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Chapter 157 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"Bartello has been frail for a long time."

This is top secret information of the imperial family.

It's so top secret that even if I blab about it here, it's impossible to verify the truth.

What I'm saying now will soon be dismissed as nonsense.


"Yes. The emperor will die soon anyway. Even if you don't do anything."

"...Even if that's true, when the emperor dies, the next emperor will ascend. The social status will remain the same, and the pain of the commoners will remain the same."

"Right. The next emperor, Sale Terst, will ascend. The first empress of the Empire."

"See, it's the same."

"That empress will abolish the caste system."

Cain's face crumpled even more. Hmm, a child's face is still cute even when it's crumpled like that. Is it thanks to Cain's appearance?

"Rather than abolishing, it's more like it will become a trend of abolishment."

"What do you mean?"

"It means that the time for humanity to divide classes is coming to an end."

Cain may not know, but looking at the long history of Etius, the rights of commoners have gradually improved. The very fact that Indus was created under the name of a commoner organization means that the caste system in this world is on its last legs.

And the signal for the collapse of the caste system is 'Aster Evans', the protagonist of this game.

Aster, who possesses talent, personality, and potential, will make a significant contribution to humanity's defense against monsters in the future, and there won't be many nobles who can compare to him.

The fact that the number one pro, Eden Hamelot, is also a commoner is a sign of this, and Aster will go through various events and play a decisive role in the future. He's not the protagonist for nothing.

"What you want is a 'revolution', right?"


"You don't want to kill people."


Cain remained silent for a long time at my words. Her eyes darted around, and the way she glanced at me seemed to be half doubt and half wanting to believe my words.

"...Then why did Grandpa go through all that trouble..."

"You know it too. Heldre wanted to ascend to the throne himself. His revolution is literally a coup. He just wants to overthrow the regime and take power himself."

Cain is a smart child. She must have roughly figured out what her grandfather, who was closest to her, was thinking. As time goes by, secrets start to crack.

However, Cain must have believed that it was better that way. She believed that even if Heldre took power, the world would be better than it is now.

But that Heldre is gone now.

"To be honest, I'm not really interested in the world you dream of. The Empire has internal problems, but the external problems are more serious. To me, dealing with the monsters that are still swarming outside the territory is more important than the caste system."


"It would be good if you came out of here and worked to abolish the caste system, or to solve other problems of the Empire. You're smart. The disappearance of the caste system might be hastened. But I can say this for sure."

I looked into Cain's eyes. The murderous intent and hostility towards me had disappeared from Cain's eyes at some point.

"I'm not your enemy."


Now that Indus has been disbanded, I have no personal animosity towards Cain.

She might feel differently because of what I've done, but at least I have no reason to hate Cain.

More than anything, Cain is too young. I hesitate to hurt her carelessly.

"I'll go back for today. Think about it slowly. I'll come again later."

Cain became much less talkative after I started explaining. She probably needs time to think.

There are many other ways to learn about portals. For example, I could ask Professor Binkis. Or maybe I could visit Hitchcock, a famous magic tool manufacturing company.

As I was about to take my ear off the receiver and put it down, Cain opened her palm towards me.

"──Portals are Runes."


Looking closely at Cain's open palm, there was definitely something like a tattoo engraved on it.

"All the leaders of Indus have this Rune engraved on their palms. With just this, portals can be used. But engraving a Rune on the human body is too dangerous, and to draw it accurately on the small area of the palm, you need a skilled technician."


"So, we can use portals as long as we have mana, regardless of whether we have magical talent or not, but as an outsider, you should give up, hey, are you listening?"

I silently looked at the tattoo engraved on Cain's open palm.

Cain told me it would be better to give up, but...

The moment Cain showed me the Rune, all my problems with portals were solved.

"...Thank you. That was helpful."

"Huh? Well, yeah. Anyway, portals are also possible with spell incantations, so find someone else."

Cain said so, but...

There was no need to find someone else anymore.

* * *

Returning to the mansion, I once again took a car to the cabin.

The driver dropped me off and returned to the mansion without hesitation. He's still an unfriendly driver.

"Now, then first..."

I opened the 'Portal' Rune that I had stored in the workshop. The method was the same as with Menosorpo. The portal was much smaller, so it was an easy task.

As I activated the Rune, the portal opened. It was definitely the same as the one the Indus guys used.

"If I set this place as the base point, I can return to this cabin from anywhere else."

Right now, I can only use it to return to the cabin, but I hope that someday it will grow into a two-way portal. Then it would be more appropriate to call it a 'gate' rather than a portal.

And finally...

I found a suitable empty space near the cabin. Actually, there was no need for a large empty space. As long as it didn't get in the way, it was fine.


I'm going to make this float in the sky.

Void Weaving

Rank - Unique


I wove the workshop high in the sky. The massive structure floating in the air was a spectacle in itself.

There's no one around here, but it was so magnificent that I wondered if someone might spot it.


"As expected, it's there. The lower floor."

I smiled as I looked at the size, which was much larger than what I had Weaving at the mansion.

The basement of the workshop, which should normally be hidden underground, revealed itself.

Surprisingly, its size far exceeded my expectations. The basement of the three-story workshop above ground was only one floor, but its height was enormous.

What could be hidden inside?

What exactly is the 'Transcendental' grade reward?

"Shall we go?"

I slowly floated up, surrounded by mana, and flew towards the entrance of the workshop.

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