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Chapter 150 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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A sudden melee broke out inside Heldre's mansion.

The members of Indus looked at those guarding Frondier from the shadows and made a quick judgment. They retreated to put distance between themselves and the attackers.

For Indus, that was the best possible judgment they could make at the moment. Meanwhile, a large number of people flocked to Heldre's mansion and fought a bloody battle with Manggot.

All of these were members of 'Indus,' and they were strong allies just below the leadership.




Most of them were ruthlessly subdued by those who had emerged from the shadows.

The Shadows of Yeolgot.

Selena had not brought just anyone from Manggot to provide support.

Selena was originally the tenth assassin raised in Manggot. That's why she is called 'J,' the tenth letter of the alphabet.

Thinking about the history of Manggot, it’s pretty astounding that Selena was only the tenth member, considering the extreme selection and screening that goes into developing assassins in the first place.

That is why Selena’s codename, which is based on the alphabet, is proof of her tremendous talent and skill.

And Yeolgol is the elite team carefully selected under Selena. Assassination is rarely done alone. Especially if complete concealment is required.

In order to deal with the sheer gap between the numbers of the Yeolgot and Indus, it had to be done by brute force.

“Frondier, I’ll release you right now.”

While the Yeolgot easily dealt with the Indus personnel, Selena went behind Frondier and pulled out a dagger.

Unintentionally, she checked Frondier’s complexion.

… Again, it’s hard to tell just by looking at his face.

As she moved the dagger closer to cut the ropes binding Frondier’s hands behind his back, he spoke.

— Don’t release me.

It was a message he conveyed with his lips, without making a sound.

Selena had studied lip reading, so she could read his lips. In fact, even without any training, anyone would have been able to tell what he was saying just now.

— Why?

Selena also moved only her lips.

Frondier opened his mouth again.

— I have no mana.


Selena hid her surprise.

She had just checked his complexion, but he had no mana. His face really was completely devoid of any sign of it.

— I used it all up when I was fighting Renzo. I pushed myself a little too hard at the end.

— Then shouldn’t we release your arms even more? You’re in danger like this.

— Right now, they think I’m not fighting because I’m ‘restrained.’ If they find out I can’t fight properly even when I’m not restrained, the enemy will notice too.

Selena gulped. To be thinking about something like that in the middle of all this.

Frondier moved his lips again.

— Don’t worry. I have enough mana left to put on a show. But it’s literally just a show. I’ll be more effective if I stay tied to the chair.

— Understood.

Selena stood up. Frondier was tied at his arms and legs. It wouldn’t be easy to cut them right now. The spiderwebs were wrapped thickly, and faint, ominous energy swirled around them.

He was bound this thoroughly. It seemed like the members of Indus knew about Frondier’s strength as well.

Selena changed her mind and decided to focus on protecting him. She killed any enemies who approached by widening her reach. The enemies who were hit by her throwing needles collapsed where they stood without fail.

Even though the Yeolgot had the advantage in skill, Indus had overwhelming numbers. In fact, their numbers were slowly starting to take a toll.

Selena spoke, her tension rising.

“Then I’ll protect your flank. With my life.”

Frondier quietly let out a hollow laugh.

Still, Selena had a fondness for clichéd phrases.

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