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Chapter 140 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve thought to myself, ‘I’m going to take a break after finishing this.’ I feel incredibly exhausted.

However, this is something only I know. I’ve checked in the mirror, and no matter how tired or sleepy I am, my face stays the same.

My face is sleepy and tired all the time anyway.



I returned to my room and sat on the chair after the lifeguards exchanged shifts.

This was a private room, and the facilities were much better than those for the other Constel students. It was probably a reward for participating in the operation.

However, even after coming this far, I still couldn’t rest.

The reason I must keep going, even now, is that the 'reward' I am to receive isn't limited to just a private room.

"The quest reward hasn't arrived."

[Main Quest: Operation Suppress Indus]

•Description: Indus's plan has been revealed. Stop the plan and suppress Indus members.

•Objective: Suppress Indus members and leader.

•Rewards: Compensation varies depending on the number of people suppressed.

• Failure may result in a state of anarchy.

The "Operation Suppress Indus" quest.

Even after the operation in Constel has ended, the quest hasn't been completed.

I thought we had managed to stop Indus and clear it without anyone getting hurt.

Meaning, it's not over yet.


Just then, the sound of a crow's cawing reached me from outside the window.

I checked outside the window. The crow circled in the air and then landed in front of my window.

[I've found you.]

The crow spoke to me. It was Gregory, as expected.

Even after capturing Armel, a member of Indus hiding within Constel, Gregory had stayed by my side.

He followed my orders and continued to act as a crow I had tamed within Constel.

When I asked why, he said,

[Prison is just boring and tedious. Watching over you is far more interesting. It seems like trouble follows wherever you go.]

I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Anyway, I entrusted Gregory with searching for the Kraken.

The Kraken lost one life to my arrow. I didn't see it myself, but I trust in the performance of my Khryselakatos.

The remaining two lives. The Kraken was bound to use one life for the 'revolution.' The original plan was to use both spare lives for the revolution, but that plan was thwarted by me.

So, the problem was which of the two intended uses for its life the Kraken would choose.

Since there was no way to find out, I told Gregory about two places and ordered him to find out where the Kraken was headed.

One of the expected locations is the sea 'Lure.'

The Kraken, being a monster of the sea, is most likely to dive into the Lure Sea, fighting off monsters beyond human boundaries, to gain Poseidon's favor and obtain the divine artifact 'Trident.'

Since the Kraken is originally a sea monster, it also has the highest chance of obtaining the Trident, which currently lies deep within the sea.

If the Kraken managed to obtain the Trident, it would be game over for the player. I believe it’s hopeless based on my current criteria.

The Trident, like Mjölnir, is ranked ‘Divine.’ My weapon is only a replica. I haven’t found any difference yet, but the real deal, a genuine divine weapon, might be a different story.

Above all, the Kraken's own combat power is stronger than mine, so the possibility of winning is already slim.

However, obtaining the Trident is something that even the Kraken, with three lives, would only succeed in once in tens of thousands of tries.

I've never actually experienced it while playing the game myself, and I've only heard stories from other players.

It was treated as an urban legend, but judging from the numerous sightings, it seems that there was definitely such a route. Of course, those sightings were filled with the players' rage.

But the Kraken just lost a life unexpectedly. He probably won’t do something foolish like trying to take the Trident.

So, probably.

“The Kraken went to Renzo.”

“…I see.”

I nodded at Gregory’s report.

Renzo is currently being held at the prison ‘Morion.’

[T/N: The prison name is actually ‘Obsidian’, which the previous translator used for the Liquid Metal, so I’m changing the prison name to Morion, which is another crystal similar to Obsidian. Do share your thoughts on this.]

'Morion' is a place where no one can escape on their own, and no one can invade the prison from the outside.

Except for the Kraken.

He can get Renzo out of Morion without using either of those two methods.

‘Alright, everything’s gone smoothly so far.’

I messed with the normal flow of this game quite a bit, in order to get a more ideal outcome.

Unexpected things happened during the whole process, and I faced dangerous situations because of them.

Even so, I will continue to read the game’s grand flow and deal with it accordingly.

I will strictly examine the things that changed because of me and the things that didn’t.

‘Kraken, I’ll watch until you get your hands on Renzo.’

I might have been able to interfere with that if I really tried my best.

But there's no need to do that.

Renzo is not a character that anyone can handle.

If things go the way I think they will, the Kraken is opening the door to completely wiping out Indus with his own hands.

…If that happens, that’ll finally be the end of my tenacious grudge with Indus.

I’ll rest after that.

Let me just do this, just this one thing, and then I’ll rest.

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