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Chapter 138 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

'...Alright. It's a bit hard to get used to.'

Returning to reality after facing a god felt like being hit by a sudden wave.

But nothing had changed. Let's proceed with the plan.

"Mr. Heldre. Then, let me make you an offer."

I spoke to Heldre, who looked at me with suspicion.

Even while begging, he must have deemed his chances of survival slim.

Of course, he wasn't wrong.

“All I want is your life. So, making a deal with you is out of the question.”

“……Then what do you suggest?”

Heldre muttered unpleasantly.

“I will give you a choice.”

“A choice?”

When Heldre asked, I grabbed Cain by the nape of her neck and lifted her up. Heldre’s gaze turned to Cain.

“You seem to cherish your granddaughter dearly.”

“……Hey, wait a minute.”

Heldre guessed what I was going to do.

And perhaps his guess was correct.

“I’m going to drop Cain from here.”


I spoke calmly. I was trying my best to do so.

“I will shoot the same thing I shot at you at Cain as she’s falling. Cain probably won’t be able to evade an attack that even you couldn’t evade.”

Heldre’s eyes opened wide. When I looked at Cain, her expression was more or less the same.

“But you might be able to stop it. After all, you did block it once.”

Of course, his arms were ruined.

I smiled. I’ve been feeling like a real villain since earlier.

I’m putting the lives of a granddaughter and her grandfather on the line in front of the grandfather. Well, anyone would think I’m an evil villain.

“I’m giving you a chance.”

At my words, Heldre clamped his mouth shut. His jaw jutted out.

It was an expression of rage, but I couldn’t know what he was thinking.

“I will be creating an opening between the time I drop Cain and the moment I shoot Excalibur. What you do with that opening, whether you run away or try to save your granddaughter, is your choice. By the way, I don’t recommend attacking me. It would be futile with those hands, and don’t forget about the person next to me.”

At my words, Heldre turned his gaze to Osprey.

Osprey was already next to me. With his abilities, he could easily protect me from Heldre in his current state.

Heldre spoke after a brief silence,

“Does Osprey also agree to this proposal? Will that bastard not interfere with me?”

“Yes, he will. Isn’t that right, Chancellor?”

I smiled, looking at Osprey.

Of course, nothing had been agreed upon beforehand. However, if it was Osprey, he would be able to see through my intentions.

“Of course. I won’t interfere,” Osprey said.

I stretched my arm, which was still holding Cain by the neck, to the side. She was quite heavy, even though she was slender.

“Then choose.”

I said, and…


I dropped Cain without hesitation. Cain let out a short sound that could barely be called a scream.

I pointed the tip of Excalibur, which I was holding in reverse, at Cain. I pulled Mjölnir back forcefully. It was the same attack stance as before.

I still haven’t named this attack, but it resembles a hammer striking a nail. I suppose I’ll call it ‘Nail.’


Heldre, seeing that…

──ran away. Without even looking back. He was disappearing into the distance with propulsion flight.

‘This is good enough.’

Naturally, I didn’t have the energy to perform a second ‘Nail.’ So instead, I said,

“Chancellor! Please chase after Heldre!”

“Are you going back on our agreement?”

“There’s no need to attack him! Just chase him so he doesn’t come back here!”

“──Very well. I understand.”

Osprey also flew off in the direction Heldre had disappeared, using propulsion flight.

Then I canceled Excalibur and Mjölnir. I dropped vertically towards Cain, who was falling.

It’s terrible to say after dropping her, but…

I was going to save Cain.

She still has some value as she isn’t quite ready to die.

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