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Chapter 155 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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After a short wait,

The smartwatch notified me of new rewards.

[Reward Received]

[The function 'Modification' of Weaving has been expanded.]

[Option 'Enhancement' added.]

[Enhancement: Grants one ability to an object. The ability can be one of the abilities of the weapons registered in the Workshop.]

[Caution, enhancement is only possible for ranks below Legendary.]

[Additionally, the function 'Workshop' of Weaving has been expanded.]

[The Workshop is now a target for Replication.]


I was momentarily stunned by the consecutive notifications. I instinctively raised my hand to my head.

First, Enhancement.

Originally, Weaving had a function called 'Modification.'

When it was first added, Modification could only remove options through 'Degradation,' so it was only used to remove bad options attached to the weapon itself.

I used this Degradation to remove the 'Female Only' option initially attached to the Khryselakatos.

That Modification finally has a new function. 'Enhancement,' which can be considered the opposite function of Degradation. It adds one option.

“I'll know if I try it.”

I replicated the most basic dagger with Weaving. And using 'Enhancement,' I added the ability 'Lightning God's Grant' from Mjölnir to the dagger.


Immediately, the dagger trembled with a strange sound. A chilling spark surrounded it. Success.

“……Good. It's good, but.”

The fatigue from just this is no joke. It consumed a considerable amount of Mana to insert the function of a deity into a normal weapon. The efficiency is too poor.

If I were to face a truly strong enemy, I wouldn't bother with this; I'd eat a Dragon Heart and create Mjölnir. It doesn't seem like a function meant to add abilities to weak weapons.

……The method I can think of right now is.

‘……Neil Jack's dagger.’

Among the weapons below Legendary, it's the most powerful weapon I have. Plus, it's almost the only weapon I have physically.

I have no choice but to test various things on this weapon.

“……And, Workshop?”

I tilted my head at the next message.

I don't quite understand what it means right now.

The Workshop is like a warehouse where I register objects to replicate. Inside the Workshop, there are not only weapons and shields but also ropes, the restraints I just registered a while ago, and even the theories and notes from the textbooks I learned at Constel, all stored.

It's like an image that only I can see, so it actually looks almost exactly like a warehouse.

‘But I can't guess the size.’

The Workshop grew in size every time I stored an object.

Of course, there's no change in size when adding small things, but when a certain amount of objects are filled, it expands its area.

Weapons, shields, and other small things are categorized by type, which I think probably reflects how I organize them in my head.

I especially noticed that the Workshop grew noticeably larger when I went to the Imperial Family's armory and registered all those weapons.

‘That Workshop becomes a target for Weaving?’

In other words, does it mean I can replicate the Workshop in reality?

“I need to test this right away.”

I got up and left the room. My destination was the open space where Azier and I always train.

The maids passing by greeted me politely. Recently, The way the servants in the Roach household treat me seems to have changed a bit.

Of course, the servants of the Roach family are all thorough Pros, so they never ignored or treated me lightly before.

They always did their duty, but lately, I feel something in the way they look at me, similar to how they treat Azier.

“Frondier-nim, where are you going?”

Recently, the number of maids who strike up conversations has increased.

“Ah, I'm going to the open space behind the mansion.”

“Azier-nim hasn't returned from his outing yet.”

“It's okay. I have something to do alone.”

“I see. Don't push yourself too hard.”

The maid bowed politely and naturally stepped back.

Feeling this strangely warm and polite treatment makes me feel awkward.

Even at Constel, the image of me hasn't changed yet, so I don't know why the servants are doing this first. Did they hear something?

‘Anyway, that's a problem for later.’

First, the Workshop.

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