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Chapter 157 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Workshop (3)

Fragment of Helheim.

In Norse mythology, there exists a day of destruction called 'Ragnarok'.

Helheim is a place ruled by the goddess 'Hel', and in the game Etius, it is said that during Ragnarok, this continent rose and dyed the land into a world of the dead.

After Ragnarok, Helheim, the world of the dead, retreated, but due to the rapid recovery of the world, fragments of Helheim remained like shards, unable to completely disappear.

These are the Fragments of Helheim.

'When I first heard that information, I thought the Fragment of Helheim referred to land. The place where Hel had set foot and left her mark.'

But if, as Esther said, the Fragment of Helheim is truly a black lake...

Then this 'Obsidian' I possess might truly be a part of the fragment.

'I should really thank Esther.'

Swallowing a chuckle, I asked,

"Where did you get that information?"

While playing the game, I never heard about the Fragment of Helheim being a lake.

Most players weren't interested in information that didn't seem immediately helpful for clearing the game, and the character Aster wasn't free to move around as he pleased.

"I asked the question first. Moreover, answering my question is the condition for you to meet Cain. I told you just a moment ago, didn't I?"

Esther grinned. It seemed like my question had pleased her. Did she think her guess was right?

Here, it would be better to be honest.

Honestly, the fact that it's called the Fragment of Helheim is already a big hint for me, and what's important now is Cain.

"It's true that there's black water inside this necklace I have, but I don't know the source of this water."

"You don't know the source?"

"It was discovered by an adventurer party, enshrined in the form of Mistilteinn in a dungeon."

After that, the adventurer party put it up for auction, and after the auction was cancelled, a noble council was held where I proved that Mistilteinn was a fake.

The fake that imitated Mistilteinn is the black water I have, the Obsidian.

"I haven't gone further north from Yeranhes. That's beyond the outside, right? I couldn't do such a crazy thing. And as for the noble council, all the nobles who participated at the time would know."


Esther lowered her head and fell deep into thought.

Esther probably knows about the noble council too. Seeing as she has some understanding of the identity of my necklace, it seems she has done quite a bit of research on me, and the noble council at that time was quite famous.

"Alright. I'll believe you."

"Then let me meet Cain."

"Why on earth did you come all the way here to see Cain?"

I answered this question honestly as well.

There was no reason not to.


* * *

"...You've got some nerve. The person who captured me comes to visit."

A sigh-filled voice came from the receiver.

Cain looked at me and spoke in disbelief.

Cain, who was on the other side of the glass window, didn't look bad. At least the food and lodging here seemed to be alright.

"I'm glad you understand."

I said so and examined Cain's appearance.

'She's really just a young child.'

In our country, would she be around middle school age? There are many people in this world who look younger than their age, but Cain is truly young.

It was hard to believe that such a young child was active as a leader of Indus.

"So, what are you here for? To make fun of me?"

"I want to know about portals."


Cain frowned. It was probably an unexpected request.

"You came all the way here for that? To meet your enemy?"


I laughed at that word. It seemed to have upset Cain.

"What's so funny."

"You said you wouldn't be here long."

"That's right. So when I get out, I'll kill you first."

Cain directed a murderous gaze at me. But that murderous intent was scattered, unable to find a proper direction and wavering.

According to Esther, Cain has no criminal record. Heldre had thoroughly erased any records related to her.

The reason Cain is currently imprisoned in Obsidian is because she was a member of Indus. They are currently reviewing her crimes from various angles, but given Heldre's personality, she probably won't get caught.

Cain herself might have committed some minor offenses. Maybe she stole someone's belongings, or snuck in and eavesdropped. She's a clever girl, so she must have been involved in quite a few crime plans.


"Cain. Have you ever killed anyone?"


"How are you going to kill me when you've never killed anyone?"

"You'll be my first kill."

Cain has never stained her hands with blood. In that sense, she could be said to be cleaner than me.

Serf Daniel was as good as killed by me, and I have also injured and driven many other enemies to the brink of death.

"When you get out of here, why don't you live a normal life? Like other kids."

"I can't. I lived for the revolution. And I will continue to do so."

"Without killing anyone?"

"It's the same as if I killed them. I helped other people who killed."

Cain's thoughts seemed firm.

I asked again,

"What is this revolution you speak of?"

"The emperor dying. The unjust persecution of the commoners disappearing and everyone becoming equal."

The answer came out immediately, as if it were a prepared response. She must have heard and spoken about what a revolution is many times.

I lowered my eyes and briefly checked my surroundings. Just like when I met Grobel, there's a guard here. So I can't just say anything I want.

...Hmm, whatever.

I opened my mouth.

"That will happen anyway."


"Have you ever seen the face of Emperor Bartello Terst?"

At my question, Cain's words stopped. She was momentarily dazed, then her brows furrowed, and she tilted her head with a frown. It was a rather cute gesture, though it was a bit awkward to say in this situation.

"What do you mean?"

"How long has it been since Bartello entrusted most of the practical work to the Empress, Philly Terst?"


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