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Chapter 130 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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‘……Hmm? Wait a minute.’

Hearing those words, Librarian Ainen, quietly listening from behind, recalled something.

‘……When did Frondier first start to change into a different person?’

The first time he showed his true colors was during the “Fake Mistletoe Incident.”

Before Frondier had ever been seen at the library, he had dismissed the widely recognized image of Mistilteinn as a "fake." This piqued the curiosity of the librarian, Ainen, who decided to investigate further, leading to the discovery of the location.

'The library!'

Up until the day before the Mistilteinn incident, Frondier had never set foot in the library. However, that day was an exception. Librarian Ainen, known for her remarkable memory as an information collector, took note.

Frondier had just mentioned conducting an exhaustive search through endless documents.

Was it from that moment? Had Frondier already caught wind of Indus's scent by then?

'Was it on purpose then, during class, when he criticized Mistilteinn?'

It's unclear if Frondier truly knew the original form of Mistilteinn.

However, by bringing up the story in advance at Constel, Frondier managed to lend some credibility to his actions during the meeting, where he had destroyed the coffin holding Mistilteinn.

Since Ainen wasn't at the meeting, she didn't know exactly what Frondier did there or whether he spoke with Heldre.

But such an act would surely have elicited a reaction from Heldre.

'Frondier made an impression on Heldre!'

But why?

Even if he had been suspicious of Heldre from that point, there was no need for Frondier to expose himself.

If Heldre happened to take notice of Frondier and decided to act,

'...It was the cabin!'

By the time Ainen reached this conclusion, she was already feeling a chill akin to cold shivers.

Malia felt similarly.

'Did Frondier go to the cabin alone to draw in Heldre's followers?'

Malia found Frondier's actions at the time odd in hindsight.

There was no reason to visit the cabin he had gone to in his youth with Elodie now.

But if it was to lure Heldre,

'Then the follower was Serf Daniel.'

It wasn't that Serf had gone to see Frondier, but that Frondier had lured Serf.

And that Serf was dead. By Frondier's hand.

I don't know what process led to his death.

'Frondier, what did you do?'

Frondier had just said. He had done everything.

If Frondier had really wanted to obtain Heldre's information, he would not have killed Serf so cruelly.

A considerable amount of the information Frondier had now, was what Serf had coughed up.

……I can't even imagine what kind of torture he did.


'Student Frondier must have gone to Tyburn.'

Jane was having a slightly different thought.

It was quite a controversial news story within Constel that Frondier would be going to Tyburn during the vacation.

As Jane heard the reason from Aten,

'She said he had something to bring.'

Something to bring.

Interpreting it literally, he had left something in Tyburn.

At first, I thought it was an object.

But what if it was not actually an object but a person?

'……Did he go there to hear the story from Grobel?'

In fact, Frondier had a record of interviewing Grobel in prison. She knew because he was a student under her care.

Grobel, who was hired as a mercenary by Serf.

He might have wanted to obtain information about Indus from him.

Frondier had just said. He had been to places he hadn't been to.

Was that why he went to Tyburn? Damn it.




A sudden silence visited the conference room. However, it was a meaningful silence.

Pascal looked around and shrugged.

"Well, I don't really know, but it seems like the other teachers are convinced by Frondier's words!"

Yes, Pascal was right.

In particular, Ainen, Jane, and Malia were looking at Frondier like he was some kind of monster.

Seeing that, Chancellor Osprey smiled broadly.

He called Frondier as if testing him.



"Can I ask you the question I asked you last time?"

"A question?"

As Frondier asked back, Osprey's smile turned even more mischievous.

"What were you really trying to hide, that you've got such a bad reputation?"

That was what Osprey asked Frondier when they were alone together.

However, as most of their conversation was a secret between them,

Frondier tilted his head slightly and responded in a more direct manner than before.

"Because I am weak."

That one sentence.

The teachers lowered their bodies as if a weight had been placed on their shoulders.

With this, it became clear.

Frondier's outrageous conduct up until now, there was a single logic that ran through it all.

From his behavior up until now, it was clear that Frondier had distinct talent as a student of the Constel. Everyone had seen it during the final exams of the first semester.

Frondier wasn't incompetent. He was just biding his time.

In order to catch Indus by the tail. Willingly enduring the degrading nickname, "The Human Sloth".

It was only after rumors of a possible excommunication from Roach started circulating that Frondier made his move. He had spent a very long time using himself as bait for Indus.

Whether he was really sleeping every class and waiting for the right moment while hiding his cold gaze behind his covered face, it became something that no one could know now.

"So then, Frondier, how do we stop this plan of Indus'? If you get attacked at Cropolis, things will go just as Indus wants."

We now know Indus's intentions. Now it's time to stop it.

But this time, Frondier replied with a refreshing expression on his face.

"Oh, that's simple."


Frondier nodded.

"All I have to do is not go to Cropolis."

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