scratched his head, exasperated.

Every now and then, he encountered a bold one like this. These were the most troublesome, often young beggars who hadn't yet resorted to outright thievery. Experienced beggars knew better than to test a vendor's patience.

“Look, kid, if I give you something, the other merchants will give me a hard time. They already complain that I encourage beggars.”

“I know I’m being unreasonable. I’m really sorry, but I feel like I’m going to die. My little sister is over there too. I’ll never forget your kindness. Please.”

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