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Chapter 147 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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“Hey, Renzo!”

Frondier called out to Renzo.

“What? You trying to buy some time? If that’s what you—“

“The spear and shield you have, are they ‘Enkephalos’ and ‘Lynotoros’?”


Renzo’s eyes opened wide. They shook the most violently they had ever shaken.

He clamped his mouth shut for a moment, before quivering his clenched fists for a moment, and then slowly opening his trembling lips.

“…N-no, they’re not?”


Frondier shut his mouth for a moment, after hearing his answer.

And then, he called out again.

"I see!"

"T-That's right! There's no way that's true!"

Renzo replied, smiling once again.

Frondier thought.

‘Ares’s divine weapons. He possesses both that spear and shield.’

A man who possessed the divine power of Ares, holding Ares’s weapons. On top of that, that human himself was one of the strongest.

In other words, Renzo was currently the human closest to godhood.

“I told you I wouldn’t give you time to think!”

Renzo jumped again. Frondier followed suit, ascending higher.

If Renzo couldn’t fly, Frondier had the overwhelming advantage. All he had to do was fire from outside of his opponent’s range.



After jumping up, Renzo glared at the even higher Frondier and threw his spear. Frondier flinched and leaned his body back. The spear grazed Frondier’s flank.

‘What’s his game plan? Does he intend to fight bare-handed?’

Frondier looked at Renzo again, and to his surprise.

Renzo still had his spear in his hand.


“Alright, here I go again!”

Renzo sent his spear flying as he fell. This time, the fact that he was throwing it as he fell made his aim waver, causing it to miss. If he had thrown it properly, it probably would have hit Frondier, who had been momentarily flustered.

Frondier checked Renzo's hand again. He still had the spear.

'The thrown spear is still in his hand.'

That's not recovery. It's not the spear that was thrown coming back.

It's as if I never threw it in the first place.

“Wasn't your bow 'Sure-Hit'?”

Renzo said. The spear glowed in response. Its momentum was ferocious, and it had an ominous color.

“My spear is 'Infinite Attempts'. I can make it as if it never missed. I recover all the stamina and mana I used when I threw it, and the spear comes back to my hand.”

Huh. Frondier let out a hollow laugh. It was absurd. Of course, it was because the ability was so outstanding, but it was also because of the 'nature' of the ability itself.

“……What a selfish spear.”

Could there be a spear that matches its master so well?

“Hahahaha! That's right. And this spear flies in a 'straight line'. No matter how high you go, you're in my range.”

Renzo assumed a throwing stance. It was very blatant. The light in his eyes as he aimed the spear flashed.

"Want to feel what it's like to be a sparrow, Frondier?"


Renzo planted his feet on the ground and threw the spear. Its power was different from its unstable stance in the air.

Frondier barely dodged it again. The speed at which the spear was thrown had increased. A spear that recovers magic power and stamina if it misses. Naturally, there was no reason to save energy. Renzo's throws became more and more intense.

I could feel his determination not to give me any room to breathe.

'This pervert is only aiming for the head!'

The spear's target was always Frondier's head. It was so precise that it seemed to be aiming for the space between his eyebrows.

It was easy to dodge because he knew where it was aimed, but Renzo intended to hit him anyway.


Frondier stretched out his left hand.


Rank - Divine


Mjölnir was clutched in his hand, and the look in Renzo's eyes changed when he saw it.

“Yes, I was waiting for that! Frondier!”

Renzo held the spear and shouted. He assumed a position to aim once more and threw it towards Frondier.

Frondier tilted his head back just like before.

However, this time the spear did not aim for his head. It aimed for Frondier’s heart.

‘Do you think I’m going to act like an idiot forever?’

Renzo smiled triumphantly.

The ‘Infinite Attempt’ spear pierced towards Frondier.


Frondier screamed. Renzo let out a small chuckle at that sight. What do you think? I aimed for your heart, but surely you won’t die in one blow, Frondier. I’ll be very disappointed if you do.


At that moment, Frondier’s mouth opened. It was a calm voice considering his body was pierced by a spear.

He looked to be in pain, but he also had a face that said ‘I can endure this.’


Then Frondier reached towards his chest. He took something out from inside of it.

It was a necklace. Renzo had seen it before. Frondier always wore that. However, it was not visible until just now. He had been hiding it inside his clothing.

And Renzo’s spear was embedded in that necklace.


Does that mean Frondier predicted it? That I would aim for his heart? So, he intentionally let it hit the necklace?

What is that necklace, that it can’t be pierced by a spear?

No, there’s something more important to worry about right now.

‘My spear……!’

The spear had clearly ‘hit’ the necklace.

It was not returning to Renzo’s hand.

“You’re really an idiot.”

Weaving, Obsidian

Rank ‒ Legendary


Black ink-like substance gathered in Frondier’s hand from the broken necklace.

It became a sword and was inversely held in Frondier’s hand. The tip of the sword emitted light and was pointed at Renzo. The inversely held sword, and in his other hand was Mjölnir, which he had already wove.

Frondier’s eyes shined dazzlingly.

Aura emission, Sword of Light

Frondier Original



The giant sword of light that had previously destroyed Heldre’s two arms.

Descended from the sky to the ground.

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