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Chapter 139 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Volunteer Work

Cain fell through the air, the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on her. It was difficult to follow her accelerating descent.

As the distance between us lessened, I got a closer look at Cain. Her eyes were tightly shut, as if she had resigned himself to death.

I shouted towards the falling Cain.

"Hey! Open your eyes!"


Cain opened her eyes at the sound of my voice, spotted me, and opened her mouth.

"What, what are you doing!? What's your game!?"

Cain said, sounding flustered. I suppose it wouldn't look good for the person who knocked her off to suddenly reach out a helping hand.

But did that really matter in this situation?

"Reach out your hand! Do you want to die!?"


Cain seemed to bristle at my words, but she eventually extended her hand.

There was still some distance between us, but that was fine. I was properly prepared this time.


Rank - Common


Following Azier's advice, I had properly stored some rope in my workshop.

I grabbed the end of the rope and threw it. It was long enough to reach Cain, and I paused in the air once I confirmed that she had caught it.

I pulled on the rope, hoisting Cain up. Then, I slowly descended back to the ground with Cain in tow.

"......What the hell are you thinking?"

Cain looked at me with a disgruntled expression.

I ignored her and asked,

"Can you use portals?"


"I saw Kraken escape using a portal. Can you all use them?"

Cain blinked, then seemed to ponder the question before answering.

"I can. It requires a chant, though."

"Alright. Then once we get to the ground, escape using a portal."

Cain's eyes narrowed at my words.

"Seriously, what's your game?"

"Look down."

Cain obediently lowered her head. Maybe because I saved her life, she was being surprisingly obedient.

"Skyler and Thompson have already been apprehended. They won't be able to escape."


On the ground, Isamaya and Pascal already had the two of them restrained. Wearing restraints, they wouldn't be able to escape through the portal.

"Now, you're the only member of Indus."

“……And Kraken."

Right, that's true.

"Anyway, if you're caught, Indus will truly be annihilated. There's a good chance that the guys who received orders from the executives will cause a commotion and run wild."

"So, why are you worried about that? We’re you enemy, aren't we?"

As we conversed, the ground drew closer. At this height, Cain would probably be fine even if she fell. She has a rope. Rather, it wouldn't be bad to devise a plan to attack me while I'm flying right now.

However, Cain didn't do that. She's not cunning enough to have such thoughts, and more than anything, Cain is too young. Not simply inexperienced like Pascal, but literally a young girl.

That's why the seed of doubt that sprouted in the child's mind only grows larger.

"The Empire must change. Just like you said."

I moderately endorsed her dream. As expected, the eyes that had been looking at me with suspicion softened a little, and Cain looked at me with a bit of interest.

I looked at Cain with a deliberately serious expression.

"But, the same goes for Indus."


"You saw Heldre run away on you."

"You made him do that. And Heldre is more important than me."

"Is that 'equality'?"


Among the executives of Indus, Cain is the only one who truly believes in the slogan they're promoting, 'equality.'

"G, got no time."

I deliberately chose a barren cliff with no people and landed.

There's still time, but if I dawdle, one of the instructors will witness me intentionally letting Cain go.

Of course, it was an intentional action, but they won't believe me even if I explain it.


Cain quietly watched me and took a few steps back. Then, a portal opened behind her.

That portal will probably only open right above the ground, and vertically like that. It's impossible for Cain to open a portal while falling to lessen the damage.

Cain stared at me in silence before pursing her lips.

"You'll regret this."

"You're the one who'll regret it."

It may have just been a verbal fight, but I meant each and every word.

Cain seemed to realize that, closing her mouth before disappearing beyond the portal.

With the portal gone, the place which was once filled with a bloody battle became deathly silent.


Lifting my head, I looked up at the sky.

It was a clear, blue sky.

A perfect day for a school trip.

* * *

At the same time, inside the train.

After passing the sky rail, the teachers let out a sigh of relief.

Stepping down from their alert status, they took turns walking around the inside of the carriage.

After her shift, Malia returned to her seat and checked on the situation through sensory sharing.

And then,

"…It's done."

She clenched her fist.

A devastating blow had befallen the enemy commander and their leaders.

It was a result far greater than Constel had predicted.

'He suddenly went off on his own, and I was worried.'

Malia watched Frondier's actions through sensory sharing. The view from Chancellor Osprey's perspective was the best seat in the house.

Malia's heart welled up with joy and pride at Frondier's steadily improving—no, it was getting to the point where calling it improvement didn't seem to do it justice—skill.

But that only lasted a moment. After checking the situation, Malia sent a text to all the teachers.

[Two of Indus' leaders have been apprehended. The rest have fled. Report any further developments.]

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