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Chapter 155 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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I went to the open space and checked the Workshop.

Looking at the image again, it's quite large. It feels more like it has grown bigger. Since I've been putting so many things in it.

‘The size of the Workshop is larger than the open space.’

Judging by it, it's already a monstrous size that not only encompasses the open space but also encroaches on the mansion and trees next to it.

But that doesn't matter right now.

I'm just doing Weaving without Menosorpo.


Rank - Unique


As I reached out and Weaved, the threads of Mana spread wide, revealing its outline.

It's been a while since I've done pure Weaving without Menosorpo or the Obsidian. Since I'm not using either of them, this Workshop is only visible to me without interfering with reality. It's exceeding the Roach mansion, but it doesn't cause any damage to the mansion.

……That aside.

‘It's an enormous size.’

When I replicate weapons with Weaving, I only look at the necessary parts of the Workshop, so I don't realize it, but seeing the whole thing in front of me is incredible. It's a Workshop with 3 floors.

I still don't know what meaning this Workshop holds, or if it truly has the value to be called 'Transcendental.'

The entrance to the Workshop is open before me like an illusion. First, I need to enter there,

“……Selena has arrived.”

But a strange intruder appeared.


I looked back.

Selena was kneeling on one knee with her head bowed.

……Why did she suddenly appear?

“I understood your intention and revealed myself because you were in the open space where the eyes of the Roach family don't reach, and Azier-nim is also absent.”

I didn't ask, but Selena explained it well on her own.

I see. So that's how it looks to Selena. That I came here to call her. She wouldn't be able to see the Workshop.

“Is that so.”

I said that, but I was a little embarrassed because I didn't really have anything to say to Selena. Should I be angry that she appeared on her own without me calling her?

“……I will accept any punishment.”

But Selena suddenly said that.

“What punishment are you talking about?”

“I ran away from Frondier-nim. I broke my promise to protect you with my life. I failed to fulfill my duty as an escort, and,”


I cut her off.

“You followed my orders. I have nothing to blame you for.”

“……But I,”

“And one more thing.”

I quietly observed Selena's appearance.

Selena was trembling slightly. Whether she was angry at herself for failing to protect me, or afraid of the impending punishment, or even if the trembling itself was an act.

─Whenever moments like this come, Selena bows her head before me.

That's why I think.

That all of Selena's actions are an act, and behind the scenes, she mocks and belittles me, and ultimately betrays me to join Manggot, that kind of thought.

I thought I had built up some trust over the long time we spent together, but I end up doubting whether Selena feels the same way at all. Even if it's a very slim chance. Because I'm not confident that I can see through Selena's act.

Our first meeting, when she threatened me with a needle, and now.

Selena always bows her head deeply whenever she feels she's done something wrong. She doesn't show me her expression.

That's why.

“From now on, don't kneel before me.”


“Don't bow your head. Whether you make a mistake or a blunder, look me in the eye and speak.”

I said that to see Selena's expression.

To gain the certainty that Selena isn't acting.

“……Bu, but, as an escort, I can't…….”

“Raise your head.”


At my words, Selena hesitated and slowly raised her head. It was truly like the sun setting.

Was that slow speed to hide an expression of contempt for me, or to hold back laughter?

The shadow that hid her bowed face slowly lifted, and her hair gently settled on her face.

The sunlight touched her forehead first. A slightly furrowed brow, sparkling eyes beneath it, a somewhat flushed face, and pursed lips were revealed one by one, bathed in sunlight, scattering vivid colors.

“……I, I ran away from Frondier-nim.”

Selena's large eyes trembled. Anger was embedded in every syllable she spoke.

“Now stand up.”

“But, Frondier-nim.”

“I said stand up.”

Once again, Selena reluctantly stood up. Still, she seemed to remember my previous command and was still looking at me.

……If this face was the one that had been mocking and looking down on me just a moment ago, I probably wouldn't be able to see through Selena's act for the rest of my life.

I smiled.

“That's a good face.”


“Stay like that from now on.”

As expected, even if I saw her face, there was no way I could tell if Selena was acting.

But it's better than not being able to see her expression because her head is bowed.

I turned around again.

Selena had delayed me a bit, but I had business with the Workshop.

As I stepped inside, it was exactly the same as the Workshop I knew. Just as I had imagined it in my head.

‘How can this be of any help to me?’

The Workshop is already fulfilling its role sufficiently. The Workshop is essential for storing items to be replicated. But even if I bring that Workshop into reality, what will change?

‘If this is a reward worthy of the name 'Transcendental,' there must be a difference between seeing it in my imagination and seeing it in reality.’

Imagination and reality.

But if the outward appearance is the same.

What changes is the perspective of the person.

“……Selena. I have a question.”

I suddenly thought of something and spoke to Selena.

“What is it?”

“You reach me through teleportation when I'm in a critical situation, or when I call you.”

“Yes, that's right.”

“Does that mean you're watching my every move? Is that how you know I'm in danger and come to me?”

I asked this, but I knew it wasn't actually true.

If Selena could always check what I'm doing, she wouldn't need to be by my side. She could just watch from afar.

In the first place, it wouldn't have been Selena but Hagley who approached me before.

However, Selena intentionally revealed herself to me, and even now, she's providing limited information about Manggot.

That means Selena can't always check on me, and neither can Manggot.

Then how can Selena know my situation and come through teleportation?

“No. I see the backside of Frondier-nim.”


“You've seen how we, Manggot, teleport. Unlike 'portals,' our teleportation is based on the person. To ordinary people, it would appear as if we emerge from the 'shadow.'”

That's right. It was hard to tell at first, but I could see it clearly when a large number of Manggot members appeared last time. They rose up from beneath the shadows.

Selena continued speaking.

“However, even in a place where the sun is high and the shadows are very short, I can teleport.

Shadows are just an attribute; we emerge from the 'backside.' That's just where the shadows are located.”

“What is the backside?”

“It's like the source of life that is invisible to the eye. In terms of an image, it's close to a flame. If that flame wavers or trembles, it means the target of teleportation is in danger. And when a real crisis comes, beyond the shape of the flame, the target's survival instinct is transmitted to me. At that time, the situation they are in, what kind of attack they are receiving, is all drawn for me as an image. That's why I can teleport into dangerous situations and protect Frondier-nim.”

I pondered for a moment after hearing Selena's words.

Backside, backside.

Selena isn't watching my situation. She just receives a rough image and emotions. That alone is enough for her to fulfill her role as my escort.

……If the Workshop is similar to this.

If what I'm seeing is just a part, and I'm doing 'Weaving' with just that part.

‘This Workshop that I thought I knew everything about, perhaps.’

Somewhere, there exists a 'lower floor.'

That is the backside of the Workshop.

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