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Chapter 135 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Fame (8)



"Van! Please look over here!"

"I'll take a picture, please look this way!"

What is this?

I'm currently frozen, looking outside from inside the store.

Holding the bag I just organized, in a hesitant posture.

A tremendous barrage of flashes.

Banners and cards written in Korean, English, and Italian.

'I love you, Van.'

'Break a leg, Van!'

'ti amo, Van!'

Crowds filling up in front of the shop window. An uncountable number of people are out there for me. I'm stunned, unable to comprehend the situation.

The producer, who comes into the store, claps and says.

"Finally, it's over. You've worked hard!"

I gulp down saliva and glance at the screaming people.

"What, what is all this?"

The producer stands beside me and turns his back.

"These are your fans. Now, why don’t you go out and greet them?"

"Fa, fans?"

The producer smiles wryly and nods.

"Your show 'Drawing with Van' reached a momentary peak rating of 15%. The average rating is 8%. It's been ranked at the top among art broadcasts in Italy, generating a lot of buzz."


How can I believe that so many people watched a show where I just quietly drew and muttered?

With a dazed face, I alternately look at the crowd outside and the producer's face and ask.

"Is this some kind of hidden camera prank?"

"Ha ha! No, it's not. During yesterday's broadcast, the location of the store was revealed with subtitles. Now, your fans are waiting. Please go out and greet them."

The producer nudges my back.

Pushed by him, I fumble for the doorknob to go outside, so surprised that I miss it several times.

Finally, as I step outside, a tremendous cheer pours over me along with the fresh air.


Due to the sudden noise, I grimace slightly and hunch my neck. The fans hold up cards they've written by hand above their heads.

I could read the ones in Korean and English, most saying they love me, they are fans.

‘Did these people really come to see me?’

Thanks to the magazine interview, I already knew that my face had become well-known. But I'm not a celebrity, how could I possibly gain this much popularity?

The producer whispers from behind.

"Just raise your hand once."


I swallow hard and cautiously raise my hand.

Then, a colossal cheer erupts, as if the street itself could crumble. Dumbfounded, I stare at the people with my hand awkwardly raised.

Suddenly, journalists waiting in the front row of the crowd break the line and move inside.

It was a situation that could have led to an accident if the security guards hadn't intervened, with so many people pushing forward. The journalists shout.

"Van! Please say a word!"

"RAI Channel 5's ratings have surpassed 15%! How do you feel?"

"What did you paint at the end of the woodland path?"

"The viewers are curious, please tell us about the painting you hid at the end of the path!"

I take a few steps back, overwhelmed by the pressing journalists.

Then, about twenty bodyguards wearing sunglasses rush in from the side of the broadcasting staff and surround me.

What is this now? As I look at them, puzzled, Monica approaches last.

Monica sends a beaming smile and claps.

"You were amazing, Ban."

"Monica. What exactly is happening here?"

"It's hard to explain here. Too noisy. Shall we go to the car?"

"Ah, yes."

Although I'm grateful that people like me, this sudden turn of events is too overwhelming. All I want now is to quickly leave this place.

Guided by the bodyguards to the car.

I walked frantically among the people, waving cards and screaming like the most passionate fans of a boy band. It was a moment when I truly understood what it means to be out of one's mind.

Thanks to the bodyguards, I quickly reach the parking lot and spot Monica's Maserati in the distance, rushing towards it.

Monica's driver, who was waiting in advance, opens the back door for me.

Like a hero escaping from a building about to explode in the last scene of a movie, I dive into the car, quickly adjust myself, and press my face against the window to look outside.

A scene that is hard to believe.

I experienced something that K-pop stars might see.

"Ha, what on earth."

Monica, who got into the seat next to me a bit late, said to the driver.

"To the hotel."

As the car starts moving, I see the bodyguards forming a line, pushing the crowd back, clearing a path to the road. I ask from inside the car.

"Can you explain now? Is it true that the ratings soared to 15%?"

Monica claps softly and smiles.

"You've made history in Italian solo broadcasting, Ban."


Wow, is this real?

"But, who would watch that kind of broadcast."

Monica said with a deep smile.

"The explanations about various Asian cultures that Van did in front of the camera for a fortnight became interesting content for the viewers. Google search rankings were filled daily with words from Van's stories."


"The broadcasting company also made a tremendous profit."

"Why the broadcasting company?"

"Did you know about the food that the PD gave you to eat? It was all product placement (PPL)."

"Oh, I know that."

“The broadcasting station made a contract to share sales revenue, and many of the foods that Ban ate became mega-hits. It seems that the ratings were high, and with Ban eating the food deliciously and adding matching stories, the viewers responded well. The responsible CP even called to thank us.”


“We had to use all our connections and beg favors to get this broadcast. After it ended, various broadcast officials came to thank us. This is all thanks to you. You did so well, Ban.”

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