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Chapter 148 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Rematch (2)

Renzo looked up at the light of the blade that was attacking him.

"Is that the sword that took down the arm of Heldre?"

It was too large to avoid, and the speed was even faster. Should he use all his strength to block it and bear with it? However, he would be swept away in the explosion that would follow.

But instead of blocking, it might be a better idea for him to come forward and withstand the damage of the explosion.


Renzo raised his shield.

Renzo's aura and pressure rose high, before gathering at his shield.

The pressure of the mana that got stronger the more Renzo's faced a dangerous situation.

At this moment, the power Renzo contained had become stronger than before.

"If I lose here, I am not Renzo."

Renzo's eyes shined brightly. His lips were even forming into a smile that was filled with confidence.

He had blocked Mjölnir before. Although his great sword was shattered, there was hardly any damage.

The sword energy this time was incomparable to that time, it was truly a testament to Frondier's growth.

That's why he had to do it.


For the sake of achieving an absolute victory.

Because it's fun!

"That's right, Frondier!"

Renzo shouted, and Frondier laughed upon hearing his voice.

"That’s so like you, Renzo."


A huge light enveloped Renzo's shield. It seemed like it was trying to bury the shield along with Renzo, pressing down with violent speed and force. The wind pressure released by the attack severely pushed back the ground around Renzo.


The sound of Renzo's strength gathered in his shield collided with the magic. Sparks and vibrations filled the air.


In the end, Renzo managed to block the magic. He read the decreasing speed of magic and struck it sideways.

However, Renzo was filled with a strange feeling.

'There's no way.'

Frondier was holding back as if he was a thief. The attacks speed was slower than he had imagined. If it had been Heldre, he would've been able to block it. Even though he might've received some damage, his arm would not have been a problem.

Renzo looked up and observed Frondier. The look in Frondier's eyes, the way his head was filled with thoughts of Renzo.

'I thought he was trying his hardest.'

If Frondier put in his all here, if Renzo managed to withstand it... Frondier would have no choice but to run away.

Renzo determined that Frondier had always used his bare hands even when he had weapons. Whatever it was, be it magic or mana, there had to have been a different kind of consumption.

That's why Frondier was saving his strength. To find out the true identity of the shield, "Lynotoros".

Renzo got the idea after seeing Frondier's attack got completely consumed.

'Even so, he moved on the assumption that I would block it.'

Frondier predicted that Renzo would block even his full strength attack. That judgment of Frondier stirred Renzo's heart.

Meanwhile, Frondier was closely observing Renzo's form.

He had been conserving his strength to uncover the identity of the Lynotoros. Renzo's guess was correct.

'...That shield, it doesn't block in all directions.'

Frondier saw it. The shield lifted towards the sky to block the energy blast, but Renzo's knees below were left with minor injuries.

Perhaps it was the dust wind and sand, as well as the remnants of the dispersed sword energy, that had grazed below his knees.

‘The shield has the ability to block 'head-on' attacks in the direction it faces. That's why Renzo was tense when blocking the 'fireworks.' He can't respond to arrows coming from the side or behind.’

Since the fireworks curve in the trajectory following the targeted opponent, there was clearly a possibility of Renzo being hit from the side or back. Surely, he was lucky.

"Hey, Frondier!"

That's when Renzo shouted. With every word he uttered, his aura surged even more.

"I'm feeling absolutely fantastic right now!"

An unbearable fever was boiling up from within Renzo. That fever accelerated his divine power. Renzo's smile deepened, and Frondier saw his face.

'That is!'

Frondier's eyes wavered. The purple haze blooming behind Renzo.

It had been called the "haze of corruption" before, but now its true nature was revealed. It was a manifestation of a god.

'It doesn't show its form.'

However, the haze merely bloomed, without the god appearing in form.

Previously, the god Hestia of Heldre had known about Frondier looking into the past of gods and replicating their weapons.

Hephaestus must have warned others. No doubt, Renzo's god Ares had received the same warning. That's why he deliberately didn't show his form.


Renzo leaped into the air again, this time unarmed, having been disarmed of his spear.

Frondier moved in the air. He couldn't win in close combat. No matter that Renzo was unarmed, in fact, an unarmed Renzo was even more dangerous. Moreover, with Ares manifesting.

It was ideal to dodge Renzo's attack by moving and then snipe Renzo as he fell to the ground.

But then.

"I told you! Frondier! I'm feeling absolutely fantastic right now!"

Uttering incomprehensible noises,


Renzo stepped on the 'air' once, and leaped towards Frondier.

"It feels like I can do anything!"

“W-what the hell—!”


Renzo grabbed Frondier by the collar. His mouth twisted into a long, crooked grin.


Renzo sent Frondier flying. It was like he was flinging wet laundry.


Frondier flew nearly parallel to the ground. He instinctively looked back.

‘The skyway!’

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