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Chapter 148 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

‘The skyway!’

Behind him, he saw the tracks of the skyway.

Void Weaving, Simultaneous Replication:

Neil Jack’s Dagger, Double

Frondier slashed at the sides of the tracks he was about to crash into.



Frondier crashed into the severed tracks, and the middle of the track was pushed apart by the impact. The skyway was severed.

The tracks, now without support, swayed wildly before coming to a stop, hanging from the cliffs on either side.


A crow cawed and flew through the air from the forest.

As for this severed skyway, perhaps the crow would report it to Aten.

“Hey, Frondier! You severed an important skyway. And you call yourself a student of Constel?”

“Shut up!”

Frondier barely managed to stop his momentum and looked at Renzo.

Renzo was still in the air. He wasn’t just hovering, though; it was like he had set up invisible trampolines and was bouncing off of them.

That wasn’t ‘flight’. But it wasn’t ‘levitation’ either.

It was just Renzo doing whatever he wanted, a strategy meant solely to get a hit in on Frondier. Presumably, he was creating platforms out of Aura and using them to jump upwards.

The difficulty level was absurd, but if it was Frondier, he probably wouldn’t be able to do it because he’d feel bad about wasting Aura.

“…Renzo, you could do something like that?”

“Nope. That was my first time.”


A sigh escaped Frondier’s mouth before he realized it.

“…What a pain.”



Frondier checked his remaining mana.

Although he had been conserving his strength, he hadn’t held back his attacks in order to test Renzo’s barrier. That had used up quite a bit of mana. About half of his tie was gone.

Void Weaving, Simultaneous Replication:

Imperial Armory

Spears x12

Frondier created a multitude of spears around him, aimed at Renzo. Now that Renzo could move freely in the air, he needed to come up with a new strategy.

“Hoo. They’re all pretty impressive.”

Renzo laughed fearlessly. Of course they were impressive. They were high-quality spears, hand-picked from the weapons of the Imperial Armory specifically to take him down.

“But they’re useless if they don’t hit!”

In an instant, Renzo charged at Frondier again.

It was a different movement than before. Instead of charging straight at Frondier, Renzo used the platforms in the air to leap in all directions to approach him.

Frondier launched his spear, but he couldn't keep up with Renzo's speed.

'I had anticipated it the moment he was in the air with that method.'

But this is too fast.

To think that he could utilize a technique he just created to this extent.

'No choice then.'

Just as Renzo had pulled out the shield hidden behind him.

It was Frondier's turn to reveal his hidden card.

"Frondier! With that speed, you can't stop me!"

Renzo, drawing erratic trajectories in the air, approached Frondier. His speed was terrifying.

"I know."

Frondier lifted Mjölnir. Grasping the handle tightly, he channeled mana into it.

"I've prepared something even faster."

Mjölnir's ability activated

Blessing of the Thunder God

Lightning casually circled around Mjölnir,


The huge thunderbolt that was seen before, struck Mjölnir once again.


Renzo's eyes widened. The speed at which he flew using the air platforms was indeed hard for Frondier to follow with his eyes.

But it didn't surpass lightning.


Frondier, with Mjölnir surrounded by lightning, hit it against the spear he had Weaving in the air. The lightning spread along the nearby spears, extending even to a few spears he had thrown towards Renzo.

Frondier didn't throw the spears to hit Renzo in the first place.

The spears were merely lightning rods.

Coming to his senses, Renzo found spears thrown by Frondier all around him.

"Dodge this, Renzo."

Just before the spears charged with lightning roared,

Frondier spoke, and

Renzo calmly replied.

"No way. Can't dodge this."



Lightning stretched from the spears in all directions. Renzo took the full brunt of it and fell from the air. The lightning piercing from his head to his toes electrified Renzo's nerves.

"Argh, ugh!"

However, Renzo did not fall. He landed properly on the ground, steadying his trembling body.

'This much damage is nothing. I can still fight!'

Renzo's formidable stamina, aura, and the divine power of Ares. All of these greatly mitigated Renzo's injuries.


Frondier also landed on the ground. Renzo glared at Frondier, holding his shield with a trembling body.

His body, still coursing with electricity, wouldn't move as he wanted. He was paralyzed. But if he could withstand the next attack too, it would be Renzo's turn.

"You're impressive, Renzo."

"You're disgusting, Frondier. How many dirty tricks do you have hidden behind that lazy face?"

Renzo looked at Frondier with a disgusted expression.

Frondier smiled.

"But, Renzo."

It was the smile that always unnerved his enemies.

"I have one more dirty trick."


Frondier held Mjölnir and Excalibur. Excalibur shone brightly again.

'Is it that technique again? I'll block it this time too.'

Frondier's original sword technique. It was definitely powerful. But Renzo, driven by sheer will, managed to direct his shield towards Frondier, despite his body barely moving.

Renzo's judgment was not wrong.

It was not wrong, but...

Void Weaving, Simultaneous Replication

Rank - Legendary, Divine

Excalibur, Mjölnir

Identical Replication 3 Pairs

Behind and to the left and right of Renzo, weapons held by Frondier materialized identically.

That's when Renzo knew.

Ah, this guy really is the worst.

"This is the strongest technique I possess."

As he spoke, Frondier lifted Mjölnir. The replicated Mjölnirs around moved in unison. As Excalibur's tip pointed at Renzo, the replicated Excaliburs around did the same.

With only 'Lynotoros' to block the front, there definitely wasn't enough coverage.

Aura Emission, Sword Technique

Frondier Style Swordsmanship Transformation

Diagonal Cut

As Frondier was about to deliver what seemed like a death sentence with his hammer,


A familiar voice came from behind Frondier.

Realizing something, Frondier momentarily moved, but then stopped.

His arms, legs, and torso were suddenly tied with threads.

"Looks like Frondier should indeed be used as a sacrifice."

It was Cain.

Suddenly appearing, Cain grabbed Frondier and opened a portal behind him.

"What, wait-!"

Renzo exclaimed in shock, but Cain dragged Frondier through the portal and disappeared.

In a moment, Renzo was left alone.

For the first time in a while, he felt his blood boil in reverse.

"This damn spider, how dare she...!"

Renzo, usually perceptive,

Blinded by rage, didn't catch the moment they disappeared through the portal.

Frondier was unmistakably laughing wickedly.

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