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Chapter 140 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Volunteer Work (2)

Elodie and Aten followed behind Sybil. A little further back, Jane was also in pursuit.

Jane, unlike Malia, didn’t know exactly what had happened on the sky rail. Therefore, she believed that Frondier, having participated in the operation, wouldn’t have time to be in Cropolis.

But lightly dismissing that thought,


Sybil, with an excited voice, was the first to speak up, pointing her finger somewhere.

"There he is."

The beach. Already, many students and citizens were enjoying their leisure time on the sandy shores.

Frondier was walking leisurely in front of them.

"…It’s real."

In a simple uniform, with a hat to block out the sun, and even a whistle around his neck.

He was unmistakably dressed as a lifeguard.

Aten looked at Jane.

“So the community service was being a lifeguard?”

“Uh? Oh, well, yes.”

Jane answered awkwardly.

She didn’t know either.

‘So, they really made him do community service.’

She had thought it was just an excuse for the Indus extermination operation.

Then, does this mean that after carrying out the operation with Osprey, Frondier immediately returned to Cropolis to work as a lifeguard?

…Isn’t that overdoing it?

“No, we don’t know yet.”

Elodie snorted.

Everyone here always knew of another possibility. Having seen the mask packs from Quinie.

That Frondier could also be a fake wearing a mask.

‘Well, since I followed Sybil and found the real Frondier, the chances of him being a fake are slim.’

But it’s still worth checking.

When Elodie rolled up her sleeves and slowly approached Frondier,


Elodie saw a few women in swimsuits approaching Frondier.

Conversations like where did you come from? You look young, are you a student? Part-time job? were heard.

As she got closer, the conversation became clearer.

"Ah, I know who you are! You’re a Constel student, aren’t you!"

“Oh my, really?”

“Of course! They said they came to Cropolis for a school trip from Constel today, but he’s the face I’ve seen the most on Wizard View!”

The women approaching Frondier were raising their tension, chattering among themselves.

Elodie’s face naturally turned towards Frondier.

Frondier, still with a languid face. It was unclear whether he was listening to the approaching women or not. Fortunately,

‘No, why do I think this is fortunate?’

Elodie brushed off the thought that had momentarily crossed her mind.

"Mr. Frondier is quite popular."

Aten, who was behind, commented.

Indeed, Frondier's popularity, or lack thereof, was largely due to the reputation that spread within Constel. He was perceived as a useless, lazy man who relied solely on his family's power and was immature.

However, Frondier, having shed that image, was beyond reproach at least in appearance.

Elodie knew that at her mansion, dressed in a suit, Frondier had caught everyone's attention.

Moreover, whether it was the effect of training or something else, Frondier's body had become muscular. He was at least not unworthy of the title of a warrior.


At that moment, someone smirked amusingly. It was Sybil.

Sybil flipped her hair and walked past Elodie towards Frondier. By then, Sybil had already completed a certain 'transition'.

If there were parameters for seductiveness and coquettishness, Sybil was walking with all of them fully charged.

It was easier and more familiar to her than breathing. Just watching her walk made Elodie's face inexplicably flush.


Sybil called out to Frondier, waving her hand. The faces of the women around Frondier reflected tension and surprise.

"Ah, Sybil."

Frondier accepting her greeting was the final blow. Confirming that Frondier had called her by name, Sybil's smile grew even more seductive.

"Frondier, was your volunteer work being a lifeguard?"

"Well, yes. Before we set off, I heard about the lifeguard's code of conduct and such. So, even though I started a bit late, I finished preparing while the Constel guides were going through the instructions."

Sybil listened to Frondier's story with a warmly amused smile. Truthfully, she didn't care about the content. As soon as Frondier finished speaking, Sybil shifted her gaze to the women nearby.

"Hello. I'm Sybil Forte. Frondier, who are these ladies?"

Sybil asked very kindly and gently, prompting Frondier to introduce them.

Ah, Frondier looked at the women around him. They were people he had just met, so even if he wanted to introduce them, it was difficult. Obviously, Sybil knew this when she asked.

"Um, are you his girlfriend?"

One of the startled women asked Sybil. With a playful smile, Sybil replied.

"Yes. We're friends. We attend Constel together."

As Sybil spoke, she sensually approached Frondier. When asked if she was his girlfriend, answering, “We’re friends,” was quite clever, but a fairly effective method.

The important thing here was to make it difficult for Frondier to simply deny it.

"What do you mean by friend."

However, Frondier was different.

Frondier flatly denied it and placed his hand on Sybil’s head.

Sybil’s expression turned sour. Even after changing modes (?) after such a long time, the feedback was terrible.

"No, but what's the point of saying we're not friends. Hey, you think it's easy to be friends with me─”

“She’s my girlfriend.”

Sybil froze in place at Frondier’s next words. Aten and Elodie, who were watching from a distance, widened their eyes and dropped their jaws.

“Oh, I see. You two look good together.”

“Well, then we’ll be going now.”

“Let’s go over there. I’m a bit tired.”

“S, sure.”

The ladies greeted us briefly before leaving in a daze.

Frondier spoke to Sybil, who was still frozen in place.

“Thanks, Sybil.”


“I had a hard time dealing with them. You’re something else, Sybil. It was a great act.”

An act, that’s right.

It was only then that Sybil realized that Frondier had acted accordingly. To get rid of the ladies.

That’s right, what a relief. Sybil thawed out a bit.

Of course, it was true that she had feelings for Frondier, but suddenly becoming Frondier’s girlfriend felt too sudden, and she wasn’t prepared at all.

There was a slight sense of disappointment, but she was more relieved.

“I’ve been so tired lately. I survived thanks to your help.”

Frondier said with a sigh.

Of course, Sybil had only ever seen Frondier’s perpetually sleepy face, so it was hard to tell the difference.

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