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Chapter 146 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,MysteryBonus chapter thanks to @everyone from Ko-fi!

Meeting Van Gogh (1)

My heart pounds.

It’s no longer surprising that the art gallery has followed me this far.

It had even followed me to Italy before, so this is nothing new.

But the name written on today’s exhibition makes me excited.


I can meet Van Gogh.

If I'm lucky, I might even get a chance to talk to him.

I calmed my breathing and slowly headed towards the museum.

The building in the middle of the forest required me to push through the bushes as there was no path leading to it.

After familiarly buying a ticket, I went down the basement stairs, hearing faint music.


The musician loved by Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne, Wagner’s music fills the air.

Standing in front of the heavy door, I listened to the music for a moment and then pushed the door with my body. Air trapped underground burst out, creating a slight breeze.

I threw off my hat and mask and entered into my own world.

In this place, grand classical music and glittering paintings are projected magnificently.

‘Starry Night Over the Rhône.’

When we discuss Van Gogh, Starry Night is a painting that always comes up.

There are two pieces in the star series, one being Starry Night, and the one being projected now is Starry Night Over the Rhône.

This painting is particularly beautiful with its gas lights reflected on the river.

I quietly walked and sat on the central rock sofa, unable to take my eyes off the painting.

‘The sky painted with stars at night, the sky reflected in the gas lighting is turquoise, the water is royal blue, the land is purple, and the village is painted in blue and purple. Careful pallor. The contrast with the brutal gold. A remarkable painting.’

The main difference from the other painting, Starry Night, is the lesser use of spiral expressions. The sky drawn in round spirals in that painting seemed to suck you in, but this one gives a more peaceful feeling.

The painting that adorned the wall gradually disappears, and the next one appears, overlapping. It’s Starry Night, the one I just recalled. An exhibition showing the Star series consecutively.

This painting is one of Van Gogh's most famous works, always listed at the top when naming his most notable pieces.

It’s one of the most symbolic pieces of art in existence, and its swirling night sky filled with expressionist spirals still elicits strong emotional reactions today.

The reason this painting is famous is that it was painted inside a mental hospital.

Van Gogh, after cutting off his ear and admitting himself to a mental hospital, referred to this painting, which he painted in a state of mental turmoil, as a ‘failed painting.’

However, this painting, which he called a failure, has become the most symbolic in remembering him.

A beep sounds in my head. Someone very powerful seems to be pressing down hard on my eyelids.

Now, I enter a dream.

* * *

I feel the cool autumn breeze.

It’s not a strong wind, but it’s refreshing.

Quietly opening my eyes, I find myself on a hill overlooking a small village built in French architectural style and a wide expanse of farmland.

‘Where could this be?’

I like Van Gogh.

I have liked him since I was young.

So, I know almost everything about him.

Is it because I visited recently?

It feels like the Provence region in southern France.

Looking around, my eyes catch a hand-written sign.

‘Bienvenue à Arles.’

As soon as I see the sign, my eyes light up. This museum shows me a moment in the life of the artist currently being exhibited. And from this sign, I deduce the current era and location.

“It’s Arles in 1888.”

This is where Van Gogh cut off his own ear.

‘Where is Van Gogh? At a hotel? Or in the Yellow House?’

Van Gogh stayed at a hotel here until he ran out of money. He then rented a very small house at a cheap price and set up a gallery for painters, although it was all financed by his brother.

I slowly walked down the farm path.

On the opposite side, a postman with a bushy brown beard, carrying a large bag and holding someone’s letter, comes into view.

I saw him.

But he doesn’t see me.

I’m the only one visible in this vast farm, so if he doesn’t see me, it means I’m invisible.

He passes by me.

I stared at him intently. After he passed by me, I suddenly raised my hand and shouted.

“Hey, Vincent!”

I was startled and quickly turned my head.

Startled, I turned my head quickly.

In the direction where the postman was waving, stood a thin man with orange hair, carrying a paint supply bag.

‘It's Van Gogh!’

Unbelievable, I'm actually seeing Van Gogh.

Is this a dream or reality? Ah, it must be a dream.

His eyes are intense. He looks sharp and extremely sensitive, but he's waving back at the postman with a gentle face, suggesting they maintain a good relationship.

The postman, holding a letter, says to him, “Another letter from your brother.”

Van Gogh rushes over with joy to receive the letter.

“Ah, saved at last. Now I can finally buy chrome yellow paint. I was getting restless running out of paint.”

It seems his brother has sent him money.

The postman glances at the canvas on Van Gogh's back and asks, “Have you been working until now?”

“Speaking of others. Aren’t you working right now too?”

“Well, I went for a drink this afternoon and ended up taking a nap, so it's different.”

“In this situation, a drink? Aren’t you about to have your third child? What kind of provider does that?”

“That's true, I should head home early today.”

"Yes, go ahead. Thank you for delivering the letter."

The postman waves his hand and heads to deliver at the next house.

From their conversation, it seems they are quite familiar with each other.

Even Van Gogh, with his difficult personality, had someone he was close to. No wonder, the postman who brings him money and letters from his brother every week must be a cherished person to Van Gogh.

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