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Chapter 103 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I didn't even bother to hide the smile creeping up on my lips.

Since there was no one else in the armory except me anyway.

I just had to ask the information paper about the performance of the items in the warehouse.

I guess I'll just choose the artifact that costs the most, like last time.

"Now then..."

I looked around.

Artifacts that seemed quite valuable at a glance, each stored in a hexahedron-shaped glass case.

I would have liked to take everything here, but that would be too greedy.

Just one.

That's the number of artifacts I can take from this place.

But I didn't feel sorry or anything like that.

But I didn't feel any regret or disappointment.

There were plenty of people who would risk their lives for the chance to obtain an artifact of intermediate rank or higher. [T/N: Epic falls under Intermediate rank.]


'To think they give them out just for getting good grades on exams.'

This must be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for ordinary Demons.

So let's just be grateful for this.

Of course, the artifact I get here will end up in that guy's stomach.

'...That Adel guy.'

He said he would exchange a legendary artifact for a mana cultivation method.

If he doesn't give me the Mana Method properly, I'll be pissed.

That's how rare and valuable legendary artifacts were.

Even I, who had been in the Demon Realm for almost half a year, had only 'Fang of Darkness'.

Of course, I didn't feel the need to change it because it showed good efficiency with my Darkness attribute.


'...I'll have to get one more soon.'

I felt a lot through my fight with Terias.

Since I still couldn't manifest fighting spirit, I had no choice but to rely on other aspects.

Well, if I master Adel's Method, the problem with my strength will be solved.

So for now,

"Let's take a look."

I wonder what kind of artifacts Sytan prepared for the excellent students in the midterm exam this time.


With a relaxed expression, I read the descriptions of the artifacts in the warehouse one by one.

【 Twin Serpent Spear 】

【 Starlight Crystal 】

【 Glimmering Sandbag 】

As expected, the first row was filled with artifacts that were not chosen in the previous reward.

They were all shunned by the students because of their ambiguous performance.

I also had no intention of choosing such artifacts.

The only thing I needed now was a 'legendary' artifact.

I muttered as I glanced over the artifacts in the front row.

"Up to here..."

They were things I had seen before.

Naturally, the artifacts chosen by the students hadn't been replenished.

They must have been unique artifacts, so they couldn't be replaced.

Now, I feel that Sytan is great for giving artifacts to students.

I guess I’ll have to face formidable monsters like Terias in the future since I received such an exceptional investment.

So, let’s look at other things.

The artifacts in front of me are all useless, but the ones in the back must be different.

At the time of the entrance exam reward distribution.

‘Baltan came out with a unique artifact.’

It was a level slightly below a legendary artifact, but it was too much to give to a student.

That’s why I had no choice but to expect it.

At that time, it was just an ‘entrance’ reward, wasn’t it?


There was a high probability that a legendary artifact existed in this reward, which I had to risk my life for.

To be exact, it should exist.

I swallowed my dry saliva with tension and moved forward.

“Let’s see.”

The glass cases in the second row.

Inside those glass cases were artifacts I had never seen before.

There seemed to be more than twenty of them.

As expected of the largest training institution in the Demon Realm, they had gathered a lot of artifacts.

Wouldn’t one of these be legend rank?

I was thinking that when.

‘……These are.’

My face hardened.

Out of about twenty artifacts, several of them existed in my memory.

……These are spoils of war.

The artifacts that the members of the student council had taken after killing Sytan’s students.

I had intentionally set it up so that the main characters could get opportunities and treasures.

In the work, Sytan’s students were nothing more than consumables used for the growth of the protagonist’s party.

It was a natural structure to defeat the enemy and get a reward,

At the time of writing the novel, I didn’t think about why students of Sytan were carrying high-level artifacts.

But now I know.

The plausibility of Sytan’s students possessing artifacts was established in this way.


I’m starting to feel it again.

If the original story goes as planned, not only Samuel and Fron, but everyone I just saw will die.

Baltan, Ares, Rene…….

There’s no need to say more.

All the demons remaining in the Demon Realm will either become prisoners of the humans or face death.



I shook my head in denial.

I have to change it.

The obscure, forgotten settings and the secrets hidden by the Six Families.

I felt the need to save the demons in order to uncover the truth.

That would be the most effective way to change the story from the original.

The more the story deviates from the original, the further away I can get from death.

‘The longer the Demon Realm exists, the more opportunities I’ll have to increase my strength.’

The more hope the Demon Realm has, the more artifacts and elixirs I’ll get.

That’s why.

‘I’ll take the best artifact.’

I scanned the treasures in the glass cases.

There are a total of 13 artifacts from the original story in Demon Realm.

Most of them are high-level artifacts with legend rank.

I looked down at them.

‘If Fron and Samuel were alive in the original story, I would have known about more artifacts.’

I only remembered 13 because Fron and Samuel at this point didn't appear in the original story.

The artifacts Fron and Samuel had when they were killed by Terias’s hand weren’t even mentioned in detail.

The reward for the entrance exam the other day wasn’t a high-level artifact, so it was just glossed over with a description like, ‘I got a useful artifact.’

So excluding the entrance exam, if they give out artifacts like this once a year, the remaining five would have had a total of 15……

……But since two of the Seven Deadly Sins students die in their second year, excluding the two artifacts those two would have received in their third year, I only remember 13.

All the artifacts end up in the hands of the Student Council, the main characters of my novel, so there’s no way I wouldn’t know about them.

In that case, the ones who are supposed to die in their second year are…….

Two figures began to emerge faintly in my mind.

‘Let’s not think about anything ominous.’

I shook my head to clear my mind.

So many things have already changed just because I came here.

If it’s me, I should be able to change the future where they die.

That's why, for now,

'I need to choose the artifact with the highest rank among the settings I wrote.'


What should I choose?

I slowly recalled the artifacts possessed by Sytan's students in the original story, the ones with the best abilities.

That artifact was right before my eyes.

'That was it.'

【 Orb of the Flame Emperor 】

『 A masterpiece created by fusing a very rare ore that exists only in areas of flame and lava.

Just possessing it can greatly increase the power of flame attribute magic.

However, if someone unskilled in handling flames touches it, they will be devoured by the fire. 』

I read the description of the artifact before my eyes.

A spherical model that seemed to have been made by looking at the sun.

The sphere rotated clockwise, faintly scattering flames around it.

Although it wasn't a legendary artifact, it was an object of immense value, an epic rank.

It was probably the highest-ranked among the 13 artifacts I knew.

'......That means.'

It means I can't get a legendary artifact.

If that's the case, I'll have to postpone receiving the mana method from Adel.

But this opportunity was too precious to pass up.

When else would I get a legendary artifact if not now?

It's not like I can get an artifact whenever I want.

Well, if I could just go outside Sytan, it wouldn't be impossible.

But that's impossible for now.

If at all possible, I wanted to get my hands on a legendary artifact this time, so I couldn't make a choice easily.

The Orb of the Flame Emperor was definitely a good artifact and also boasted a very high rank.

Far superior to the artifacts here.

So, Adel would obviously keep saying that the other artifacts in Sytan's vault wouldn't be enough.

'This is the best of the artifacts that appear in the original story.'

I had to choose an artifact better than the Orb of the Flame Emperor.

I couldn't help but sigh.

Then do I have no choice but to choose from the remaining eight artifacts?

Of the eight artifacts, there were seven with descriptions written and only one without.

Let's look at the artifacts with descriptions first.


I had high expectations for a moment, but as expected of artifacts that don't appear in the original story, their performance was all lower than the previous ones.

Not only their performance and rank but also the price the information paper demanded were far too lacking.


A sigh escaped my lips naturally.

What should I do?

Rather than that.

‘Why isn’t he waking up yet?’


Samuel was still fast asleep, showing no signs of waking up.

Should I use mana to force Samuel to wake up?

I was thinking about it when—

Thinking about it, there was one artifact I hadn’t checked yet.

‘Unidentified artifact.’

I looked down.

A seemingly ordinary gray book was on display in a glass case.

Since it was an unidentified artifact, there was naturally no description.

Could this also be like my necklace, hiding some kind of secret?


The moment I tried to sneakily take out the information paper.

[This is it.]

Samuel’s voice rang out.

I looked down and saw thorns wriggling and reaching out towards the glass case.

“What are you doing?”

I asked Samuel in surprise.

Then, Samuel’s trembling voice rang in my ears.

[This book is, talking to me.]

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