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Chapter 158 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

I understood. Why these statues felt familiar, and why I couldn't recall them immediately despite that familiarity.

“They’re heroes.”

Heroes from the distant past of Etius, who had built achievements in history and faded away.

The countless statues I was looking at were all legendary heroes.

“The Great Mage Merlin, Bellerophon, Sigurd, Roland…”

Once I thought of them all as heroes, I could guess the identity of each one. Of course, I don't remember all the heroes, but the more famous ones gradually came to mind as I looked at the statues. That's how detailed the depictions on the statues were.

“…King Arthur.”

And once again, I stopped in my tracks before King Arthur.

Arthur Pendragon. The legendary king who stood with the Knights of the Round Table.

He left a message for Merlin. ‘For the giant who will topple the gods,’ written in the ancient language.

However, Merlin didn't know the ancient language. So, Arthur's message probably wasn't meant for Merlin. He left it for someone who would visit Merlin someday.

I didn't understand what it meant, but…

Little by little, I think I'm starting to see its meaning.

‘Most myths have giants.’

The Titans of Greek mythology, the Jötnar of Norse mythology. Strangely, both of them are in opposition to the gods. The main players who brought the gods to the brink of downfall, or even caused their downfall.

If the confrontation between gods and giants also existed in this game…

Then the words that King Arthur left, as if praising the giants, might be…

That heroes are on the side of the giants, or perhaps…

‘Giants are another name for heroes.’

In the long history of Etius, giants and heroes have been distinguished. Giants are ‘evil’ who try to kill gods, while heroes are ‘good’ who try to protect humans.

But what if the two are actually the same?

“…Is this the reward?”

It's a bit disappointing that it's not a reward like combat or magic, but…

I feel like I've gained something even greater.

I learned the true nature of Weaving.

“Right, Weaving wasn't created for fighting in the first place.”

It's obvious when you think about it.

What Weaving creates is originally an illusion.

I've been using things like the Obsidian and Menosorpo to somehow utilize it in combat, but…

Its original intention was definitely not that.

The 3 floors above ground, where various weapons, armor, and tools are displayed by type.

And the vast basement where heroes are stored as statues.

Weaving wasn't a skill for making weapons.

From the beginning, its true nature was… an archive.

To ensure that it never disappears, no matter what happens, to pass on the truths hidden by history and time to future generations.

I looked at King Arthur again.

“…I hope we can meet someday.”

The statues of countless heroes slumbering in my workshop.

Someday, I want to hear their stories.

They've given me many hints, but there's still so much I don't know.

After all, to clear this game, there will come a day when I have to uncover the truths hidden by the world.


Heldre is dead, and Indus, which had clung like a leech, has been dismantled.

Life at Constel since then has been nothing but peaceful for Frondier.

Originally, according to the game, the day Indus would stage a revolution was still far off, but it collapsed so quickly that it felt like my schedule had become empty, and boring days continued.

Of course, from Frondier's perspective, it was an invaluable time to prepare.

First, I reduced the overly tight daily schedule. It would be a big problem if I fell asleep unexpectedly like last time. I was lucky that time, but if the timing had been off, the Indus members might have woken up first and escaped again.

The basic guideline was to avoid fatigue while still being able to continue Weaving and training with Azier.

The other named characters were also incredibly dedicated to training during the second semester. Aster's growth, in particular, was remarkable.

‘It could just be a rumor, but…’

Aster thought. There was something that caught his attention in the recent rumors.

The rumor that Frondier was deeply involved in the collapse of Indus.

Having suffered from false rumors before, he decided not to be swayed by such baseless rumors, but the rumors about Frondier were different.

‘Was I right after all?’

Aster had been suspicious of Frondier from the beginning.

Frondier, who had been separated from them during the school trip.

He was supposed to be doing volunteer work, and he actually did work as a lifeguard, but that alone wasn't enough to completely dispel his suspicions. He hadn't been seen anywhere except as a lifeguard.

Above all, the process of Indus's collapse was strange.

Originally, it seemed like Constel had carried out an operation, but the place where they were eventually arrested was Heldre's mansion, the enemy's base.

At the time, most of Constel's teachers were busy escorting students back to Constel from Cropol, so how could they have captured all the Indus members? And even Zodiac Heldre.

‘I can't fall behind.’

Frondier destroyed Indus.

Whether this absurd rumor was true or false didn't matter. For Aster, it was just fuel to ignite his desire for growth.

It seemed others had similar thoughts, as the looks in the eyes of Aten, Sybil, and others had changed.

To not fall behind, to get closer, to protect him.

Their individual goals were slightly different, but what they had to do was clear.

To become stronger.

The passion of the named characters, fueled by the single existence of Frondier, blazed like a giant fire.

——Time passed.

The midterm and final exams of the second semester also passed.

The process was ordinary. Frondier could secure a perfect score in the written exams thanks to Weaving, and in the practical exams, Frondier was now in a position to determine the rankings to some extent.

And the final exams of the second semester also meant something else.

The continent, gradually lowering its temperature with the changing seasons. A massive cold slowly flowed down from the north.

Winter. The season when the monsters outside become more ferocious and march south to trample on human territory.

The season when the Empire sends more soldiers to the barrier, the people inside pray every day that the barrier won't fall, and those who guard the barrier prepare for death.

When the final exams ended and winter break arrived at Constel as always…

Knock knock

Frondier knocked on a door.

Hearing the response from inside, he slowly opened the door and met eyes with the owner of the room.

Enfer de Roach. The head of the family, he saw Frondier's peaceful face. They both knew each other's thoughts. And they knew better than anyone that neither of them would ever compromise.

Facing Enfer's gaze, as sharp as a lion's, Frondier spoke.

“Please take me to the barrier.”

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