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Chapter 145 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Then I heard the women's voices again.

"So, Ban Jeong-hoon, should we also suspect his connections with Irina?"

"The pianist?"

"Yes, didn't you see Irina sitting next to Ban Jeong-hoon at a fashion show, talking intimately?"

"I saw that. Could Irina also be involved with Ban Jeong-hoon?"

"Ha, a man of charm? An acquaintance of mine said, you know the W Tree Group?"

“Hmm, a hotel chain? Ban Jeong-hun painted a ceiling mural in their theater, right?”

“That's not all. The hotel even hosted an exhibition and bought all of Ban Jeong-hun's paintings.”

“Really? I heard it's almost like they're his sponsor.”

“Yeah, but I heard that the person who discovered Ban Jeong-hun was the youngest daughter of the W Tree Group.”

“No way, so did Ban Jeong-hun charm her too?”

“It's not confirmed, but there are people quietly suspecting it.”

“Wow, that's huge. He looks like an actor, handsome indeed. Did all those impressive women fall for him? Does he have some hidden charm we don't know about?”

“Haha! Maybe his skills in bed?”

“Oh my! There’s nothing you won’t say!”

I felt like throwing up.

How can they say such things? I want to ask them what kind of mindset they have.

But listening to their conversation, it seems it's not just their own thoughts. Are there so many people with twisted minds in the world, or is it a rational suspicion that anyone could have?

It's unfair and infuriating.

I clenched my teeth, barely holding back my anger, when the octopus was served.

After paying, I roughly stuffed the packaged food into the scooter's storage compartment, put on my helmet, and called Seongcheol on my phone.

-Yes, boss.

“Hey, it's me. Can you arrange an interview?”


“I think we need to clarify some things.”

-If you say so, the journalists will come. But the public opinion is really bad right now. They won’t listen to any clarifications from you. They’ll just twist your words and write sensational articles. Are you sure about this?


-Youngju, the director, instructed everyone involved in broadcasting not to make any excuses, but if you want, I’ll discuss it with him and arrange the schedule.

“Hah, never mind. If Youngju thinks the same, then silence is the answer. Thanks for considering, though. You do your work.”

-Yes, boss. If you need anything, just call me anytime.

I hung up the phone and pressed the helmet firmly on my head before returning to my accommodation.

On the way back, I couldn’t feel the cool sea breeze or the refreshing smells anymore.

The stench of garbage was overpowering, and the sound of the waves seemed like barking dogs.

Sitting in the yard of the accommodation, I ate the octopus.

What I couldn’t have before now tasted like over-chewed, flavorless gum.

Eventually, I threw away the chopsticks in frustration.

“Damn it, really!”

After throwing the remaining octopus into the fridge, I lay on the bed and waited until it got dark. Until the guests from outside had left.

And finally, when it was dark, I covered my face and started walking again. Staying inside was too suffocating.

My phone rang in my pocket.

But I didn’t want to answer it. Whoever it was, I felt like it would just be spreading trouble to them. But the phone kept ringing.

The vibration rang about five times. I sighed, stood in the middle of the walking path, and took out the phone.

“It’s Youngju.”

I caught my breath.

Youngju is a precious friend.

I don’t want to lash out at a friend.

She is someone who gives me a break and takes care of my work for me.

“Hey, Youngju. How are you?”

I answered the phone with as bright a voice as I could.

- Boss, are you enjoying your vacation?

"Yeah, thanks to you."

- What did you eat today?


- Oh! I'm so jealous.

"Come down here if you're jealous."

- Really?

"Yeah, there's a lot of octopus here. And it's not too expensive."

- Really, should I come down?

"Huh? Can you?"

- If I leave on Friday night, I'll be there for the weekend. Today's Tuesday, after all.


Now that she says she'll come, it feels a bit awkward. Just me here alone. Spending the weekend in one lodging with Youngju?

I feel slightly burdened.

- What's up? You tell me to come and now you're hesitant when I say I will?

"No, it's not like that. Come, I'll prepare a feast."

- Really? Can I really come?

Not just 'can', I'd be really thankful if you did. To be honest, I've been feeling pretty lonely.

"Yeah, definitely come."

- Okay! I'll wait for Friday!

"Ha ha, okay. See you then."

After hanging up, I looked up at the stars. I feel a bit better. Maybe friends are the cure-all for me. No, more precisely, it's Youngju.

Today, I've felt a disgust towards humanity. More precisely, towards their mouths. Thoughtless words they spit out. Things they would have a fit over if it was about them, they casually chew and spit out.

I felt a contradictory emotion, not wanting to meet anyone but wishing someone was beside me.

And just before.

I realized I need to be around people. I enjoy talking with and sharing meals with my precious ones.

I took a deep breath and forced a smile. I wanted to smile, even if forced.

"Before Youngju arrives, I should tidy up the house. Maybe buy some flowers?"

It feels like a breath of fresh air.

I'm glad I took the call. If I hadn't talked with Youngju, I would have spent this long night heavily intoxicated.

Feeling a bit lighter, I left the walking path and headed back to the village.

Thinking about how to decorate the lodging, I slowly stopped in my tracks.

A small building appeared on the side of the forest path.

A building I hadn't noticed on my way up. I looked at the building pensively and smiled faintly.

"You've followed me here."

Among the trees in the forest, the sign above the unfamiliar building glows.

Lucid Dream Art Gallery

Today's Exhibition: Vincent van Gogh, Light, Color, and Spirit

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