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Chapter 102 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

As I was slowly releasing my killing intent.


“That’s enough.”

Ares grabbed Baltan and my shoulders and pushed us aside.


I smacked my lips to show my regret.

But I didn’t really mean it.

Rather, I was deeply relieved inside.

If I had clashed with Baltan, I would have been the one to bleed.

Rather than that.

‘……Their gazes have changed.’

The gazes of the Seven Deadly Sins students looking at our Class A seemed to have changed.

Guwar was looking at Fron, who was facing Baltan, with a strange admiration.

Aeron and Diana looked interested as if they were watching an amusing scene.

I don’t know if it was Fron’s intention, but by confronting Baltan, she had proven to those around him that she had the qualities befitting the top ranker.

And Rene,


Was looking at me with a worried expression.

She looked like she was about to run over to check if I was okay.

She must be worried because her possession, me, was almost hurt.

I winked at Rene.


Rene nervously turned her head away.

I felt bewildered at that sight.

Wasn’t she worried?

It seemed I had been mistaken.

In the end, I took a step back and waited for Ares to speak.


Ares rubbed his brow once and spoke to us.

“The same people I saw last time. You must have expected it to some extent, but your rankings have changed a lot since then.”

Ares swept his gaze over us.

From Baltan to me.

Those who had chosen an artifact during the entrance exam.

Those who had achieved excellent results in this midterm exam, following the last one.

It was proof that Sytan had invested in us.

I didn’t know what artifacts the other students had chosen, but it was clear that they had been of great help.

Unlike me, who had entered last and hadn’t been able to choose an artifact properly, they had monopolized the good items.

Suddenly, I felt a surge of irritation.

The responsibility for my failure to choose an artifact during the last exam lay entirely with Ares.

‘He arranged the order as he pleased.’

He had told us to choose artifacts in the reverse order of the entrance exam.

It was an absurd demand.

I might get angry if he didn’t put me in the first place this time either.

Did he notice my gaze?

“……Starting next semester, I will grant you the authority to choose artifacts in order of rank. However, in the last entrance exam, the order was not based on rank, but on the instructor’s discretion.”


“Since the number of people is not much different, enter in the reverse order of the weapon selection from last time.”

Only then did my expression relax.


Wasn’t this the right order?

If Ares had changed the order arbitrarily again this time.

Just thinking about it made me shudder.

Especially for me, who was currently struggling to obtain the original body's cultivation technique.

That’s why.

“Oh, I should express my gratitude.”

I smiled politely at Ares.

Ares, who had once again put on a stern expression, opened his mouth.

“I will open the armory. Stay away from here for a while.”

And so, the armory began to open.


The armory appeared as before, with a dull thud.

I looked at the stairs leading down to it.

“Adel, enter. Ah, since you're with the Gluttony offspring, it can't be helped. Choose his as well.”

Ares nodded at me, who was to be the first.

I nodded and took a step forward.

In response, I nodded and took a step forward.


My heart began to pound.

If luck is on my side this time, I will obtain Adel's Mana Method.



Samuel, who was accompanying me to the armory, was unusually quiet.

Is he pretending to be asleep, or is he really asleep?

He was definitely awake when we were in the auditorium. How did he fall asleep so quickly?

I shook my head excitedly.

I would wake him up when we were about to leave after looking around the artifacts.

As I walked down the stairs,

"We're here."

I noticed an iron door, just like the one I had seen before.

Unlike last time, I could easily open the iron door with my own strength.

It must be thanks to the tremendous growth I've made.

I let out a satisfied laugh and dragged my feet.

And then.

"This is it."

A smile spread across my face, wide enough to touch my ears.

There were even more artifacts in the armory than I had imagined.

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