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Chapter 150 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Retribution (2)

Several hours ago, Selena had reported to Hagley.

"Indeed. This vertical line was a notation for the inversion structure. If you change the word order of a sentence that sounds normal, it would sound strange, so that's what it was marked for."

Hagley nodded in admiration.

The content of the ancient language that Selena delivered today was special. They had tried to interpret the ancient language based on the content received from Frondier so far but quickly hit a wall.

However, this lesson broke through that impasse.

"Indeed, Frondier has completely finished the interpretation of the ancient language."

Hagley nodded with certainty.

The information received from Selena so far had perfectly matched when applied to the actual ancient language.

It couldn't have been possible with mere sloppy guesses. It might sound plausible a few times out of luck, but as the content accumulates, its foundation would be revealed. However, Frondier's knowledge had been perfect so far.

"If this continues, it won't be long before we fully understand the ancient language."

Hagley, who rarely shows happiness, did so now.

In front of him, Selena deeply bowed her head.

"Lord Hagley, I have something to tell you about that."

"Hmm? What is it, Jei? Is there more to report?"

Selena now found it awkward to be called 'Jei.' That was her original name when she lived in Manggot.

Without showing it, Selena said,

"Yes. Frondier will no longer teach us the ancient language."


Hearing Selena's words, Hagley's eyes narrowed. He opened a book. It was a book that contained the lectures on the ancient language by Frondier that had been relayed by Selena so far.

"This is far from enough."

Even if they had made a breakthrough, it was just a fraction. There's still a long way to go for a complete interpretation.

"What sudden change of heart?"

"I'm not sure."

"How did Frondier look when he said that?"

"He had a smug look."

Selena pulled out the answer she and Frondier had discussed in advance.

Frondier knew how he would be perceived in Manggot.

But even so,

'He really asked about the expression.'

Now, Frondier was becoming scary.

"Hmm. The guy must have started to notice the value of the ancient language."

"It's my fault."

"No, it's not. You've skillfully extracted the content of the ancient language from him, haven't you? Haven't I told you? Frondier would quickly fall for you."

Hagley defended Selena.

Hagley is stingy with praise, so his commendation is rare. It meant that Hagley highly valued Selena's achievements.

However, since it was entirely untrue, Selena couldn't be happy.

"Anyway, if Frondier is not willing to teach the ancient language anymore, we'll have to propose new terms."

Hagley fell into thought for a moment.

Up to this point, Selena had been extracting knowledge from Frondier using her appearance and acting. The progress had been smooth.

Interpreting the ancient language, which had been completely elusive. Finally, someone capable of doing so had appeared, and much had been learned until now. The long-cherished wish of Manggot was about to come true.

There was no stopping here. Besides Frondier, there was no one else who could interpret the ancient language.

Perhaps someone else would appear someday, but for now, Frondier was alone.

"Did Frondier perhaps demand something in return?"

"...... In return......"

"For example, your emotions."

For a moment, Selena couldn't understand Hagley's words.

Hagley spoke again.

"Frondier revealed the ancient language to you after being attracted to your body. You must be feeling gratified for a while. But over time, people become desirous. They start wanting things like 'love'."

"...... I see."

Speechless, Selena just nodded her head for the time being.

Hagley knows that Selena had demanded the ancient language from Frondier using her body as bait. Because Selena said so. Just following Frondier's instructions.

"Most humans don’t know their own place. It’s even more so for someone as arrogant as Frondier. Perhaps what Frondier wants now is your love. He probably wishes for the person he loves to love him back. That's generally how humans are."

"...... I, see."

Selena bowed her head again.

......As if, she hadn’t even given her heart yet.

"It can't be helped. It will take some time, but you should start to like Frondier gradually."

"What should I do?"

"Act as if you are falling for Frondier until he reveals the next part of the ancient language. Until now, you have tempted him, but now, you will act as if you are being tempted by Frondier."

"......Then, would he teach me the ancient language again?"

"Well, partly because Frondier is suspecting you by not revealing the ancient language to you. But if he believes that he is loved, then his suspicions will be alleviated. There is no reason to suspect someone who loves you."

"Right, acting of loving Frondier......"

"Yes. Since Frondier is falling for you, it won't take long."

It feels like it will take a very long time.

Selena was momentarily stunned by the unexpected conversation, but it wasn't over yet. She composed herself and spoke again.

"But Frondier is in quite a dangerous situation."

"Yeah. You mentioned that he's been targeted by the Indus."

Selena nodded.

"Without knowing the reason, it wouldn't be strange if he died at any time."

"I heard that Frondier is using you as a guard. Isn't it enough for you alone?"

Selena nodded her head.

"Yes. But honestly, although Frondier can interpret ancient language, I'm not sure if it's worth risking my life for."

Hmm. Hagley let out a small sigh at Selena's words.

'It seems that Jei particularly dislikes Frondier.'

For her to say this, who is so patient. What on earth is this arrogance and inferiority complex of Frondier's?

"Then we will need manpower. However, Jei. Going against Indus means that we will also shed blood."

"......Yes. I wonder if we won't be making too many sacrifices just for the sake of Frondier."

Selena pretended to wish for Frondier's death. That would earn Hagley's trust. Frondier had said so.

Hagley said with a smile.

"Sacrifice, huh. Then what do you think? Is Frondier worth the sacrifice?"

“Since he has the ability to interpret the ancient language, there is no choice.”

"That's Manggot way of thinking."

Hagley shook his head.

"Jei, what do you think? If Frondier were to fall completely for you. Would he be a valuable asset?"

Selena realized Hagley's intention behind this question.

Hagley intended to absorb Frondier into Manggot.

From Manggot point of view, Frondier was a child who had been thrown out of his family. Naturally, he would resent his family, and he would resent himself.

Manggot had brought in such people until now. In fact, the circumstances of most of Manggot members were similar.

So Hagley was asking about the potential of Frondier as a person.

'...In that case.'

From Selena's point of view, not Manggot.

Was Frondier a necessary asset or not?

Regardless of Hagley's intentions, Selena already had the answer to this question.

"......He is necessary."

"I see."

Hagley nodded.

"I will permit you to succeed the Shadow of Yeolgot."


"And I shall go too."

“Lord Hagley as well?”

Selena was surprised by his unexpected words. Hagley nodded.

"I would like to see a face I miss."

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