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Chapter 7 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

The vendor cursed his luck.

If the boy started crying and begging on his knees, it would create a scene. The crowd would gather, and he would be forced to intervene, dragging the boy away. In such a chaotic situation, his actions would be justified as a means to restore order.

Then, he could simply say,

“I'm sorry, but I have my own business to run. My heart goes out to you, but there's nothing I can do.”

And if some kind-hearted soul decided to intervene and help the boy, he could simply shrug and act grateful for the assistance. It was a tried and tested formula.

But this boy, he just stood there, stubbornly refusing to budge. He wasn't causing any trouble, just speaking his mind. Dragging away a well-behaved child would only make him look like the villain, potentially harming his business.

He discreetly glanced at the surrounding crowd.

People had gathered, their eyes fixed on the unfolding drama. He hoped someone would step forward and offer the boy some food, but no one did.

‘Damn it, this is bad for business.’

“Wait here. Don't you dare touch anything...”

The vendor grumbled as he disappeared into his stall.

He emerged moments later, carrying a basket filled with chicken scraps. He shot the boy an irritated look.

‘Damn it, he doesn't even have anything to carry it in. I have to give him the basket too? This day just keeps getting worse.’

Leo accepted the basket and bowed deeply to the scowling vendor. He had to leave before his legs gave out.

He could hear the murmurs of the other merchants as he stumbled away, but he was beyond caring.

He staggered back to Lena, who brightened at the sight of the basket.

The siblings huddled in the filthy alley, devouring the chicken heads and feet with desperate hunger. They gnawed on the eyeballs, combs, and even the cartilage, leaving nothing behind.

It was a far cry from a decent meal, but at least it was fresh, unlike the rotting scraps they usually scavenged.

Their hunger sated, thirst became their next tormentor. Clean water, unlike chicken scraps, was not something easily obtained in the city.

Most cities had a river or stream nearby, but in the worst cases, the only source of water was the wells, which were off-limits to beggars. In such cities, survival was a constant struggle.

However, the city in the intro video had been vast. A city of that size would undoubtedly have a river, and therefore, a place where water was drawn and distributed. They just had to find it.

“Lena, do you know where we can find water?”

His sister shook her head.

The puzzled look in her eyes, as if wondering why he would even ask such a question, confirmed her ignorance. He understood her confusion.

‘How come she doesn't know? Does that mean she's been getting water from somewhere else? But then why did she say she didn't know?’

This was a recurring dilemma with each new scenario.

Leo had no memory of the past.

And asking his sister about it felt strangely intrusive.

‘What is going on?’

With their hunger somewhat satiated, he became aware of a necklace hanging around his neck.

It was a white metal pendant engraved with a strange symbol. Lena wore an identical one. It felt significant, but he had no idea what it meant or how it could help them in their current predicament.

He decided to focus on what he could do.

Leading his sister by the hand, Leo began rummaging through the trash cans lining the alleyways.

Most of the discarded food was rotten, but he carefully examined each piece, picking out any edible morsels and sharing them with Lena. He even managed to salvage a few scraps of cloth.

“Brother, my legs hurt... Let's go home.”

Exhaustion laced her voice as she tugged at his shirt.

The sun was already setting.

He wanted to agree, but he had no idea where they lived. Lena, her eyes heavy with fatigue, mumbled incoherently.

“Aren't we going? It's getting dark...”

“Yes, we should. But I seem to be lost. Where are we?”

“Hee hee, even you can get lost? I'll show you.”

Seemingly pleased to be of help, Lena led the way with a sleepy smile. Their dwelling was not far from where they had started.

They approached a building adorned with small, decorative arches. Their "home" was a makeshift structure tucked behind one of these arches, consisting of wooden planks propped against the wall and covered with a patchwork of rags.

Various belongings were scattered around the area, and a small cup placed outside contained rainwater.

‘Why are we living here?’

It was a precarious location, right next to an occupied building. If the owner were to discover them, they would be thrown out without a moment's hesitation.

And why were they living alone?

In a city this size, beggars usually congregated for safety and mutual support. Living as part of a group reduced the risk of being targeted by residents and made scavenging more efficient.

‘Have we been beggars for long?’

His mind raced with questions, but for now, he followed Lena towards their makeshift home.

The space was cramped, barely large enough for them to lie down without touching.

Before settling down for the night, Leo decided to clean Lena up a bit. Her filthiness pained him deeply.

He considered using the rainwater collected in the cup but thought better of it. They would need it for drinking tomorrow.

Instead, he soaked one of the salvaged cloth scraps in a puddle of relatively cleaner water and gently wiped Lena's face.

And as he did, a chilling realization washed over him.

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