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Chapter 135 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

I swallowed hard.

After being locked in a small room for fifteen days, I emerged to find the world had changed. Is this what they mean by an overnight star?

Monica spoke while crossing her arms.

“As you know, from now on, Ban cannot act alone. This is a safety measure, so please understand. You will be assigned a 24-hour bodyguard. Of course, we only chose those who can speak English, so feel free to ask them anything.”


Monica burst into laughter at my bewildered face and asked.

“But is that story about Ban's father true?”


“The man who talks about the sky.”

“Ah, right.”

“Oh, he was such a romantic. That story became the most talked-about. Now, Ban, you are the most desirable man among Italian women. Thanks to you, it seems that wives are nagging their husbands at home, haha.”


Monica clapped her hands lightly and continued.

“While watching the broadcast and checking the reactions, I always felt fortunate to have met you. You did a great job, Ban.”

I remained silent, swallowing hard. I still couldn't believe it. Am I dreaming? Will Marco come to wake me up and say it's time to work again?

I pinched my cheek. Huh? It doesn't hurt? Should I pinch harder?

Monica burst into laughter again at my actions and slapped my shoulder.

“Now that you're famous, stop doing that, haha.”

“…This isn't a dream, right?”

“It's reality, Ban.”


Have I really become famous?

Not in Korea, but in Italy?

Then I heard the vibration of my phone from my bag. I quickly took it out; it was Young-ju calling.

“Hey, Young-ju.”

-You crazy guy. What on earth did you do?


-Didn't I tell you to go and do something worthy of our company’s portfolio? And you've turned Italy upside down?

“How do you know?”

-Idiot, there are over fifty articles about you here today. Don't you know that Koreans are crazy about stories of Asians being recognized in the West?

“Wow, even in Korea?”

-Yes, it’s not broadcasted yet, but with such attention, news is coming out here too. The foreign websites with translation services are plastered with your story. You are even on TV news here. They just broadcasted you leaving the store live.


-It’s three in the afternoon here. Calls for business proposals are flooding the company. You, this guy, did too much. We only have four people including me; how can we handle all this?

It sounded like a reprimand, but his voice was very cheerful. Although he complained, he seemed happy with the situation benefiting the company.

“Should we hire more people?”


“How many?”

-We’d need a hundred to handle all the business proposals, but expanding too quickly is a shortcut to failure. Let’s start with ten, what do you think?

Ten people. Will I become the boss of a company with fifteen employees? Can I do that?

“Isn’t ten too many?”

-You kid, what did you hear just now? Even with a hundred, we can’t handle all the work. Let's start with ten and try our best to handle the workload.

“Okay, I’ll come back quickly, so let’s do interviews when I get there.”

-Stop talking nonsense. Do you not know the saying ‘strike while the iron is hot’? Don’t come back. The hiring of employees is my responsibility. You just become more famous and come back, got it? I’m hanging up.

The call ended abruptly.

But Young-ju’s last voice was full of vitality.

I just stared at my phone, dumbfounded. As I waited for the call to end, Monica’s voice reached me.



“Can I ask you one question?”

“Ah, yes.”

After putting my phone in my bag and looking at her, Monica asks with a smile.

"What painting did you hide? People are going crazy wanting to know. Did you do that on purpose? To make people come to the store to see it themselves?"

"Ah, that."

What's this? You're the CEO of a company.

If you were curious, you could have seen it when you came to pick me up.

Maybe it's because I'm moving away from the people in the car, or maybe it's Youngju's voice, but I feel a bit more settled now.

"The Pond of Black Lotus."

Monica's eyes widen as soon as she hears my words. She rolls her eyes, then claps her hands, visibly moved.


Monica rushes into the car and hugs me.


"Van! This is so touching!"


Ah, heartwarming.

To think that I would get to embrace such a beauty in my life.

I gently push away the moved Monica, who's almost in tears, and scratch my head.

"No, it's because Aqua Rossellini is moving towards a premium line with the Black Label. I just wanted to say that your Black Label is the ultimate destination of fashion."

Monica smiles broadly, tears sparkling in her eyes.

"You're right, Van! I'll work hard to make the meaning behind your painting a reality!"

Ha, sure. Please do.

I'm a major shareholder with 0.8% of the stock, after all.

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